Friday, September 28, 2007

Crop for a Cause Mini Album

This is a request! And what a great Request! I cannot wait to seeeeeee the pictures from this event. This is a Mini Album for a Crop-A-Thon requested of me. And now I am sharing it with you. If you use this, please share a picture. I would love to see it. This file is no longer available for download and this is a Terms Restricted File. Meaning I have certain Terms to abide by when using the file and one of them is to not share the file, it is for your own personal use.

Today is the Pre-Sale for the Super Halloween Value Pack.
Here is the link to the store.

If you are interested in it, the coupon code is in the messages at my group. Thank you in advance to all those who emailed to say they got it! If this pre-sale goes well, I will have more in the future. It is a few extra steps, but worth it.
Paperthreads has a Creative Team! Did you know?? I have a wonderful Creative Team here with my blog. But the Paperthreads CT member Rosalie chose my Number Jumble File. Exciting! Rosalie, who has sent me pictures of files before, posted this use of the Number file. I thought it was super cute. As for the paper choices, per Vickie's request.... If Rosalie is visiting my blog, maybe she can post that to the comment section here. (Heather, Vicki also was interested in your paper choices for the star halloween project, if you get a chance to post it in the comments here. )

Anyways here is the great project. I think it is awesome! But that is just my opinion... I might be biased.

Here is a link to the numbers file in the store. If you are interested.
And it was a sale file for the month of September. So just a few more days for that sale.
And on to the weekend!!!! So this weekend promises to be a busy one. We are going to roast marshmallows tonight. I am not a graham cracker eater so we will be cramming a M&M in the middle of the marshmallow, roasting and eating it. My son is super excited. Thinking also since some friends are coming over. Maybe we will put up the little tent I have with the air mattress out by us. So my son can hang out in the tent or fall asleep in it and we adults can chat. I haven't told him yet. But I think once he sees the tent he will just be so excited. Why do kids love Tents? they just do. I do to. Maybe I am still a kid. haha.
Then the foundation that I am a part of has a booth at one of the local fairs so I need to go visit that and then we are presenting at a Ceremony for a new building at one of the hospitals. So, I will go to that on Sunday. My hubby plans to stay home and work on finishing up the fort for our son. We have a swing set that we planned to build a fort on it in the future. Well the future is here. If he gets it done I will upload a picture here. I think our son will love it.
And good news last night my sister's baby will be early according to the doctor. So I will be an Aunt again. Can't wait. So excited. This will be the only granddaughter my Mom has. Her other four are boys. This little girl will have a lot of pink in her life. Wew!
Have a wonderful weekend!
And Enjoy!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Don't forget if you want it

Just a reminder....
So Friday, Saturday and Sunday

this whole pack can be purchased for $6.99

by my group members

(you have to have the coupon code sent

out to my group and in the messages at the group)

and then the month of October it is $9.99

After that it is back to $14.99

Tons of files in this pack..

Well I am off to my first Open House for School
for my son who just entered Pre-K.
What do you wear to an open house?
is it formal?
It's hot here I think I am going in shorts.
We'll see
Coming up tomorrow will be a request
Crop for a Cause Mini Album
and I am working on a bunch more requests

Home for the Holidays

Found this on my hard drive. I can't even remember what I created it for and then it just sat there. I remember cutting it. hmmm.. well in any case.. my messy hard drive is your luck today.

Use it for the front of a card or any other project. This is a Terms Restricted File. Please do not download unless you understand my TOUs. This download is no longer available, but will be available at Paperthreads soon. The password is available at my group.

Also, I have been reading some awesome blogs that people have sent me that they have linked to me. I am most impressed.

And I hit 800 people on my group today! wewhooo! That to me is impressive. When I talked over what to do with my blog with my friend Lori. I asked her .. do you think I will have more than 500 people because I was entertaining another service then a group. and she laughed at me and said YES! This is a case of Lori was right. And I am so glad she was. Thank you to all the new joiners and welcome. If you have any questions you can email me. Also, if you cannot find the password visit the group on the web (link in the side column) and look in the old messages. Wewhooo!!

I have a ton to do today. So I am off to try and catch up on things.



Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Halloween Files Project...WOW!

Wow. This is my favorite part. Showcasing someones projects using my files. This one comes to us from Heather. This is beautiful. I wonder at times if I can ever put something together that looks this classy. How awesome!! Thank you for sharing this with us and also thank you for your many posts to my comments. I appreciate it. These files are sold seperately at Paperthreads or this Fri-Sun in a large pack for the members of my group at a severly reduced rate $6.99 and then next month at a sale rate for everyone and anyone visiting Paperthreads. $9.99. If you missed any. It should be worth it.
Okay and as for requests. I have a backlog. I have about 72 requests on my request list and I have about 20 of them in the works. So they arent as clean as I like and they need some tweaking and cutting. So if you requested and are wondering if I am ignoring you. I'm not. I will get there. Just sometimes it take a little, but keep the requests coming. I love them. Some of these things I would never have thought about doing, but the challenge keeps me motivated.

So Paperthreads has the super thick blade for the KNK. Woohoo!! I am interested in this because I would love to cut leather and some other items. Also, offering vinyl and all kinds of new things to the store. If you havent had the chance to check it out. Here is Michelle's post. Make sure to tell Michelle. Chris sent ya! hahah.


I had a few emails about the ScrapSavvy. I am not aware of alot of details about this machine. I am understanding the the new Funtime Scrapbooking software is an upgraded version of WinPC this being the case my WPC files should work with it. Like I said. I haven't alot of details about the machine itself so I am sorry I can't answer questions. And for those new owners you are welcome to join my group and give me feed back on my WinPC files and if they work for you.


Boy I am a rambling a rambling today.

Now.... a tidbit real quick on my son... He is loving Pre-K. In fact I wasn't walking fast enough to his classroom on Tuesday morning. So he stood in front of me and stopped me and looked up at me and said MOM could you PLEASE walk faster. This is a good sign. So I will be attending an open house with my hubby to get a mini view of his day at Pre-K. I am excited and slightly nostalgic for my little boy and not the "bigger" boy he keeps saying he is. I am fine with him growing up. Just every once in a while it hits me. Wow.
This weekend we have plans to hit the college football game. We received some tickets from a vendor. Woohoo! I havent been to one of these in forever. Since maybe high school. Not a great team this year I have been told, but secretly I am waiting for half time and watching the cheerleaders and the Press people on the sides. Watching the bands play at half time gives me goosebumps. I also get goosebumps during musicals or operas. Madame Butterfly gave me chills. I smiled so much during The Lion King musical my cheeks hurt afterwards. I could be classified as weird. I prefer unique. ha.



Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Snow Words

Here are the snow words and some snow flakes. The word Snow can be combined with any of the words and I had to add SNOW ENVY for those of us in the desert.

These are Terms Restricted Files. They are for your own personal use only. The password is a new one and can be found at my group in the messages. By typing it in you agree to my Terms of Use. I took the download down because apparently there are some errors in some of the files. I will get it back up once I get a chance to fix it. Okay... This file is no longer available for download, but will be available at Paperthreads soon. I don't see a problem. The gsd file has the letters in a gray color maybe it is not showing up on some monitors, but I am showing it as there. Anyone else has any problems, let me know and I will take it down again.

For those who emailed about not getting a new password from the group. Just visit the messages on the web for the group and you will find the presale code and the new password.
I have some more great photo projects to upload for tomorrow made with some of my Halloween files. This whole set is being offered to my group members as a pre-sale price of $6.99. The coupon code has been sent out to my members, please visit the messages if you do not have it and want it. The sale is Friday, Saturday and Sunday only.



Tuesday tuesday

Howdy to everyone. for those just stopping by for a download.. let me say right off. There should be one later today.

For those coming to read... I am at the office today in the morning. Going to be my new routine. Monday-Weds at the office in the a.m.. I like it. Gives me a chance to check on things better here and make sure they are working. Although gotta say. I do not like this keyboard at all. I feel like I have to pound it to work. Probably just needs working in... "working" being the operative word as I post to my blog.

