Friday, August 31, 2007

Sale and the weekend!

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!
I have a sale on Monday all day.
30% off all my files.
And Lori... Is it safe to say it now...
Lori is joining the sale for you too.
I knew I would be gone most the
weekend and not have a file for
So I thought... Give 'em a sale.
I haven't had one since June!
Look at all your holiday gifts you
have to get and think about crafting some
Hopefully some of my files can help you out!!
Be Safe! Have lots of fun!

Thursday, August 30, 2007


I was nominated over at the Blogger's Choice. That makes me excited. If you have a chance and can vote for me it would be awesome. Thank you to Sue for nominating me. !! Woohooo!!!!!

Well a lobster was requested in my database. So here it is. These pieces all come apart. I just thought they were pleasing to the eye stacked liked this. I tried to come up with a cute saying for Maine and the three things that came up for Maine the most were the coast line. Hence the lighthouse.. The moose (is that Meese in plural?) and the lobster. so Here is Maine. This was kinda fun to put together.

These files are terms restricted, please do not download unless you agree to those terms. You are not allowed to share or alter and claim as your own.
This file is no longer available for download, but will be available at Paperthreads soon. The password was sent out to my group.

So I have a quick story to share.. and we know how quick my ramblings are (so Lori.. pull up a diet coke here) ...

I went to get hay with my son in the big truck and we get in and he has his terminator sunglasses on.. and he says. mom, call me super hero. So I say all right only if I get to be Super Mom.He thought this was pretty darn cool and said this is our Super Truck. So as he road shotgun in a truck with no air that I have a lighter plug in fan running and blowing on him. Because he hates the windows down because the "WIND IS TO LOUD MAMA".

I got to think about that Super Truck. When I met my hubby almost ten years ago this truck was my chariot. He came to pick me up in it for trips around town and around the state. He had it washed regularly and just listening to the diesel engine start up made him smile. I can remember how I loved to sit next to him (thank goodness it was a bench seat) and just drive around town lookin through the big window in life with the A/C blowing on me (yes it had AC then.).

So as I nostalgically (is that a word?? it works for now??) ran through these thoughts I heard... SUPER MOM> SUPER MOM.. I get pulled out of my daydreaming moment. My son says "It's HOT." I concurred. So on our trip through town to get hay because of course I like the hay from one place in town the best and will drive an hour to get there. (do other horse owners do that? I must be a hay snob) Anyways. we stopped at every circle K there was to get water and popsicles and the like.

I cannot imagine that those many years ago as I rode next to my then boyfriend that I thought I would be considered Super Mom as I drove this big ol truck of my husbands through town, sucking on a popsicle and chatting with my son about the finer points of dripping on your clothes and not on Daddy's truck. Gotta tell ya.. life is good.

Well have a great day and most of all...

aka Super Mom

PS.. My last sale was on my birthday in June .. I think correct me if I am wrong... so On Monday of Labor Day Weekend all my files will be 30% off. I have offered coupons here and there, but this way you can just shop and shop and not worry about codes. It's all day Monday. So do your search.. write down your numbers and be ready to go. Hopefully supplies won't run out .. (tease)... oh and I am pretty sure my friend Lori is joining me in the sale, but don't tell her I outed it before her. That is why I am posting it here in the fine print of my post at the very end. hahaha. Love ya Lori!! And I hope she is joining me. Or Woops I will be wrong. Maybe I better hush up.. lets see what she says on her
blog today... Shhh!!!

Per a Request...

This is the email that requested of me the "Jumble of Numbers" file

First let me say I also have a three year old son and at times I feel like I am going through the same situations in life that you are.I visit your blog regularly and this is my first request. I am looking to fill a page with numbers. I think it would be easier to have them joined together when cut. I would like them to be jumbled together in different sizes. I am a new owner of a wishblade and the C&C software and unfortunately a little computer challenged. I am hoping you can create this file for me so that I can cut it.I appreciate everything you do and everything you offer to those of us with new machines.
(email and website signature removed)

New to the Store

So I am running behind in my to do list today. So I thought real quick I would share a few of the files that have made it to the store that are not on my blog or are old files from my blog that I finally got up to the store. I am trying to clean up my old files or the ones that are just hanging out completed, but not organized. Gotta get this laptop cleaned up.

I call these first two Jumbles. Because it just looks like a jumble to me, but will cut in one piece. I also made my happiness words into a jumble to.

The bottom numbers are for emphasis of a particular number. Just stretch it to the size you need it to be and lay it out on top the jumble. This is one of next months Sale Files. $2.49 Regular Price. Purchase HERE.

This set of letters is Times. So if you have Times on your computer which I think about 99.9% of people do you can add the letter you want to emphasize in a contrasting color or size. The long narrow setup can put along the bottom of a page. $2.49 Regular Price. This is one of next months Sale Files. Purchase HERE.

Purchase HERE.

Purchase HERE.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


This is a Terms Restricted File. It is available for download following the guidelines set forth in my TOU which you received automatically when joining my yahoo group (on the left there is a button for it) This file is no longer available for download, but may be purchased HERE. Typing in the password is your digital acceptance to my terms of use. If you have received the passwords you have received the Terms. If you download the file then you agree.

