Monday, June 30, 2008

Orange Sherbert.... white chocolate lipstick. Temptations.

So my orange wall has a few pictures on it and I thought I would share them with you. A few people asked to see a picture. So here it is. I wasn't aware of how much orange is in my collection of paintings. Kinda cool. Everytime I look at the wall tho' I think.... ORANGE SHERBERT!! hmmm. I love Sherbert.

So I gave up Pepsi on Friday the 20th. I went to docs appt and we had a long discussion about upcoming surgery (more on that later) and Carbonated Drinks. Seems I won't be able to drink them ever again. I was a Pepsi phene. But I came home and drank the last one over ice. It was the last can in the house actually. I enjoyed and was done with it. I thought headaches would come and I wouldn't be able to get up in the morning. It hasn't been so. This is awesome. I am super happy about it. But after the doc visit I went to meet my in-laws at the book store where they had my little one. He was please as punch he got breakfast, a new book, a new toy and grandma was buying him a cookie and a milk when we got there. {rolling eyes} This is what grandparents are for. My son is grinning from ear to ear. My hubby went to take him to the car and what did I do?? I ran up to the counter and grabbbbbbeddd.......


The latest Janet Evanovich book. Fearless Fourteen. I love the Stephanie Plum character. I love the whole crew actually. Grandma Majur makes me giggle so much I have to get up at night and read on the couch and not in bed because I keep my hubby up.

I read it the next day in completion and will be handing it on to the family. It will get passed with lightening speed around through many hands. I love the family book system. We are all readers.

Anyways it was good book and now I am back to my library books. I pretty much have started library booking it completely with the exception of a few. I have to have space in my house and I read about a book every three days sometimes. This can be a twenty buck a week habit. Wow. Can be alot of dough. So I am a library bookee and my son is loving the trips to the library to see all the books. Sometimes I plop right down on the floor and quietly read him the one he just grabbed if it looks short. He sits in my lap and we just enjoy the moment.

My other purchase that day at the bookstore were two Lindor White Chocolate Truffles. I threw them in my purse. In the little zipper pouch... Do you know where this is heading? This is the pouch I only relegate my lipstick to in case it comes open. Well I found those truffles yesterday. Thank goodness they were in the lipstick pouch. It was quite a goopy mess. But since I am trying to lose 10 lbs in the next couple weeks with a vacation scheduled in there. It probably is a good thing they melted, but lipstick has a hint of white chocolate when I open it. Wew. The world is full of tempations. Just don't leave 'em in your purse in 112 degree weather for a few days they tend to dissolve away.

Have a wonderful day!


PS Challenge Submission came in like crazy this weekend. I will post them in the next couple days. They are all soooooooo awesome!

Friday, June 27, 2008

QMC preview.

PLEASE SCROLL DOWN FOR CHALLENGE INFO! Or visit the right handside of my blog or HERE. Thank you!
So if you are interested in joining in on the QMC or just can't decide here are few things that might make you want to jump in. Files in the QMC come in SCUT, GSD, AI, KNK & WPC

Here are a few files I am loading to the QMC for July 1st. And I am working on these now because I will be out of town for a week over the 4th.

The first one is California Dreaming. Lots of pieces to this file that you can use on their own or use seperately.

The next one is a saying to adorn any of those pages you have with your friends and family and loved ones. I feel truly blessed more so lately with everyone around me so this file speaks to me. I hope you can use it to.

And the next is a group of star jumbles. Lots of shapes, swirlsof stars. 4th of July is here so great for that. Or your superstar in your life.
Well if that doesn't do it for you there are 17 more possibilities to be added to the QMC. These files will be added to the store after I get back for those interested in just the file.

Thanks for looking and stopping by.