So the picture up top is from TINA HALE. One of our wordbook challengers. This is from one of my Halloween files. I also have another one to post from another awesome blog visitor. Thank you for sending this Tina. It is super cute! and posted on her blog today also. Awesome Awesome!! And thank you for being one of my "stalkers" and posting it on the blog. Very Cute.

Okay I better get some more calls made before I head home to test cut my file!



Monday, September 24, 2007

It's Monday!

So my son used to go to daycare and things got weird there and he begged me to not make him go after being there for two months. so we took him out. A week of begging me to take him with me for the 45 minute drive was just to much. So my intuition said listen to him. Since then I have been looking for an alternative. So today he started Pre-K I was pretty excited, but also worried about him to. He had a great time and seemed to love it. So that is wonderful! he is going in the mornings. He is exhausted today and Happy and Giggly. I love it.

Also, Dancing with the stars is on tonight I think. I love to dance with the hubby. So I am looking forward to seeing the new series. Woohoo!!
A notice on my pre-sale for the group. It is actually next Friday, Saturday & Sunday. I screwed up and listed it as just two days, but it is more then that. It's all three. Thank you for the positive feedback and emails I have received from everyone lately. They are awesome.

I had someone ask me again of my files for sale at Paperthreads were all inclusive. And they are. You pay one price and get all the file types for that file design. I currently offer in AI for Illustrator Bridge users on the Craft ROBO or you can open this in KNK as well, GSD, KNK for Klik N Kut Studio, and WPC for WinPc.. which should work with the new talked about funtime and any versions of WiinPC. Hope that makes sense.

I think Lori has her new KNK Element for sale still and a whole CD of her files to go with it. I just can't imagine because I love the detail in Lori's Files! They are awesome. Here is the link to her blog.

I am trying to cook more dinners instead of the usuals. So if anyone has any quick food ideas. Remember I can't eat flour or bread, but I love to cook casseroles. Any recommendations from anyone on a recipe or recipe book. I search on the internet and print a bunch of recipes and never seem to use them. It's Weird.!! But I like to cook and like to cook fresh, but need some new ideas. Anyones thoughts are appreciated. Whatever your favorite standby is.. I made a chicken divan gluten free style last night. Gluten free cheddar cheese potato soup mix (dry) and water, with chopped up chicken breast, some onion, broccoli chopped up and a bit of sour cream and shredded cheese in it. I baked it for a while and it was good. Needed a little extra onion in it. My hubby ate it and so did my son. have to tweak it some and try again in a couple weeks.

Well I thought I would post to my blog and am still working on some layouts and ideas for files and have to cut them. So hopefully more later.. if I can get it all to work out..But in the meantime...


Friday, September 21, 2007

Presale for group Members next weekend.

Okay so here is my answer to the lots of emails of people that have missed parts, all of, or some of the Halloween files... Or just want the three that I didn't offer at my blog... you can buy the whole set next weekend for cheaper then the sale price in October. The coupon code will be sent out in my group. I hope this is amicable to some. And if you buy it for $6.99 you get the three files that weren't offered here, plus lots more of them. So something to think about for those interested. The whole set, if you purchase each individual file, would be $26.50.

The coupon code will be coming out to the group this week with the new password.
Also, if you have my link on your blog or website... let me know... email
I am working on some things for my downloaders.

Gooood Day!!

So today plans to be a busy one with lots of stops. So if you don't see me again today. Have a wonderful weekend!!!


Thursday, September 20, 2007

Halloween Jumble of Words. Downloaders Pick.


From everything I received this file was the winner. For those who were disappointed, please don't hurry over to the store to buy the files you wanted just yet. I am working out the details of all the Halloween files being sold at a drastically reduced price next weekend for the members of my group. You will be getting a coupon code in your email to use to receive this discount at Paperthreads. More details to come on that.


THis file is no longer availabelf for download, but may be purchased at Paperthreads. Thank you. this is a Terms Restricted File. Please do not share or alter and claim as your own. Once these files are removed from here they are for purchase at Paperthreads.