Okay.... The file Scribbles. I needed a few funky pieces to add to a layout so I came up with these and thought I would share them with you. I hope you can use them, but I always seem to find a reason for some extra embellishment somewhere. Hope you can use them.
Important... If you have sent me a picture of something you have created with my file. I will be using it. So please remember this when sending them to me. I will give you credit Usually I just list the first name and First initial of the last name. If you want it a different way let me know in each mail with the pictures. Identity things and all on the internet. Most people know that I will be using them because you see them posted here. I have the opportunity to post them at the Paperthreads store also because the gallery is down. I cannot get over how awesome and wonderful these pics are!! I can sit and just stare at them all. So I wanted everyone to know that is what happens to the pictures you send and I SOOOOO appreciate you sending them. I use them for marketing so I can buy more software and keep offering better and better files. I have the best creative downloaders!! You guys are tops. If you have a picture to send of a project with one of my files, please do so. Getting them inspires me.
There was a request for the name of a font.... I never remember the names of fonts. when I create a file I switch the type to outline so it isn't even a font anymore, but is an image. so the name of the font isn't in the file any longer. I just can't retain all their names. I have thousands and thousands of fonts as I am sure some also have. (Please tell me I am not a crazy person with all of them) I open up a font viewer and type in the word I want to use and scan them looking for the right kind of letter angle and curl and if I like it. I don't usually look for a specific font by name. (some of the names make noooo sense to me) Sometimes I just open the font file, type out the word, create outlines and close the font file and go back to my program never to look at the font file again. So again my apologies. If I know it off hand I will try to tell you. I just am not so great with tracking those details.
Haven't seen the mountain lion. Have heard rumblings of dogs missing or being found gone. I would say the Mama lion is probably teaching her cubs to hunt. So we shall see what happens. Hopefully she will move on with her pack. It has definitely brought the parents together with school kids. Now instead of just gaggle of kids at the bus stop which is at the end of the road. you see a gaggle of parents to.
Horse Shoer was here yesterday.. .He has some of the best stories. Out of the 6 he only got 3 horses shod. 3 more on Thursday. I could just stand out there all day and listen and soak it up. Everyone who owns a horse has an opinion. I tell my friends who are new to horses... listen to them all. Choose the one that makes the most sense to you and go with it.
today is swim day. So I am headed out for a bit. Have to take the big truck and get hay for the horses. Should be fun going to get Hay they have parrots and cockatiels inside the feed store. So that means my little boy will want to go in and talk to them. They say Hi and cock their heads to look at him and he says Hi and then can't stop giggling. I usually take him out of there thrown over my shoulder giggling while I carry anything else I need. When he finally wakes up this morning, he will be happy to know we are taking the "big Truck" into town. Our beat up hay truck. I love to drive the truck, but would be thrilled to drive the truck if it had air. So in Tucson it is one hot hot hot drive! Well I better get this kid up and moving. I hope everyone has a wonderful day! Thanks for listening to my ramblings.
PS gone for the labor day weekend? Anyone have great plans? We are headed to the rodeo.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Pitchin' a Fit, Pickin' Horse Apples, Devil's Pitchfork

This will be the file for today. I am working on all the conversions for it and seeing if I can get a second file up for later today to. Have to test cut it. I should know when I start out Monday with how the heck am I gonna make it through everything today. I probably won't get a file up. So this one will be here. just wanted to give you a preview pic. Came up with three titles for one image so I am including them all in one file.

Also you should have a new password today! If you didn't get the email. you'll have to check the group.
This is a terms restricted file.. Please do not download unless you have read my TOU and plan to abide by them. Entering the password is your digital signature that you agree and abide by these terms... This file is no longer available for Download, but may be purchased. HERE

A few things.. my friend Lori is asking for prayers for a friend of hers son. If you have a moment of silence, please take it to send prayers. The miles may be far but prayer travels by the speed of god. Thank you to those who can. This is near and dear to me because of my cousin and his head injuries after a car accident at the age of 9 months. Every prayer counts no matter how short and long. Thank you.

Next.. Pickin Horse Apples. A chore I don't relish at all. and Yes Shae you are right (see comments for more info). Included in the file are three titles because I couldn't pick the best one to put with the pitchfork.

My hubby came home with a gift for me last night a 320 gigabyte external hard drive. woohooo I can clear some things off my laptop because it is chugging and I worry constantly about something happening so later today I will be plugging it in and copying everything to it for a backup. He knows how to make me smile!!

Thank you to those who used my coupon last week. Thank you Thank you.

Also, this was a request I saw earlier this morning so thought I would throw it out here for those with great ideas... What kinda of decorations can you make for a wedding reception, a simple open house after the ceremony..... what kinda of decorations can you make with your cutter?? My first thought was cut out their names and put them around the tables kinda like a larger version of confetti with additional words like happiness, love etc, or cut a tall piece with hearts and their names to put in the center of the flowers. Does anyone have any other ideas??

Well our horse shoer is here. So I am off to listen to some good horse stories and information and try to get some work done in between.


Oh and if you have children and need a break from life and just to laugh at the pure chaos.. anyone who ends their posts with...

OK, I have to go clean pudding off the ceiling now. Don't ask.

Is A-OK in my book. And yes this is the ebay.. pokemon card lady. Her blog cracks me up and slows me down for a few minutes every day to read every word of it.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Welcome to Monday

Well it is Monday what a wonderful weekend!

First can I say I am working on an upload and it should be later today. I have a ton a ton of errands to run in town. If I can get it all done and home I should have one.

For right now, I am getting ready to head in and hit swim lessons and then multiple stops on top of that. So I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Mine started out with my hubby and I kicking up our heels and doing a little country swing. He and I met on the dance floor and it is one of our most favorite moments together. We got a ton done at the house with little things or rather my hubby did with my son. They worked on all kindsa things from messing with the boat, to changing out the horse waterers, to fixing the fence. My son just trudged behind his Dad with small plastic hammer in hand. So awesome to watch them. Then Sunday was a fun filled family day. We drove to Phoenix to help my brother move a jacuzzi then back to Tucson for a family party with my in laws. Fantastic! Love how that family gets together and just hangs out. By 9:30 pm we got home and had left at 530 a.m. we were exhausted, but it was time spent together so how awesome.