On to life... Does anyone have a list of must haves for the beach? Do you know how long it has been since I have been to the ocean? I am so excited to go. Another thing that will be fun.. I was talking to my son about going to the beach and said we should buy a sandcastle bucket so we can build sandcastles. And he says "MOM but what will it stick together with?" I said "the water". And He says to me with his head cocked to the side.... "Are we taking water to the beach with us??" In my mind I think.. This is going to be soooo much fun. I can't wait to walk the beach in the morning with my hubby and collect seashells and see everything again for the first time through 4 year old eyes. I can't wait!

I am going to see what I can do about getting mobile blogging setup. To post from my phone. I think it would be fun to send some of the images. Anyone do that? is it easy? Well I better run. lots to get together.

Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Challenge Entries... Last Date for challenge entries etc...

There are some new entries for the Challenge... They are awesome. Everyone interprets their files for their own use and I find this the most interesting. From embossing an image on tin to working with their daughter on the items. You can see the submissions in this slideshow!

I want to thank everyone for joining in. I also wanted to say is July 1st is the last day I will be sending out the link. I will be going out of town for a few days and before I go I need to cleanup some things. So let anyone you know who'd like to join in July 1st is the last day to receive the link. All submissions are due in by July 7th. Thank you thank you for everyone joining in!

For more info, Visit Here.


On to life.. So lots going on here in preplanning for our trip to Disneyland. I checked out the website for their daily schedule I can already see some things my little one and hubby will love to do. Probably the Jedi training thing and I think my son would love the Pirates of the Carribean ride. What are your tips and what are your favs? I would love to hear them.

Enjoy! Chris

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Coupon Code... Create Create Create ....

Here I am .... It's Tuesday. I missed Monday posting can ya imagine?? Totally nutzo of me. I am on a creative swing and want to do nothing else, but create create.

Here is the Terrific Tuesday file that I sent the Coupon Code to my Yahoo Group for today. So if you are interested in the file you can get it at 50% off until tomorrow.

Have you stopped by the creative teams blog? Wow you Should Angie's new layout. Love it! Visit HERE.
I will post more tomorrow. Just lots on the mind.
If you are a current QMC member don't forget to download download download.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday Finally Friday!!

So it is late and I am working away. Trying to get some new things out of my thoughts and on to the screen. Sometimes I get so many going I can't catch up with them all. Thanks to those with positive emails about my grandfather and life. I am blessed by all of you reading my ramblings.

IHere is a slideshow for the current Challenge. These are the entries I already I have. Awesome awesome!
Thank you for everyones hard work. I can't wait to see the rest. You can see a larger version of the slideshow. HERE.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Woohoo! We have moved everything in and are on the downward side of this hill called the office move. Next we work on the space for my hubby's at home office which I am sure will be awesome. My husband has great taste and I look forward to helping him put it all together.

So we have two submissions for the June 08 Challenge already in. I have sent out the link almost 50 times. And I have to say these are awesome! I will be adding a page to my mainsite to load them all in. If you want to see the ones from last time. Here is the link. Anything goes for this challenge you can scrap anything! Cards, books, atc, altered pieces, Anything you can come up with. Thanks for playing!

So the first one is from Karine. The Skateboarder is from the challenge and one other file as well... Do you see it? Came out great and I love the fun colors.

Then our next entry is from Ginny Using the Apple File for a super cute Get Well Card. Love it.

If you are still interested in participating in the challenge, you can email me for the link. Two requirements for the Challenge. You follow through with a submission and you do not share the files with others or the link. 'Tis it. I have had lots of people say this has pushed them to use their cutter and get them over the hump of not cutting. Hopefully it is fun.

So A BIG THANK YOU! to those who have joined the QMC and participated in the Sale. It made my day to see how many people signed up for the new QMC. I have sketches drawn for files already and am going to start putting them together. The current QMC members need to download download download. Get them all down as quick as you can the end of the month is coming!

On to life and my ramblings....