Please Read... Okay I am getting alot of emails about missing downloads. When you joined the group you received a .txt file that said Welcome and gave the specifics of how my blog is run. If you read this most of your questions will be answered. If you do not have this file still it can be found in the Files section of the group with my TOUs as well. I am sorry if you are missing downloads. I have to set some limits as to how many file I can give away. I have already been advised by fellow designers that I should consider giving them up altogether and just create files for sale. I enjoy my blog and offering the files. By posting my files at Paperthreads or sale, I can recoup a little bit of compensation for my work. If you miss one, please conside purchasing it at Paperthreads. Here is the link to my section in the store. I rarely email the files to people when they are missed because if I started doing that I would be sitting for hours emailing all the different files. In the last few days I have received 172 requests for missed files and I didn't count the requests from this morning alone. I am not trying to be rude or mean or unfeeling, but I have to draw some line on limits of what I can and can't do or I will never spend time with my kiddo. I hope this makes sense to most.


Now back to the fun stuff.. creating files. Thank you to everyone for joining my group and visiting my blog. And thank you for the positive comments.



Update.. I forgot to mention. My friend Lori is selling her KNK Element. She has a whopping deal going over there with lots of added extras. She is trying to get a larger one. I wish I had recorded the conversation where I told her to get her big one. So I could say Told You So!. Anyways. She has barely used it and needs a bigger one for her offline job. So take advantage of the... Chris was right Situation. hahaha. Enjoy! Click Here.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Poinsettia Happy Holidays

Here is the Poinsettia file link. This is a Terms Restricted File. Which means these files are for your own personal use and not to be shared or altered and claim as your own. This file has hit its download number and is no longer available. The password is available through my group.
On to life... Well I made it to the gym and peddled my heart out for a half an hour and did some other exercise things. I have come to the conclusion that they pump sweat into the air at the gym. I never sweat anywhere as much as the gym. I walk in the door and I am sweating. Poof, I am soaked. Luckily the bikes are sitting up top so you can watch all the goings on in the gym or watch the news. I caught up on the news. There weren't to many interesting Muscle Buffs hitting the weights. So I watched the verbage on the news.. I forgot my walkman to pick up the radio frequencies. The guy next to me brought in his dvd player and was watching a movie while he peddled. WOW! It was Star Wars Movie. Having seen it so many times with the guys in my life. I could pretty much recite the verbage for every part aloud. Luckily I did that only in my head and not aloud as I am sure the people at the gym would have escorted me to the loony section.
My son had a great time playing with the kids and was just a babbling about it afterwards. The nice thing about going in the mornings is the kids area isn't packed. This is important to me because I can't workout if I am not comfortable with where he is. One time I was sitting up top and watching the world come in the front door and boom out of the corner of my eye I see my son running like a lightning streak out into the gym area out of the kids area. I stood up. The lady caught him and took him back in. Wew! The only time he has ever dont that and he was much younger. The lady said he was upset that everyone kept leaving and decided he was going with the last kid. Made for a stressful couple of visits to the gym after that. But I think we worked it out.
So coming to the store in the next week or so will be the Super Halloween Value Pack.
I will upload one more of these files to the blog here for download. There are 4 files in this Value Pack that haven't been posted here, but I am getting emails from people saying they are over the Halloween theme. So post a comment here as to which one you would like that I havent offered yet and I will post one more and then we will move on.
The ones I haven't offered here are
Halloween Word Jumble,
Pumpkin Patch,
No Tricks Just Treats, or
Happy Halloween.
So one of those 4. Let me know by commenting here.
I won't be posting any repeats.

Thank you to all my downloaders and group members for helping me to keep this blog alive and an enjoyable place for me to post.


PS Jill M. I updated the Post for the Halloween left side words. I couldn't find your email to email you directly.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Halloween Titles Right Side.