So this weekend I read a few magazine pages here and there. One that stuck in my mind was about an actress...can't remember her name for the life of me.... rrrr... anyways she was talking about taking baby steps to going "green". I gotta admit in life this crosses my mind lots from living on a farm in my youth, to spending time with my Dad in the summers in the "woods" of Wisconsin to living in the desert with my Mom and siblings and having horses of our own and living on a larger parcel of land then most. It may not be a huge section of land, but it is ours and we like it. We have just enough room to spread out. But I think alot about nature and life and how we all interact with eachother. How living in the desert versus the woods is each so different, but still have a lot of consistent features. One of those is I can still awe over a flower. And especially in the desert. I can awe at its beauty in a world of dirt and cacti. This lady in the article stated that you can take baby steps... Take a canvas bag to the grocery store with you for those quick trips or buy a favorite coffee mug to take to the local coffee chain. I thought wow this is pretty easy steps and I have a huge-a-mongous canvas bag I use for toting things already. And man does it drive me nutz when those little plastic bags break and some of my family in Wisconsin is supported by the paper industry so alot of times I try to use paper bags. But that also has its repercussions. So this week I will be seeing if I can clean out that tote bag and take it to the store for a test run for this quick stops at the grocery store. I am thinking this way I won't be dropping a can of soup on my foot when the plastic bag splits. And as for the coffee.... well I don't drink it... ick.. Hot burning scalding brown water with the funkiest bizarrest after taste that makes you want to cut your tongue out because you burned it and now it tastes like trash. ewwww. give me cold pepsi on ice any time! another habit I have to break. hahaha.

Well I have rambled to long.. I am wondering if anyone else has any simple easy steps to "green"... like turn off the water when brushing your teeth, unplug your chargers when not in use so they stop draining electric ... any thoughts? I am just curious..

Thanks much for listening.. have a fantastic Monday. See ya later today.


Friday, August 24, 2007

Farm Family

Here is another Farm file for the books. These are Terms Restricted File which means they are for your own personal use and not to be shared, altered or claim as your own. Downloading this file is an acceptance of these terms when you type in the password (see how I run my blog bottom of left column.. if you don't have it.. or join my group) This file is no longer available for download, but you can purchase it at Paperthreads Soon.

Okay on to Friday. wooohoo. It is Friday and tonight we are headed out. Which means I need to look through my clothes to find something to wear. I have a few western "bling bling" belts that I just love, but have to decide what I want to wear. My hubby took his clothes with him so I can just pick him up after work and he can be ready to go. It has been a while we have been out together on our own. Soo soo excited. Should be lotsa fun. My son will have fun at his aunt's and I get to kick up my boots. What a win win situation! Can you tell I am excited.

So the last few nights with my son have been crazy. My son has been so wired it is insane. He spent twenty minutes last night running circles in the living room. Part of the problem is he can't go outside by himself or with the dogs right now. There is a mountain lion in the neighborhood. So he usually goes outside and plays in the sand box and our dogs hang out with him while he is outside. They are cute they just follow him around everywhere. But our friends large dog was killed, another neighbors horse was attacked and my friend was driving down the road and saw it. She said it is huge. She sounded a little suprised it was so large. The reports are the mountain lion has cubs in the area and that is why she hasn't left the area. So that means my little boy doesnt get to go out without me. Hence the pent up energy. This little character Diego on tv is one hyperspastic kid and runs everywhere. Therefore my son wants to run everywhere! Wew!

Well I better run. Gotta feed the horses. Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Farm Chics... Love the Greene

So a request for some farm items and here is one of them. I have a few more in the works as well. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. The file is a Terms Restricted File! This means it is for your personal use and not to be shared or redistributed to others. If you cannot follow these guidelines please do not download. Keying in the password to this file (which was sent in email to my group, which you can sign up for on the left of my blog) is your digital signature that you agree to these terms. Thank you for stopping by and taking a look at my files. This file is no longer available, but may be purchased HERE.

I need suggestions on my sale files for next month. I usually like to put one to two files on sale. Your thoughts on which files that should be are appreciated. If you want something now and can't wait another week there is a coupon code at the bottom of the email with the password it is only valid on my files in the store and is a total percent off the entire purchase.. So Michelle tells me there can only be my files in your shopping cart or it won't work. I have been asked about this. So I thought I would post the info again.
Other then basic questions about my blog and how it works. The password by email seems to be working out so far. So that is good. I was worried that everyone would hate it. Just another step but seems to be not to bad.
Today is Thursday. I have a long laundry list of items to do. And laundry to. Going to see lots of family this weekend and am looking forward to it. My son loves to play with his cousins. Going to look at some airline flights for my Dad to visit us in December and maybe go to Minnesota for a long weekend to see some of the inlaws. Lots of upcoming plans. We like to keep busy. flights from here to Minnesota are expensive. So I will have to do lots of shopping around. Well I am rambling because I don't want to do laundry. So I better sign off. Wish everyone a phenomenal day!! And then we are on to Friday woohoo!! Friday the hubby and I are going dancing. Couldn't be better.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Scouts Mini Album

Here is a Scouts Mini Album. You can add to it or embellish it however you'd like. THere has been a request for Scouts items. I don't want to step on any toes when it comes to the scouts logo. This being the case if you can give me some ideas on files you would like for the Scouts, I'd be happy to put some additional pieces together. Just add Boy or Girl to the front of this book to make it your own or use it for another reason entirely. This file is no longer available, but will be available at Paperthreads soon. The password is in the email sent out to the group last and you can look on the group at the past emails and it is listed there as well. This is a TERMS RESTRICTED FILE and is governed by my TOUs and is not for sharing with others and for your own personal use.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Email Password

If you have missed the email, please visit the group. I think I opened up the archived messages for now. Still the only person who can post there is myself so that there aren't alot of emails. So if you try to post and it doesnt work that is why. Again please remember I am on a learning curve. Thank you to everyone who has offered their help.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Words of Happiness

These are words that make me happy and make me smile. I get asked for words welded together alot. So I threw them all in together. These are terms restricted files. Downloading this file means you agree with my restrictions that they are for your personal use only. This file is no longer available, but may be purchased at Paperthreads. Here.
Okay so for those looking for the password.. this is the first file with the emailed password. If you haven't signed up for my group, click the purple button on the left blog that says yahoo. I will approve you and you will get the last email sent to you. For those thinking... what?? I didn't get a password email.. You may be on Daily Digest. This means because so few emails will be posted through this group that you may get the password late. Also, there isn't a log of emails in my group, no past history of posts. So hold on to the password 'til you get the next one.

Also, if you got the email... at the bottom is the coupon code for my files at Paperthreads which is good through the end of this week. And it is valid on the total of my files. So you can use it on multiples of my file. However, if you have other designers files in the basket because of a glitch it won't let you check out. And it is one time per persons account. Just a few tips for those who want to use it.