So last night the men in my life decided they needed to have pizza. I like to have one of my "gluten free" pizzas to, but it takes time and effort to cook and eat. So I hit Trader joes's on the way home and got some munchies. I love Trader Joe's. I have to say their gluten free items are becoming less of selection then my local Fry's. However, I still love to visit there. I bought my hubby a bunch of different red wines. He likes to have a glass in the evening while we sit on the porch and relax. I am a woman with ample frontload, sideload, and backload, but I get along. I know I could stand to lose some load, but when a teeny tiny person (so teeny you can look through their arm and see the food on the shelf on the other side) looks me up and down in trader Joe's and looks in my cart and just looks me up and down again and walks away with her fat free tofu bites with her nose in the air. I gotta just roll my eyes. Give me a break. Life would be so boring if we are all of the same size and measurements. Don't throw your nose at me. Please. Sorry about that I had to vent for a moment.

In my basket of atrocities were dried apple rings which I bought to see what my little one thought. He tried one this morning asked me what they were again. And then tried another. Wrinkled his nose up and said. Are you sure these aren't Horse treats? Great my child thinks I am feeding him horse food. We'll see if he finishes the bag or they sit there for a while. hmm.. if they sit there maybe I will see if the horses like them. haha. Then he really won't trust me when I say. Just try it.. would I feed you dog or horse food? Just try it. We shall see.

So yesterday getting out of the house was a back and forth journey. I keep running back in the house for one more thing. Even got out the front gate and had to come back to get keys to the trailer with all our things in it for moving. My son pipes up from the backseat. MOM Do you think we will ever get to summer camp? I shoulda just said No! I don't think so. But I said Yes of course we will. Mom will get it all together. Didn't matter anyways when I picked him up he was happy to see me, but mad at the teachers because two called in sick and they didn't have enough teachers plus lifeguard per student ratio to go swimming. I am glad they dealt with a bunch of 4-6 year olds in swimsuits mad as could be because they can't go swimming. I so appreciate there attention to my child and the other childrens safety.

I am still rambling... But I haven't posted in a while so I have lots on my mind...

My hubby got me a digital picture frame for my bday. I have been researching them left and right for about 4 months now waiting for the best deal and my hubby decided this one and enough searching. We have this relationship where I look at something for forever and then when I decide to get it my hubby says YES PLEASE GET IT. Tis how I got my craft robo. I researched it for about a year. Started out looking for a Wishblade. When I had the funds saved and had decided to make the plunge my husband was happy to have it here. Then I think he thought I was crazy as my sister and I cut a bunch of the files I had downloaded in preparation. And said look It's a cowboy hat. Look it's a paper purse. Look It's a paper alligator. I have burned in my memory the smile of pure puzzlement as he agreed with me it was cool. But anyways. I love the digital frame. I popped in a card from my camera about a year ago. (I keep the cards because for me it is another form of backup. Computer, Card and Online Backup. I would hate to lose my family pictures.) The slideshow of pictures of a year ago are full of smiles and happiness and some of them tear my heart out. I realize whenever I see a pic of my grandfather that my heart is in my throat and my eyes are "spilling" as my little one calls it. I just miss him so. I miss not sitting with him at family functions. I miss listening to my hubby chat business with him. I have lost many people in life and yet I haven't felt this dull thud like this in my heart when I think about him. He gave me my first job at his business. When we were little and here from Wisconsin he would come in from work and sit down in the middle of the couch so we could crawl all around him, my brother sister and I. On the weekends we would walk out in the mornings, hair all over the place and in our pjs and he would sing.. "Here she is miss america" . He would take us all to 31 flavors. We went to see Annie in a "real theatre" when he visited us in Wisconsin. In fact, he pushed me to continue to date my boyfriend at the time which is now my awesome husband. And the list goes on. Well I just had to get it out a little. I still miss him so. I have scrapped a page for him, but haven't finished it as I would like to show more of him and not so much heart ache. So I will continue to notate all these thoughts I have about him and add a page in the future.

So have you made it this far??? Wow just ful of emotion and ramblings today. I better run. Tomorrow I have some stories about our auction trip this time around and my deals I purchased. (No new horses wew) I just better run now and get the house picked up some since we haven't been here.

