Monday, July 30, 2007

Family Whole Word Book

another whole word book. I have quite a list of these requested. So I will work my way through them. Also, I have some other files to mix in as well. So real quick as it is Monday and payroll day so I am headed to the office. This file is for your personal use. Please do not share or alter or clam as your own. This file is available at Paperthreads for sale HERE. Enjoy!
enjoylife is the pw

Friday, July 27, 2007

Rodeo Whole Word Book, Cowgirl

Okay so here is another book. I have a few files I am working on to mix and match in between the books. Thank you for all the great requests. I have lots of them in the works.

This files come with a barrel racer cut out. you can put on the front or on the inside or not use. This book has the mat for the word attached to the front page and you have to cut out the letters and attach them to get this look. Included is an area on the front for a journaling strip (box included) that you can put the name of the rodeo, the date, or the contestant. Also, is the setup for the blank pages you can use to make your rodeo book as thick or as thin as you'd like it to be. I constantly get requests for horse files. So I hope someone likes this. This files is for personal use! Please do not share, alter or claim as your own. This download is no longer available, but is available for purchase at Paperthreads HERE.

A few other things.....

Many people request fonts names. Honestly, I have so many fonts and so many that I use. I use a font viewer. Flip through them to see if there is one I like and then put it into Illustrator and create outlines. Then it isn't even a font anymore. I am usually about 5 files ahead of what I am offering (other then test cutting) and can never remember what the font is. My apologies. This may drive some people crazy, but if I kept all my fonts on my computer it was would be the slowest machine ever! Sometimes I can remember which font it is but don't know which version or style. And some I have altered so much it would be hard to say yes this is font because I work with it as an image and tweak and tweak and sometimes stenciling 'til I get it where I want. Again my apologies.


The weekend is almost here woohoo! It will be a busy one. Baby Shower for my sister. Seeing long distance relatives and visiting friends who live up the road from us. I look forward to it, but am ready for a slight slow down. I am not sure that will happen. Insomnia last night so I worked on a lot of files which is good for you guys, but not great for my concentration today. Craziness. Tonight we see my inlaws and are going to hear a live band at their club, eat dinner and dance a little. The hubby and I love to dance! In fact we met on the dance floor. Our son loves to dance to. He is always bouncing around when he hears a beat.

If you have made it this far, I am going to have change my passwords around a bit. So keep an eye on it. So this one changed today before you click the link and head over and get it.

Well I better get a move on.



password is enjoylife

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Life in General...

So I have appointments today and haven't had the chance to test cut some files. So not thinking there will be a download today. I will leave yesterdays up for a little bit longer so downloaders can get the adjusted wpc file.

So on to a few other things...

First off.. I was asked for an MP3 player or if I knew where there is one. Well my friend Lori has a design of one posted on her blog today. Check it out.

I like all the suggestions for the new style of word book and should have all the requests out in the next week or so. If you have a request, post it, and I will see what I can do to fill it. I like that one comment suggested it to be great for a children's scrapbook to have their own. My son has his own table in my craft room. He paints, glues, glitters all the scraps I place on his table. He loves it and smiles from ear to ear when he is working over there. Luckily we have a hose right outside which is great for washing off all the glue, paint and glitter.
I got the suggestion of New Mexico. I would say add the word New to the current Mexico book on the outside and I think it is covered. Hopefully that helps and you are on your way and I don't have to think of a different way to spell Mexico. hahaha. I think you can even use the pepper on it. We drove through NM one time and stopped at McDonald's and they had Roasted Green Chiles on the menu. Man what a delicious burger!! loved it.

The following picture was sent to me from Tippi. Thank you Tippi for sharing. I love that it is a girl's page and it is blue. My sister is having a baby girl and she is already feeling inundated with pink and purple. She and I are both Tom Boys and the pink can be a bit overwhelming. She is getting used to it, but I thought I will hae to show her this one... It is blue and love it. ! Thank you again for sharing Tippi. The file Pitching Princess was a download, but is now at Paperthreads for sale.