On to life....

Okay so this weekend was fun. Spent it with the my son and hubby.. although he got food poisoning.. Saturday was fun.. sunday was sickie poo day. On Saturday the two men in my life decided to clean the stalls and work on the horse pens, but we went to lunch first and then hit the mall for a little shopping. My hubby is a shoppppper. I am learning to keep up, but wew! Love these guys. Here is their picture taking a break on the porch. I couldn't resist.
Life is awesome!

Tis Monday!

Tis Monday morning and I have an office meeting and a few things to do. So it will be a while before a file is loaded.

Also, I am waiting for a coupon code from Michelle at Paperthreads for the store to add with my first password email from the group. So if you haven't signed up yet. Now is the time so you don't miss a weeks worth of Terms Restricted Files.

On that note ... a few things about the group you should know before you sign up.

The passwords may seem long. However, by entering them as they are it is a digital signature that you agree to my terms of use and the terms for my files on the blog. Digital Signatures can be binding by law in this day in age... so take a few minutes before you download to make sure you know these files are for your own personal use. You are not to redistribute the electronic file. Also, you are not to redistribute these emails with the passwords. I want to continue offering files, please abide by these guidelines and let me make it known from the start that if I get an email that shows you are sharing my files or these password emails I will ask for an explanation and then delete your email from the group. Sounds harsh, but if you would rather not abide by this. Then please unsubscribe yourself. I won't be offended in anyway, I appreciate your ability to know that you are unable to follow by my TOUs or the guidelines of this group. I, also, greatly appreciate all those who can. If someone wants the password, please send them to my blog and have them sign up on the group. I will try to figure out a way to get the current password to everyone as soon as they sign up.

Also, a thank you for joining my group because I know alot of you probably belong to many different groups I will try to keep this one short and sweet. Only the moderators can post to this group, so you won't be getting emails from many people. You probably want to stay on Individual email. There will not be a log of past emails. Once you get it, you may want to keep it in your email. This email is not a guarantee you will get a file for download. It is just the passwords to use at my blog for whichever files you'd like. So you still need to visit there, but with this email you will be able to download the files.

I invite everyone to put their birthdays on the calendar so I can figure out a way to send you a birthday gift. I don't know how you post on the calendar. I just know it is there so why not use it! And if I have a setting wrong and someone can show me how to fix it. By all means let me know.

Also, I have opened up the Links section. If you want to post your link there for your blog or website, please feel free to do so. And we will see how it goes.

Every once in a while as the group grows I will keep repeating these things. So my apologiesto those who will have been signed up from the start and will hear it over and over again and again.

That is it for now.


Friday, August 17, 2007

Boo Ghost for Halloween

So another Halloween file. I am thinking everyone should be set for Halloween this year as I am working on these. Any particulars you'd like, let me know. I have a feeling my son will want to be Diego. He already has decided to wear a brown vest every day like Diego wears. And keeps calling me Alicia (Diego's sister). Oh and talking to his wrist. Originally he was talking to his wrist because he watched star wars with his Dad. Now his Lightning McQueen watch has become his "video Phone" to talk to Alicia (just like the cartoon). I do however love his imagination!

Okay so on for the download. This is a terms restricted file. please do not alter share or claim as your own. This file is no longer available, but is available at Paperthreads Here.
Great plans for the weekend?? I am hanging out with the family, but not alot of set plans. Hope to get into the craft room some. Gotta finish picking it up so I can take pictures to post. I did buy the magnetized tool bar to put my scissors, exacto knife on etc. It works awesome. I bought a lazy susan last weekend at IKEA, not sure what I plan to use it for, but envisioned some trays on it screwed to it maybe with different supplies in it. But havent fine tuned that idea. Well hopefully this weekend I will get to cut some more paper bags in my luminaria making adventure. We shall see.


ps is newday

Thursday, August 16, 2007

I AM SO SORRRRY .. geocaching mini album...

Okay for those ten people that applied to my group and got a denied notice.... MY BIGGEST APOLOGIES. Please join again. This is what I get for having my three year old sit on my lap and watch Diego while I work. He hit the button and it sent everyone to denial land instead of approve land... sososososososos Sorry. Please try again.

Okay so for those checking out the blog to see what the file will be today... This is the file. I am still working on the links, but wanted to give anyone a heads up that wants it or would rather not because it is such a specific file.I will add to this post when I get the links together.

more in a bit....

in a bit...

Okay I got the links up.. I am still feeling bad about those ten people... Please please sign up again. Also, now is the week to sign up. I think next week sometime will be our first trial run for the email passwords. And I have heard rumor you will have to pay etc.. You will not have to pay. I chose to go through yahoo to run the mailing list rather then constant contact so my downloaders and myself wouldn't be out any extra funds.

Okay so for the download. ... This is a Terms Restricted File. Which means it is for your very own personal use. No posting to groups. posting to email. posting to friends. Please do not share, or alter and claim as your own. By downloading you agree to this... This file is no longer available, but may be purchased at Paperthreads HERE.

Also, my friend Lori has some GeoCaching files for sale at paperthreads and their are samples on her blog. I didn't even know what this was 'til it was on her blog. Personally I love MAPS. love them. I will be an atlas just because it has maps. so for me the gps are frustrating maddening and annoying. I want to decide where I want to go and figure out how to get there by the back streets. In fact about a month ago I bought a pocket atlas and put it in the truck. It has all 50 states. when am I going to drive through all 50 states?? Someday. Someday when my hubby and I retire and can check out all of the rodeos of the countryside or horse ranchs... what a wonderful dream. Although I don't think my little itty bitty RV will make it that far!

On to life... wow it is busy right now. But that is a good thing. Slow gives me time to twiddle my thumbs and worry about what I will have to do next. I am working on a bunch of Halloween files still. They are going fast when it comes to downloads. So keep an eye out for them. I will have a chance to test cut them and get them all up in the next couple weeks. Thought I should get them out early instead of last minute like I did for the Father's Day Mini Album, but lots of people used it!! So that is fantastic. I loved seeing all the projects.