Thank you to everyone. Have a wonderful day!


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Moving day

So today the carpet is supposed to be in. My hubby and I finished the painting last night. Got hay for the horses. Came home and just sat here in an exhausted state. Then poured ourselves a glass of red wine and sat on the front porch and watched the horses be crazy in a zoned and exhausted state. Well no rest for the weary or the wicked however you prefer the saying. Today is moving day. So I am posting quickly and then heading in to take the kiddo to school. Hit the library probably and then go to the new office and pray for carpeting. If it's there we'll start the mass move and hopefully make it home in time to breathe and then next week I should have some time to get back to designing. I have a sketch pad in my purse with a bunch of ideas in it. And now that sketch pad has paint on it. wew. I better run so I can get everyone dressed and ready to go. Thank you to everyone who posted me so many Happy Birthdays in the last few days! Thank you. Also, if you didn't get a challenge link and want it. Email me again. I think I have sent them all out. But I might have missed one with all the painting and paint fumes floating around. Have a wonderful day!

Monday, June 16, 2008

It's my Birthday It's My Birthday!!

So today is my birthday and I am trying to take it easy this afternoon. I'm almost finished painting at the new office which I did all morning. And now I am going to sit down and try to send out all the links for the challenge. So if you don't have it yet. You should today or tomorrow. And don't forget to stop by the sale and check out watch you need or just join the QMC for next quarter. Thank you to everyone for their well wishes! You have made my day.

I found this on YouTube and it made me smile but it really made my little one roll on the floor and giggle which was even better because it just made me giggle to see him enjoy it so. He has such an infectious laugh.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Almost Father's Day

Okay so I don't want to interrupt the flow of the challenge so if you are here for that scroll down and see the previous post for details.

If you are here because I ramble and tell crazy stories about my life with a 4 year old, hubby and a heard of animals, then tune in on Monday. We are headed all over this weekend and I plan to spend as much as possible with the awesome men in my life.

For those checking the dates of the sale... Here is some other good news... There are a few sales going on by many designers. So hit mine and then see the other ones to. My Section is HERE

My Friend Lori is celebrating my Bday with me. So don't forget her section.

Then there is Jan my closest designer neighbor who is celebrating Father's Day!

And Ileana who is also celebrating her birthday and her daughters I believe.

And with all these great files on sale. Don't forget my section as well.. :-)

KEEP SCROLLING DOWN if you are trying to get to the challenge info...

Okay so now I gotta run to get working n the Father's Day gift!!

Have a wonderful weekend. I'll be responding to emails on Monday probably to spend time with the hubby for Father's Day!



PS CHECK OUT THE CREATIVE TEAMS BLOG. They are all Awesome!!! There are new posts from Vicki and Karen and Sussann... Did you see did you see???

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Challenge files almost ready... taking emails.. sore sore sore

I am taking emails for the challenge files. (pretty please put the word Challenge in the subject so your email goes right away to the right folder.) Here are the finished pieces. I am still working on conversions, but will have the file links ready to go hopefully by Friday or Saturday. I will send them out in the order I get the requests. July 7th is the due date for submissions.

I added a page to my main site with the rules and there aren't many. The main one is to use your cutter in some fun way using one of these files and submit by the due date. But if you want more in depth results. Here is the link. (the link is also on the right of my blog)

This time around you can do anything. Scrapbook, alter, atc, cards.... it's yours to do as you wish.
File formats are: SCUT, GSD, AI, WPC, KNK

I have gotten a ton of emails about those who couldn't complete last time around. I am not trying to be a pain, but trying to be fair to all of those who did participate. If you didn't complete then you will need to skip this challenge and wait for the next one. However, for this time around, if you send me your finished piece using 2 files from last times offerings, I will send you the link for this one. Hope this makes sense. And I know some of you I have spoken with and we have worked things out. So no worries, but if I haven't heard from you. That is what I have to offer. I want everyone to be able to participate and be creative with their machines.