Here is the Right side of the Halloween Words. This is a Terms Restricted File. Please download only if you are in agreement to these Terms. This download has hit its limit and is no longer available, but may be purchased at Paperthreads soon. The password can be found by signing up for my group.
So here is Monday. I decided to go to the gym today. We have a membership and havent been in a while. I am under the belief that if I am paying for a gym membership they should have some electronic frequency that every time they reduce my checking account by their monthly fee. They zap some weight through a frequency off of me. Sounds nice, but apparently doesn't happen. This will be good for my son to. He can hang out with the kids and play in the Kids Rompa Room. We are finished with Swim Lessons so time to keep busy with another thing. So I am kinda looking forward to the hour of peddling on the bike and getting some exercise time in.
The weekend was nice.. very nice.. We didn't go anywhere we had to be at a certain time. We went to town and got some things, but timing was relaxed. It was wonderful. So I am ready for the week. Hope everyone else is too! Have a wonderful Monday!

Oh and I have lost a file and can't seem to find it... has anyone seen it?? I think it's over at the Paperthreads Forum in Captain BKs ship... What do you think?? Hope lots of you signed up for BINGO because the treasure chest ever there seems to be filling up pretty quick.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Look better??

Does this look better?? After I get some Halloween items out of my system... This file will be up.. I am getting lots of emails about it.. so it is coming and yeah I finally got it up.. Trying to think of a challenge for this file... have to think on it...
Have you seen the BINGO at Paperthreads... it is getting crazy over there...



Friday, September 14, 2007

Words of Halloween

UPDATE!!! Jill M has been asking fo the word BOO has an outline. It does not. I just recut the word BOO and layered it behind eachother. The word GHOST has an outline around it completely, but looking at the word BOO it does not have the outline on the sides because it is just layers of the same cut. Hope this explanation helps. Enjoy!
Here is the file for today. It will come in two parts. One today and one tomorrow. The left half and the right half. The bat is not attached to the mat with the Batty one. It is just layered there. Almost all of them have mats. Hope you can use these. This is a Terms Restricted File which means when you download it and type in the password (from my group) you Agree to this terms of USE. This download is no longer available, but will be available for purchase at Paperthreads soon.

So as you can tell I am gearing up to put all these Halloween Files in one large Super Pack for the store. Not sure how many will end up in it because I am still pluggin' away at creating them.
As for the Poinsettia file... I am working on it... True to form. I have to find the font I used because I liked it so much. So I am still working on it. but it will be up here.
on to life... so the mountain lion is still here. Killed a neighbors 100 lb. pitbull last night and as the crow flies is about 4-5 acres away from us. So we are on guard with our son going outside and paying attention to all the news. Supposedly Game and Fish will be out today to talk to all the owners who have had a problem. And hopefully they can move it. Lots of kids walk up and down the road by where all the pets are disappearing. We shall see. Tis part of life and living at the bottom of a mountain. But we are definitely paying attention.
Okay and soooo... Have you seen these albums Michelle has at Paperthreads. I am thinking about doing a few for Christmas. They are unique and cute. If you buy any, please put "Chris sent me" in the comment box! I appreciate it greatly. Has anyone made one I am curious as to your thoughts on them and what you used.. like Glue and Ink or embellishments. What worked for you.

So this weekend I am home home home... with the hubby and my son. No traveling and lots of family time. We are going to put up a few lights to help with the Mountain Lion thing. And then lightbulbs being replaced. Nothing like putting on eyeliner while holding a flashlight (teasing). But why do they all seem to go out at the same time. My hubby bought the "green" ones that are supposed to last longer and help with the electric bill. If I learned to turn the lights off, it would help siginificantly with our light bill. (rolling eyes at myself). And the lighbulbs aren't green themselves. wow! it isn't halloween yet! That would be a ghoulish makeup job.
Well tons to do today. So I better get to it.


Have you seen my other Words of files... Here are a few of them..

I did these ones because I want to cut them large and put them up on my wall without the mat.
Another project I want to get to.

Words of Happiness

Words of Faith

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Halloween Jumble.