So for Halloween I kinda threw a challenge out there for the last file as to ideas other then cards to use them for... and I got this in my email box this morning from Nikki. I am not sure I even responded to her yet. They are awesome.... Here is what she wrote and a picture of the finished product... fantastic....

For months now, I've been downloading your wonderful files and feeling guilty because I'm yet to create anything good enough to put in the Paperthreads gallery or for posting on your blog. But, I loved your Halloween card file you shared yesterday and had a brainstorm when you challenged us to come up with something else other than cards to use the files for. It’s not a wonderful layout, but here is my idea. I cut elements of your file out of vinyl (love that stuff) and then stuck it on large flat pebbles (found in the floral dept. of craft stores) and glued a magnet on the pebble's back. I love Halloween, so for me Halloween magnets are a great addition to the decorating!!!

Really this is outside of the box. Thank you for sharing Nikki and thank you to everyone who has shared in the past!! Looking at all your layouts and ideas ...inspires me..

Also, I have been asked for another font in the word books. I am going to post this right to the store at Paperthreads, but wanted some input to some as a good font. I was told to look for something in between the groovy font I used and also the squared font I used. Does anyone have suggestions on a font that is thick letter, but a little more formal then groovy, but not to stiff. .. hows that for a description?? hahahaha.

And as for my quest on making luminaries. Well the KNK does cut through both layers of the bag and does it easily, but I am going to try putting a cut up mat in between the bag layers and just cut one side of the bag. When I get some finished products together I will post them here.

Sorry so late in the day... Have a wonderful evening!.


pw is newday

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Life in General... love it..

So today has been a little hectic. Looking at my schedule I am not sure when I will get a file up. I am trying, but it may not work out for today. I am working on office materials for marketing and it is definitely a different mindset. Also, trying to do lots of laundry and just catch up. It has been a crazy crazy couple of weeks and we are home this weekend and most of the next one. Yeah! At the end of the month, we are supposed to head to a baseball game in Phoenix. I am looking forward to it. I haven't been to a baseball game in years. My son will probably love it. Doing things with him is sometimes like seeing it for the first time again. Just awe inspiring. It has been raining here almost every evening. I walked out my front porch and saw grass growing. wow!. Grass just growing without loads of work.. seeds, fertililzer, bird diversion, and water water water. Just growing... it is pretty cool. Most of you must think WHAT? WHAT? I live in the heated desert nothing lives without tender care unless it has scales or cactus spines. The horses are thrilled they just love to graze on the little sprigs starting in the arena. I shuffle through all 6 and let them out each a little bit each couple days. Hopefully this evening it won't rain, but will stay cooled off and my son can get some ride time in. He is really getting into it and riding by himself... will I am a rambling because I don't want to get back to it... Wanted to say Hi! And have a fanatbulouse day!!!


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Halloween Cards

So I came up with these. Lots of different pieces in them. Use them for the front of a card. as a card themselves. Or I thought I might try to cut one of them out of a paper bag on my knk for a luminaria. In any case, have fun let me know what you come up with and if you have any other great ideas. I know the Halloween stuff is early, but I have been inspired lately.

This file is TERMS RESTRICTED. If you download it, it is for your own personal use. Please do not share, alter or claim as your own. Not available for download, but is availabe at Paperthreads.
Don't forget to sign up for the yahoo group at the left. Basically. I am going to flip from posting passwords here to posting them once a week in email format to that group. If you join in the middle of the week you will get the next weeks password.



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Monday, August 13, 2007

Family 2 Mini Album

Another mini album. I have been working on some other files as well. Just been busy and don't have a chance to cut them yet and alot of these Mini Albums I have already cut. This style is by request. These files are terms restricted. you may download them if you understand that they are for your personal use only! This file is no longer available for download, but is available at Paperthreads. HERE.
Okay I think I have almost replied to all the messages I had. If I missed you and you needed something from me, please email me again. I have changed the font color for the posts to make it easier to read.
Also, I am working on the yahoo group to email out passwords. so you will see the link soon to join the "announcement"group. The plan is an email every week with that weeks passwords for download files. It won't be another conversation group, but will give me an opportunity to see who my downloaders are and offer additional discounts, announce sales etc for my Paperthreads store items.
All right folks. Sorry so late in the day! But have a wonderful Tuesday!
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Friday, August 10, 2007

Alaska Mini Album

A requested Mini album. Front comes in a couple layers. For those not interested in the Mini Albums I am working on some other files as well. just trying to make it through the requests for Mini Albums. This is a terms restricted file. If you download the file you agree to my terms that it is for your own personal use. This file is no longer available for download, but will be available at Paperthreads soon!

Feeling somewhat better, have to head to the office again today and cover for our mahvelous receptionist. Also, have to go do some Baby Shower shopping. Wew. My son is only three and I have never heard of some of the things on this list, but hey it works! Whatever works. Dinner last night was wonderful. Nothing like time spent with good friends and chatting and my son being wonderful all at the same time. Well we are almost to the weekend and a very busy one at that. I hope everyone has a wonderful one and lots of great plans. The horses are banging so I better be off to feed them.

pw newday

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Life in General

so I am under the weather, pretending to be a good receptionist in the office while mine is on vacation, helping with the paperthreads server move (please be patient with us) annndddd posting here that I don't think there will be an uploaded today. Just wanted to say Hey! really quick and wish you a great afternoon. Friends of ours want us to come over for dinner. So I am going to medicate and go hang out because I havent seen them in a long time!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Rodeo Mini Album for the Cowboy

Okay I stand corrected I had this in the files waiting for upload. So here is a "TERMS RESTRICTED FILE" for you to download. In downloading this file you are in agreement with my terms. that they are for your personal use only! Please do not share or alter and claim as your own.
No longer available for download, but available for purchase at Paperthreads.
Now I am going back to bed! Please read my previous post today for info about Paperthreads. Enjoy!
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It's Wednesday

Sorry about yesterday. I seem to have caught a bug and spent most of the last two days in bed. My eyes are watering like crazy so it makes it hard to work on the computer. I will see what I can do about getting a file up today or it may be tomorrow.