Don't forget the Sale this weekend! And I have no more files ready for upload so create your shopping list... While you are there consider the QMC. It reopens in July and I am still loading the files in the current one. So I always try to pack them full. I even have a hard time keeping the list of files up to date on my blog but we are almost to thirty files again for $10.00.

On to life...

What a day yesterday. My son and I headed into the new office which is now in the ready to paint stage. We vaccuumed up the drywall dust from sanding and prepared to paint. Have you painted with a 4 year old before? very interesting. I did the accent wall completely. two coats painted to the edges so it would dry enough to be masked off when the other color backs up to it. Then I painted all the other walls and part of the ceiling with one coat. And I am sore. sore. sore. My legs, arms, back, and neck just ache, but we are on our way. Our new office had wood paneling so we ripped that down and redrywalled and put in a french door. It is a cute little mini french door. I love it. It needs to be stained still, but it can wait. Trying to get all the walls painted before the carpet goes in which I was hoping for today and we found out probably won't be until tmorrow at the earliest. I am crossing my fingers that it is tomorrow. Otherwise my office staff is in limbo for a few days because of no office. hmmm.. crossing my fingers very tightly.

Either way painting with a 4 year old is an adventure. Especially since you have an accent wall and don't want to put away the last of the paint in case there is a mishap with paint. Watching where that little roller is going to and making sure it is hitting the right wall and not the brand new wood doors that are gonna be stained wew! I think I got more done when my hubby showed up to do cleanup then the hours before. But I like working with my son. You don't need any background noise because he is a running commentary. Who knew at 4 you could have soooo much to say. I must admit at some points i am done, but at others I love to listen to it. I brought toys (which are now painted) and I handed them out slowly throughout the day so he would different things to play with.

I better get moving and converting for the challenge. Thank you to those who visit my blog and take an interest in my designs and what I do! I really appreciate your support.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tuesday's Terrific Coupon.... Count those blessings..

Did you get the coupon code for this cute file in the yahoo group. If not join the group through the link on the right and search the past messages. The coupon code is listed there for the below file. 50% off the price of the file. Available in GSD, KNK, WPC, AI and SCUT version. If you purchase and would like the SCUT file email me the receipt showing your purchase and I will send you the SCUT file. I just haven't gotten the SCUT version in the store yet. I know I am a slacker.

Today a police office, Eric Hite, was mourned in funeral services here in Tucson. He was killed in the line of duty with a fatal gun wound. The first one in 5 years in Tucson according to the reports. His family was surrounded by approx 3,000 Tucsonans at the services and the procession from the church to the cemetery was lined with people for about 10 miles in 102 degree weather. It did my heart proud to see all of those people take the time out of their day to stand and bow their head in silence as the numerous vehicles filled with people followed him to his last resting place. I listened to the last call for the officer they play over the radios. It was a chilling sound and gave me goose bumps. A tear crossed my face for the finality of such a call and the emotion his family is feeling. I didn't know this man nor do I know many of the men who work in law enforcement or in our militaries, but thank goodness they are there. My prayers go to all of them for their safety. May god bless this man's family and feel the support those in Tucson are trying to show them.

*** On that note, I am going to sign off. Have a wonderful rest of the day and count your blessings for I am sure they are many.


Saturday, June 7, 2008


I am a working away on the new office, but wanted you to know if you stop by there are a few WAD files still open to the winner of the description so look at the previous post and if you are a QMC member I have uploaded a bunch more Dad/Father/Papa/PopPop/Pop files. So head on over and get them downloaded.

Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, June 6, 2008

WAD - SCuba files, Native american files, and teaching about money??? any tips??

You guys Rock! I have had some great descriptions for files. I have now chosen the winner of the Rock Climbing WAD file. I will be sending those out as soon as I get it completely converted. Here are the next few files. If any of them inspire you for a creative description. Email it my way and if it is the one I chose for the store I will send you the file. Make sure to put description or WAD in the subject so it catches my attention in email. These are the files I want to get into the store before the weekend of the 14th. So I will be choosing the description winners right away. Thank you soooo much for all your help!