UPDATE! I can't seem to get my email to send out from here in Phoenix. So I am posting this quick note to my blog. I am getting a few emails from people who can't seem to get the password to work. I am not sure what to say. Other then check the group and make sure you have the most recent one and if you are copying and pasting the password make sure you aren't adding a space before or after the password. Lots of people have downloaded the file. So the password is working. Good luck! And thank you to everyone for their great emails. I am back to my nephew... Enjoy! Chris

I got asked for this file and realized I never posted it. So here it is.
This is a Terms Restricted File. Please do not share or alter and claim as your own. The password is available when you sign up for my group. This file is no longer available, but will be available at paperthreads soon.
For some reason I have gotten this question a couple times in the last few days. When you purchase my files you get KNK, AI, GSD, and WPC. If I acquire new software to add to that list I will do so. I have sent many people the KNK version of files that they had previously purchased. If I still offer it in the store and you send me your receipt from Paperthreads (available in your account) I will send you my file. I would hate for someone to get a new machine and have to repurchase files. If you have requested KNK from me and I missed you, I apologize. Please send me your receipt from Paperthreads and I will send you my files in the KNK version. So there is that. What if you decide to upgrade to a new machine?? Why get stuck with only one file type. I hope that answers the question. I know I missed one lady in sending her the KNK version of files. I cannot find her email anywhere. Email me your receipt again and I will send them to you. sooo sorry. lots of emails coming in from this blog. Awesome emails I might add. Such suppportive visitors to my blog!
Okay a couple emails aboout the database. Send me your request and I will add it. I am still working from the database. I just took it down for a few reasons, but still take requests. Just email me and put Request for Chris in the subject.. easier to see when I am trying to delete all the spam.. Click here for email.
And nextttttt.. Have you been over to the pirate ship lately for Bingo?? Well keep an eye on it for me.. I am off to Phoenix today to visit my new nephew and my Dad is visiting. So I need some to keep me covered over there. Seems like a topsy turvy ride over there. Hope everyone is enjoying it! I am feeling sea-sick myself. hahahahaha. Who knows what my friend Lori is up to.
Other then that. I better go pack my bag and get moving!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Sleigh Ride

So even tho' I looked up on the spelling on the Poinsetta Happy Holiday file. I still messed up. So thank you thank you to everyone who caught it for me. I greatly appreciate it. I have to go in and fix it and rework all the file types.... So instead here is Sleigh Ride. Hope You Like.

This file is a TERMS RESTRICTED FILE. Downloading this file is an acceptance of those terms. This file has a new password sent to my group. So if you didn't get it and are a member of my group. You can visit the groups old messages and there it will be. This file is no longer available for free download, but may be purchased at Paperthreads.

Okay as for digital layouts I have an Epson 2200. It is my baby. A huge baby but it is my baby. This machine only gets real Epson ink and it is covered after every use. I have had it for over three years and have never had a problem with it. I love it. So that is what I have for those who asked.

The poinsettia file will be up for you later in the week!! My apologies for previewing and not getting you the download, but need to fix it before I offer it.

Thank you to everyone for the Congrats! I am so excited. I am headed up again on Wednesday to see him and my Dad who is here from Wisconsin.


My cute cute Nephew

Update at the bottom!!

So here is my cute cute nephew from Phoenix. I don't have a photo yet to put together a layout for the other one. So here he is... cutey....

Okay and this is a digital layout. It is called a quick page. I picked it up from Anita at Nana's Attic. I love her files. They are awesome.
Hybrid Scrapbooking. Honestly that is me... I like to make my page in a digital format and then add the extra pieces for depth. Plus I find I have time to cut files to test them, but rarely time to put a page together in full. So I resort to doing some digitally. If you look at my scrapbook from last year it is half traditional, some hybrid and some just digital. I think the two can mesh together well.. just like I use my mother's hand me down sewing machine for sewing paper and not material. Most people don't even realize it when looking at my last years scrapbook that it is done two ways. It is my one way for getting those pages caught up when life is soooo busy. Alot of times those who traditional scrapbook prefer the feel of paper and I have to agree I love pretty paper. Love it! But sometimes when I put a digital page together really quick. Especially like this one. It means I can get more done while the sun is still up and not when I should be in bed... woohoo!!
Okay so the next download will be this. I am still tweaking a few things and uploading the links, but this is what it will be hopefully later today or early in the a.m. when I can't sleep!! Just running through all the different programs and then uploading takes a little time.

Great to see you made it to Monday!! Enjoy!

Update!! Don't forget today is the last day to sign up for BINGO over at Paperthreads. Get your words in and take a chance. Click Here to get to the ship!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Tis Friday!!