For those who have emailed me.. Yes there is a kinda maintenance going on at Paperthreads. Michelle moved us to a new server.. woohooo.. so for your viewing pleasure the pages should load lots and lots quicker over there! And with that, some of the files I have been emailed about should be up in the store in a little bit. Uploads to the store slowed down while we were in transition. So the forum is still going through some tweaking and some things in the store, but all in all we will all be happy when it gets all done.

Okay I am back to bed. I have to be rested to get my son to his last swim lesson today. Wew!

Enjoy your day and thanks for stopping by!


Monday, August 6, 2007

My Hero Mini Album

All right it is Monday and Here it is.... My next download. Another whole word book or mini album with a twist.. A round twist and a cut out to put your favorite Heroes picture. My hero in life is my husband. Who he is, what he stands forand what he means to me makes him my hero. Without him my world would be much different. Therefore I am blessed to have him in it.

Here is the TOU for the "TERMS RESTRICTED FILE" I am offering. These files are no longer free. I am offering them to you with the restrictions that they are for your very own personal use. If you feel you are unableto follow this guideline, please do not download them. Please remember that this is one of the ways I support my familyby creating files for sale for a few dollars a piece. Thank you for following these guidelines. This file hit its mark for downloads and has been taken down it will be up at the Paperthreads Store Soon.

So today I will be in the office all day and my son gets to play with his Nana. I am not sure how much coorespondence I have to do, but I have a ton of checkmarked email that I need to go through and follow up on. So if I didnt reply to you. I am definitelytrying to catch up.

I got my KNK to work. Woohoo! After a few hours of playing I am finally past the drawing stage. This thing is a beast but I love it. I have a bday party on Friday I need to go to for 3 people. So I am going to be cutting my birthday cards. and thank goodness I didn'twait til Thursday pm to try to do it. Which is my usual.

I spent some serious time working on my craft room this weekend. It is a mess. Alot of hobbies I really don't focus on anymore. So Iam cleaning things out and will see if I can drop them off at the local white elephant or a charity for the retirement communitydown the road that takes crafting stuff for those on a fixed income. Will have to look and see what I can find. Felt good to clean somethings out. However, paper... I have paper in every nook and cranny so I need to go through it and see what I can organize and clean up. Luckily my in-laws redid there kitchen when we built our "barn" which has a craft room in one end and the tack room and tool room in the other end. So I got all kinds of kitchen cabinets for my room of crafting. It is wonderful to have so much room. So when I get some things organizedI will take pictures and post them.
I got a few posts of things people did this past weekend...
Updates on some of my downloaders who got some time to craft...

Margaret told me she used one of my files for a layout.The Sting of the Bat.I like the layout alot. I like the simple colors and really make the pictures and the Sting of the Bat file pop out on the page. I am so glad it was sent to me.. Thank you!!!

Dana emailed me and told me she did some cleaning up and picking up of her craft area like I did.

Vicki also sent me a note that she didn't cut any of my files, but sent me some beautiful tag images she worked on. Thank you for sharing.

And did you see the April Showers layout on the left of my blog pretty close to the top. Christina sent it to me saying it was her beginnings at scrapbooking. Well I think that is a fantastic beginning. Fantastic!

Wonderful. Glad some of us got some crafting done!

And a ps. I took off the login for the comments. So those who don't have a google account can post. I just ask that you post your name with your comments please or your yahoo user name etc. Thanks. We'll try it this way and see if this has all cleared.

In any case... Have a wonderful evening!


pw newday

It's a brand new day!!

Okey Doke. there should be a file later today.
However, I am at the office today and filling in for our vacationing Office Administrator. Soooo it will have to be later today!


Sunday, August 5, 2007

A round of thank youssss

First off a Round of Thank yous to my downloaders and their touching emails and comments.

2nd off. Thank you to my fellow designers at Paperthreads. They really have spent alot of time this weekend chatting me through this and decisions and what to do.

3rd - A PUBLIC Thank you... and some of you may think I am crazy.. But I a public thank you to the two ladies who for one sent out my file and the other forwarded the thanks to a wrong group and started this whole mess. A Public thank you for sending me an Apology. I was pleasantly surprised when I received it and didn't think I would.

4th - A thank you to the groups moderator for helping to work with me on this matter. Yes I had started contacting some groups asking for help. I also want to say that it isn't the groups error that it was sent to... it is the sender that violates the terms. I have removed their name from my post and let you know that the groups owner it was sent through is a very helpful and positive person and very knowledgeable about copyright and commented that they discuss it regularly. It is unfortunate this post went through that group, but it has been removed from the archives of that group and also from my blog.

Now lets get back to crafting and having fun! Oh yeah. Okay I need to get this KNK cutting and not just drawing... I am soooo good at the drawing. I am afraid to put the blade to the paper and retire my trusty CR.

There will be some changes happening at my blog and I will not be abandoning it. I will keep you posted. But otherwise .. enjoy.. the rest of your weekend!


Please be aware that the yahoo group this item was posted to has contacted me and is frustrated that their group has been seen in a negative light. I will be the first to say. I don't think it is the group that violated the TOUs. It is the downloader who passed it on. I have removed the name of the group from my blog as after getting all the details and speaking with the person who answers the Owner emails I absolutely in no way feel it is the groups fault. I am sure it is a wonderful group of people who are based on a crafting business and would like to emphasize that it is the downloader who is the violator and not the group. Please keep that in mind.
Okay so for those who have read the comments from Anonymous and are way concerned. Don't worry. I find it way laughable. I read it and think... hmm.. seriously I was irritated for like two minutes and now one of the 14 women I didnt know about or the original sender is irritated. well good that is one heck of an emotion.

I guess I will not be offering Freebies anymore I will be offering Terms Restricted files. hence not meaning the terms are a freebie but that they are restricted and limited.

And as for all my super fantastic downloaders who took their precious time away from their families and lives ....oh and the "cure for cancer" to give me some positive feedback. Thank you as always your honor, appreciation and respect motivate me.