Update: We have a description winner for "the deeper you go.."

Thank you to everyone who participates in helping me out with a description for the store! My words are stale and old and your new creative words inspire me to do more and more!

On to Life...
well it has been a crazy time here as usual. We went to the new office space to see what was behind the dreaded paneling. It has been up there so long that the paneling just fell off the walls when we got the trim off. But there is the crummy black glue they use but it is all dried up. So when you hit it with the corner of the screwdriver it crumbled off. So this evening will be working on getting as much of it off as possible. Last night I told my hubby. If I could I would hire someone right now to tape and texture it this weekend so we didn't have to. Having done a whole new wall and t&t'd it ourselves all last weekend I am just exhausted! My awesome MIL offered to come help paint on Sunday. I am worried about my son being tired to. He asked yesterday if he could just stay home and watch tv. So cute. Now that we got rid of cable, he would give up tv for anything else to do which is awesome. but we have been doing so much, he just wants to vedge.

He got to spend time swimming with Nana and Boppa, my parents, last night so he chatted about that alll the way home. He got to empty out Boppa's change jar for Disneyland Monies. This little boy is rocking it in the change. We had to start squishing the monies into his piggy bank from the bottom and I already took 100.00 out and put it in my cabinet from visiting Grandpa in Wisconsin from all his change. Trying to figure out how to help him understand the value of the dollar. So if you have any tips let me know. I thought about giving him the same amount of Monopoly money in a little wallet that he has in real dollars and as we shop through Disneyland I can pay for stuff and he can give me hisMonopoly money so he knows how much is left. My hubby thinks I should give him a 5.00 bill. A friend of mine suggested a check register or running tab of how much money is available and subtract from it at each stop so he knows how much he has left, which would show math, and give him a real 5.00 bill to hold onto as well. Well if you have any other creative ideas let me know. I'd love to hear it.
And if you made it this far... June 14th-17th all my files are on sale at Paperthreads to celebrate my birthday! I could do one day, but why not spread it out a few days. We aren't havin' a squirtgun party this year. So who knows what we'll be doing. Hopefully getting some rest. I am tireddddd. :-)
Have a wonderful day! and Weekend!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Well It's Thursday! Yeah we are almost to the weekend

It has been an eventful week of working on moving around spaces to better accomodate. Lots of painting and sanding still going on. Tonight we go to see the new office and cross your fingers pull back the woodpaneling to see what is on the wall behind it. Then I will know how much work we are in for.

Thank you to those who sent in their entries for the Hot Cup of Java and Colors of Fall file. I have sent the winner the file. I haven't found one for the rock climbing one yet, but will probably come up with some thing today. If one doesn't work. Thank you thank you to those who participated to win the file.

I added the two files above to the QMC yesterday. Thank you to those who helped me come up with some verbage for the scuba cards. Hopefully these will make great Father's Day and Birthday Cards. I have a few more files, but these are the two I added yesterday and will be coming to the store soon... Speaking of the store... Did you know it's my birthday on the 16th. So guess what that means.. hmmm... I am sure most know, but I'll let you know in the next days.

So did you see Dana's post at the creative teams blog. Not your typical Christmas colors for a layout and I think that is why I love it. If you haven't seen it. Check it out.