Welcome to the wonderful weekend!!

I just wanted to share this layout before the weekend!

It was shared by Angie M.

I love the colors! And the multiple photos it all just seems to go together perfectly.

The Skate Party Card was set up as a Card and Angie M. used it on her page as a great accent.

Thank you for sharing Angie.

Okay so I am an Aunt to two new boys woohoo!!

My sister-in-law finally had her little boy at 9:45 pm. after being at the hospital since 10:30 pm the previous night. So excited to meet him. I am headed to Phx tomorrow. Unfortunately, my other nephew I will have to meet later down the day since he lives miles away.

Well Have a wonderful weekend and ...


Thursday, September 6, 2007

Pirate Bingo!!

Over at Paperthreads Forum. Click HERE.

I created this for my friend Lori to post
since she is running the BINGO game this month.
I am thinking this Bingo game could be a bit crazy indeed.
You know if I am involved I am pushing for
extra prizes for everyone.
Hope you can join and Enjoy!

PS. I am not just trying to be nice for outing her
sale before she did. If anyone is thinking so, but
for my downloaders to announce a sale.
I would probably do it again!
ha ha!
**Evil Grin**
Let the Games Begin!

Couple of days off..


Well I thought about all the things I need to catch up on the next few days and my conclusion is I need a few days off. So you can visit the blog, but I don't want you to be disappointed because I havent posted a file. I will probably post some pictures here and there, but last weekend was a long weekend so now I have to catch up. I haven't had a chance to test cut a bunch of files. I have quite a few lined up to cut, but until I do, I don't want to post them here. So I will get back on track next week.

Lots of things happening in the family and one of the happy things is... I am an Aunt again! My brother's wife had a baby. Now my sister and sister-in-law are still pregnant. One is due in a few weeks and the other in November. It will be a baby filled holidays this year. My father who is not a proponent of cell phones, computers etc. Actually went and bought a prepaid phone so he can be called in the middle of the woods in Wisconsin when the first baby is born.

The best thing we got for my Dad for Christmas last year is a Ceiva picture frame. He can have pictures the next morning of things we have done. Since it plugs in and he doesnt have to touch it, he loves it. It has definitely brought the distance a little closer because he can talk to my son about what he is doing by looking at the pictures. I am sure there will be lots of baby pictures on their soon.

If I can get everything caught up today, I am going to go to the tack auction. Because I am not sure we need another bridle or halter, but as an owner of horses you must have a tack room stuffed with possible items you may need. that means 10 cotton lead ropes when you only have 6 horses here. I love the comraderie of horse people. So I am looking for to going.

Well that is it for now. Enjoy!

Update... Okay so just got a call from my brother and he and his wife are at the hospital and should be having their baby tooo... woohooo.. So who knows when you will see me again. Now I need to book flights for my Dad to come down and make plans to drive to Phx and see my new nephew.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Love My Coffee

Per another request from the database. Just a coffee file to add to those coffee addicts we all seem to know. And I think I already described what I think of coffee! if not.. look back a few posts (Mon, Aug. 27th). haha. Okay so anyways this is a Terms Restricted File when you download it and type in the password (found on my group) you are agreeing to that Terms of Use.
This file is no longer available for freebie download, but will be available at Paperthreads soon. Wew! I made it for today!


Tis Tuesday...

Howdy everyone! What a great weekend. Lots of time spent with family, went to a rodeo and got to dance with the hubby! Life is awesome.

Thank you to everyone for participating in my sale this weekend! I really appreciate it.

Also, I am working on new files, but am trying to recoup and catch up for the weekend. So I am not promising for one today, but am definitely trying. Anyone have ideas for braces.. The only thing I can remember my cousin being called was Brace Face. Does anyone have any other cute titles to go with the files I am working on. Your thoughts as always are greatly appreciated.

This was sent to me from Tina A. I love it! I think the colors are great and I still love this crabby lion! Thank you soooo much for sharing it with me Tina. A favorite things page and my crabby lion made the cut!! Wooohooo! I am soooo proud.

Well hopefully more later today....