The biggest change you may see in my blog is you cannot post anonymously. My apologies ... this bums me out because I know it is a pain to join every thing on the internet. But if you are gonna make a comment of any kind. You should be able to post your name, if not welcome to the chicken farm.

now let's get past the drama and I am seriously looking into a subscriber list for the passwords. This would enable me to offer my downloaders so many extra things as well. I am way excited about this. Lemons to Lemonades.

So a real boost to the blog to get past the drama and BS are...... some layouts of my files. I am gonna look through my emails I have received and see if there are any pictures to post. Anyone have any. I find these are great pick me ups and incentives to be creative and keeping creating.
So anyone with a few layouts laying around from my files that you havent seen me post. remind me about it or send me the pictures. Or if you aren't working with one of my files... Then what did you do in your craft space this weeked that was positive and fun...

HERE is the link to email me.

Enjoy Folks. Have a wonderful weekend and what a fantastic group of people we have here!!!

Again a disclaimer.. this blog is definitely not the cure for cancer... but hopefully the cure for the common frown or an unused cutter. (bahahahahahah.. as my friend Lori says.. she always adds a B. I usually do it hahahah.. makes me wonder what her real life laugh sounds like. :) )


Saturday, August 4, 2007

Time to think.....

[Fwd: [group name removed] Re: [HulaHut] Chris blog - Hawaii map]

> Thank you!
> On 8/1/07, wrote:
> Hi gals,
> As promised, attached is the Hawaii map from Chris today :)
> name removed :)


But I left the smiley face in after the persons name. Glad the person was so happy to share my hard work.
Well folks this was sent to me from a yahoo group. Not the first time. Someone has sent something to my attention. I have a lot of thinking about what to do.If you are reading this and you know you typed it. I removed your email address and name out of respect for your privacy. I have a feeling many people would not be to happy and would like to send you emails asking why you can't follow TOUs that are stated with every single download file. Every day. Especially since I have seen your name listed on a few of the cutter groups as well. Where people don't even pass out my password, but send people back to my blog to get it.

So on that note. I may need to figure out a new way to run my blog. This was not sent to a cutter group By the way, but yes a yahoo group. And thank you to the person who sent it to me out of respect for me, my files and my terms. Your honor will be forever respected.

My question is if I sign up with Constant Contact and send out the password weekly to a subscriber email list... this is a service I will have to pay for. Is this something people would be willing to do? I would just email out the password for the weeks files. Just trying to get a feel and an idea for what to do or not to do anymore. (Okay... so an update.. some confusion.. In giving my files away I would maintain a list with Constant Contact and pay the fees myself. I would not pass it onto those here. I would pay for it with my sales at Paperthreads. I just am wondering how many would consider even subscribing to get the password to download. Not to incur a cost. Just wanted to clear that up real quick with all the wonderful comments I am receiving. Thank you)

Or the other thought given to me is just to post the entire verbage her name and all and leave it at that. . There must not be a problem sharing her name much like the willingness to share my file. This is the less work for me, but not really my style. Any thoughts on this?

I have to say I started this blog in February and I love run it. I love the contact with everyone and the requests and doing something I love. This however is becoming a much more common thing. Which is inherent with running a blog of this nature. Sharing with one person is against the terms, but wow. I have listed my Terms of Use every day. and also offered it in pdf format.

I am off to think. Your thoughts are appreciated. and if anyone has a different avenue that I might take please let me know. I would really rather not shut down.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Thanks for stopping by even tho' I am not normally here on the weekends.

PS If you have read this and know the post came from you and have anything to say. Or if you are the owner of this group and want to email. please do so. I look forward to hearing from you.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Batty Halloween .... first .ai freebie file

NEW WPC FILE IS UP! I HAVE FIGURED OUT THE PROBLEM, I THINK! WOOHOO!! This file is no longer available, but may be purchased from Paperthreads soon.

Okay.. so a little ahead of the holidays, but I was working on some Halloween items and thought I would share. There is a bat border. and a bat card front. This piece is just a square with the bat cut outs. So you can use it on a scrapbook layout or cut it and paste it on a card so the color shows through the bats. and a couple extra bats for embellishment.

I am still working on all the wordbooks and keeping an eye on my blog visits. So when we hit 100,000. I can mark the following day with a celebration!!! Which means lots of files to you!!

Okay and as for downloads. Tell everyone who wants to know and has asked me repeatedly... Today is my first day offering the.. This file is no longer available, but may be purchased from Paperthreads soon.
. So here are the download links. I will have to review how many files get downloaded from each. It seems the .ai file can be used for Mac users, Illustrator users and others. So it will be interesting to see how many downloads it gets.

If you ever feel like you have a question, just email me and I will try to get to all of the emails. One of the email request I don't get to very often are.. I missed the file.. I totaled up all the requests for people who missed the file from the last 25 days ... 422 requests for various files that people missed. I apologize if you missed it. If I spent the time filling all the requests. I wouldn't get another file up. I am not trying to be rude or uncaring. If you missed one, please consider purchasing it at Paperthreads. I had a huge sale in June and will probably have another one before the end of the year, but I havent nailed it down as to when. If you don't get a response to your missed file request this is why. Please keep visiting. I try to be regular about my downloads and only let life and family interfere.

on to happier thoughts... Today is Friday!! Thank gooodnesssss. I am ready for the weekend. Lots of fun things to do. We are supporting a local neighbor girl with her 4-h pig project. So we are going with her to pick out a pig to take to all the fairs which we are purchasing. Pretty Cool. I think 4-H is phenomenal and teachs responsibility. Some may not agree, but I grew up on a farm in Wisconsin with the love of it, and I think it is a wonderful organization.

Oh any My Nan many have asked about... is going through Chemo and seems to be holding her own. And my MIL is home right now and learning how to deal with the life after having heart 4x bypass surgery and a pacemaker put in. Thank you to everyone for their positive thoughts. and prayers.