On to life....
So this section is my little tidbit stories about life with a 4 year old, a handsome hubby, 5 horses, a cow, three dogs, and a huge goldfish named mater. Wow I typing that I just realize that the animals have totally outrun us on our little ranch.
Shopping adventures are always interesting with my little one and this totally held true this past week. I needed to run to Target and pick up a bathing suit for my bambinos summer camp and a new towel. So we ran around the store looking and shopping. And you know how that parent thing is. You can see them out of your eye. You know where they are, but you aren't looking at the seven hundredth thing that they have said. Look Mom. Look Mom. Well my wondeful boy is doing the same and repeating over and over "Look Mom. Look Mom. It's little baby ones like yours. For little girls huh. Look Mom. Look Mom. It's Little baby ones. Like Yours. Like Yours. MOM MOM." I am saying ah huh ahuh. then I realize there is giggling from a lady next to me. and this lady and I are of the well endowed nature when it comes to cleavage and now she is not giggling but turning red, covering her mouth and trying not to just laugh. I look at my son to see what the focus is. I realize that he is pointing at the Women's Bras. Regular Women's Bras. Apparently compared to Mom's they are baby size in proportion. And now the lady next to me is laughing with me and saying that was the best laugh she has had all day. My little one says to the lady " THANKS" and continues on his merry way to scout out the toys as I follow behind smiling. Love how he makes my life slow down for a moment when I am rushing through the store to get on to the next thing. Love my life.
Have a wonderful rest of the day!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Another WAD for Rock Climbing... More Later...

Okay so here is another one that needs a description. It is a Rock Climber set. For the description picked you will win the file. THe green is a square overlay.

Some emailed asked what WAD was... Write A Description. I will pick the description winner for yesterdays file and email you the file at the end of today. So if you are still interested in winning the file write a description for yesterdays or todays.. send it to me by email and the one I chose for the store description will win the file. Flex your creative writing styles.
Make sure to put description in the subject field of the email. Have a wonderful Wednesday! Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

WAD - Earn Free Files with a Description

Help Help Help Help!!
I have files sitting on my computer that I could load to the store at Paperthreads, but just don't want to write a product description. I can't stand what I write If you like to write and can think of a full description for the file I am going to post below, email me with it. And if I pick your description for the store I will send you the file. I will only send the file to the final choice. Most descriptions should give someone an idea of what they can use the file for within the scrapbooking realm or outside the box and indicate ease of use multi-layers, frames, words etc. If you are interested in participating, just email me your description (put description in the subject) and if I choose yours I will send you the file. So if you see WAD in my heading then you know the opportunity is there within the post to get yourself a file. I will take descriptions until I find the right one. I usually look for fun, descriptive, key words like smooth cutting, and out of the box ideas for use of the file.

Here are my first two possibilities. Make sure you indicate to me which one you are writing the description for. If you still aren't clear on what I am saying visit the store and read through a few descriptions of the files there. If this works I will continue on with it in the future.

Here is the first file.

Here is the second one with How It Cuts included.

Let me see your creative writing abilities.

Next if you are a member of the yahoo group. The Tuesdays Terrific, but Wednesdays Hump Day Woooohooo! Coupon Code will be sent to you. If you are not part of the yahoo group you can join on the right at the link. For those who have been part of the group for a while they know Coupon Codes are my best deals other than the QMC.

And I have to get back to the setup of my home office/Craft room/Cantelope Orange Room.

So more tomorrow. Have a wonderful day!!


Monday, June 2, 2008

A new wall.. And cantelope orange paint. :-)

Oh what a weekend!! So my hubby and I are taking the moving offices, cleaning out, rearranging thing head on. We spent the entire weekend, other than a soccer game, to clean out part of my craft room, put up a wall, mud it, texturize it, sand it, paint. So my craft room side is done and I painted one of the walls a canteloupe orange I love it. When i setup the rest of my items I will take a picture. It is coming out wonderful. The half of the "Craft room/computer area" I gave up is going to be a tack room. And then the old Tack room is going to be a home office for the business. So we can run two with all the new technologies for phones etc. Wonderful!! It was a lot of fun working with my hubby and son although my feet are still sore and my eyes are puffy from lack of sleep, but what an accomplishment. And in that trend... I have to head out and work on some more organizing of it all for the next step. Hopefully my hubby can sand the tack room wall side so I can paint that and then put the paint away for a while. I am very much looking forward to putting the paint brushs away. Well I better run. Have a wonderful day!
PS I mustnt forget to tell you about my little ones shopping adventures with me today. So this is my mental reminder!