Sunday a.m. my hubby is golfing... so that means... Sunday p.m. is my crafting afternoon. Woooohooo! I have some new organization things to hang in my craft room. I bought a magnetic tool bar to put some of my tools on and a few other things. I am getting a new cabinet so I need to get in there and clean the place out and get it organized again. It seems to go through phases. organized and then a mess and the cycle continues! so I am looking forward to getting out there. I cut files constantly, but to just have an afternoon truly in the craft room. to cut some fun projects and clean it up etc that is awesome. And I am looking forward to it. I hope everyone gets some time to be crafty this weekend. I would love any pictures of my files you create! I am going to try to post them on my blog more often in the left bar. so if you have any send them my way!!



enjoylife is the pw

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Hawaii Book

Howdy to everyone!! So Michelle over at Paperthreads commented that she got the feedback that someone "heard about it from Chris" I LOVE IT! I think she was probably surprised! So thank you to those who put it in the comment section. I love to keep them hopping over there at Paperthreads.

So on to bigger and great things.... So here is a heads up for you!! My blog numbers as of last night since the start of my blog in February are 94,012 Page Visits and 156,662 Page Views. I think this is worth a celebration!! So the day after we hit the 100,000 mark I am going to see what I can about hitting multiple files. So keep an eye out for it. I am excited about this... I will have to get to working on the files and quick. Because before I know it I will be here. On average I run about 7% new visitors consistently on my site that is awesome! So thank you to everyone who passed on my blog and links to it to others, groups, websites and on their own blogs.

Another big news for me! I have my commercial policy coming in the store. If you would like to read more about it, you can find it listed HERE. I have all my terms listed here for personal and commercial. For those who sell the cut projects from my files commercially, I will list your information on my main website HERE. I will do what I can to support those who support me. If you have any questions, email me.

Also on the Cutter policy page is the file Cutter Catalog. In this file are my policies, but also are a listing of my files. So you can flip through after the next challenge and see which ones you are missing and which ones you wantto win. Or you can use it as an index for my files. It can be downloaded here.

So there is lots and lots of news... Here is the download for today. The Hawaii book to go with the Hawaii Map and I included a hibiscus. This file is no longer available, but will be for sale at Paperthreads soon. Please do not share, alter or claim as your own. These are for your personal use!
Thanks to Jen for posting for me in a yahoo group and to Jamie for your ever positive words about my files in the groups!
Oh and I apologize to those who think my post yesterday was Shameless!! Everyone who reads my blog by now must know I am begging with a goofy grin on my face!! I just want everyone to enjoy their cutters...
Oh and hey did you visit Lori's blog yesterday? She had some seriously sweet shopping places for the web listed. I checked them out. Pretty Cool. Can't pass up a good deal!



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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Hawaiian Map

Here I am! My apologies about yesterday. I was working on a webpage for a cause near and dear to my heart and that is for the Foundation for Colton's Friends. I gotta say creating webpages in dreamweaver and uploading is not as easy as running this blog. So it still needs lots of work, but it is up there. I have a meeting of the board today and hopefully there are a bunch more children we can help out. if you want to check it out here is the link

Now for the download. So I am working away on all these books!!! Wow lots of requests, but I love it. While making requests other ideas came up. There are lots and lots of Hawaii files posted out there for sale and for free. I generally stay away from the topics that are sooo well covered, but this was my add to the topic. It is a map of Hawaii. I don't want to corrupt the detail of the map so I wouldn't cut it to small because it has lots of detail in it. The words are all seperate and you can use them as page headers or as part of the map. I hope this is a different style of the typical Hawaii file. And then I have the Hawaii book coming up with a hibiscus flower on it. So these files are for your personal use only! Please do not share or alter and claim as your own. Downloading the file is an acceptance of these terms. This file is no longer available for free download, but will be available at Paperthreads soon.

On to other things.... I think by the end of the week I should have over 100 files up in the store and with that I have come up with a commercial policy. I will be posting the details on my main site and also a link to them here. This is for those crafters who have decided they want to sell my files in cut form. This is not for the actual digital file. It will be item number CD00100 in the store. I have lots of requests for this and I will do whatever I can to support and help those who would like to go into this venture with me.

So the BIND-IT-ALL gadget. I really love this machine and would love to have one for myself, but I think it will probably end up on my Christmas wish list. I have purchased alot of machinery this year and my husband hasn't batted an eyelash about it. So I don't want to push the limits. But over at Paperthreads Michelle is offering this super cute file with the purchase of the bind it all. Simple Critter Stacks. I just wanted to share because they are for sale everywhere, but when I saw these files I thought.. okay .. yes I really want this machine and the file... so for anyone thinking about it.. Check out Paperthreads for the Bind-It-All.

It also features Free Shipping according to this Thread at the forum.. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

And so if you decide to purchase one, put in the special comments section... I heard about it from Chris... hahah. Lets see what Michelle thinks about that! I probably drive them crazy over there with my blog. When I asked everyone to post reviews for me there were a ton of them! Michelle had to skip on over here to my blog to see what was going on. Thank you to everyone for that!

Also, if there are some Creative Team members checking my blog, which I believe Susie McCormick is because I have gotten comments from her. WELCOME TO THE PAPERTHREADS CREATIVE TEAM. How phenomenal is that! I am so excited to see what these ladies come up with.

And for another Paperthreads comment... If you were thinking of buying a file... I beg of you do it soon!! The bestseller list has been cleared at the store so I look like I have no bestsellers. I should have lots of new files up in the store over the next couple weeks. If I could think of a way to track who bought something to populate it first.. I WOULD.. but I give everything away here!! Think about it.. you would be reducing my anxiety that I will never sell another file again and not have a bestseller. hahaha. okay so that was way melodramatic and over the top for me. hahaha.... my normal side would say... if you think about it and are going to, please do so. My nerves would appreciate it! My portion of the store at Paperthreads.

Well my horses are banging their feeders I better run and drop some food in them before they wake up everyone within a mile radius! Have a wonderful day! Oh and the picture of the texas sage from my patio. The rain the rain. it has been raining here like crazy and therefore the texas sage on my front patio has popped with bright purple flowers.



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