I was wondering through the gallery over at Paperthreads looking at everyone's great work and came across this. I know I have seen it before, but I didn't know if I shared it here or not. I like the bright pink and white colors of it. (see I have nothing against pink). But it is a super cute word book created. It is by KMBURK and it is Caitlyn's Name Book. Here is the link to kmburk's gallery. I just wanted to share..

Okay I better run.. The horses need feeding as well as my son as he sits here patiently waiting for me to post so he can have breakfast when I am done.

And yes there was a new password yesterday. I think many must have realized that because there were lots of downloads.



Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Mexico Word Book

PLEASE BE AWARE IT IS 4 pm in TUCSON and I have just uploaded a new front for the .wpc version of the file. The original one wasn't working right. There is a number2 at the end of the new version. My apologies for the file screw up.

So this is what I came up with for an easier book to cut then your typical word book. And I have quite a few more that I have created. I am working on lots of my own holiday gifts and will share them here in case anyone else can use them and this is one of them.

So this is the word Mexico in a rectangular book. The word Mexico cuts on all the first page and I included a blank page for the rest of the box. you can cut as many or as few extra pages as you'd like. Also, their is a journaling block included on the bottom for adding your own personal note. I will take comments for any other places you would like me to make. Preferrably one word and not to many letters and I will try to get them done and posted for those who would like to create them for the holidays gift season. This style of book is a little easier to do and I notice has alot more room for pictures and journaling on them. I hope everyone likes them. This file is for your own individual personal use! Please do not gift it to anyone, save it for anyone or claim it as your own. This download is no longer available, but is available at Paperthreads here. This download is set up a little differently. It will open to a folder and you can download the files you need. There are two for each set. One has the front page of the book and the other has the blank page, Jalapeno and the journaling square. Make sure you get them both.

Blowing Bubbles

This layout was sent to me by Karen. A quick turnaround of one of my download files. I love it!! Thank you for sharing Karen. Seeing my files cut and in layout form just really adds to my day!

Create N Cut... So I have been sent a few emails about offering FS files for the Create N Cut Software. I currently do not own it. If I get to the point where I can purchase it and start offering those files also. I will do so. But for now. This is what I have to offer. But I have been reading into it lots lately and trying to figure if I should set up my Mac Station for Create N Cut


password is summerfun

Best Buds, Hippo .. Monkey

Okay so this is a compilation of two requests. One I found on the Paperhtreads forum for a dancing hippo and the other was for this cute little monkey that originally had all been hand cut. I thought they would fit together perfectly. and thank you to both the requestee. This was a fun fun project to working on.

Thinking you could add a piece of lace to the hippo for a tutu.

I have to run to gymnastics with my son and then we will be back to upload all the links for the download. Just wanted to show you what was in store for today. THIS FILE LINK IS HERE. PLEASE READ FURTHER DOWN.

Something awesome... I have 98 files in the store!! Woohoo I have almost hit the 100 mark. So by the end of the month I should be there. Since I started this in the middle of February, I am shocked and amazed that it is going so well and my download numbers and web visits are still going so well.

These are for your personal use only. Please do not share or alter or claim as your own. This file is no longer available for download, but is available at the Paperthreads store HERE. Well more later my son is doing tumbles in the living room waiting to head out.


pw is laketrip

Monday, July 23, 2007

Pickin' Daisies

Okay the comment below is the inspiration for this file. I just love this story and had to share. Thank you Heather for sharing...

Chris,I love your cutter files. You always seem to have such great ideas. Your little boy looks about the same age as my son, they look similar also. My son Ben is 2 1/2 and always seems to be into something he shouldn't. The other day I went out to my flower bed and I noticed he and his sister were giggling about something and I looked and they had picked the last of my remaining flowers. They were making me a bouquet out of my Gerber Daisys, Hollyhocks and Coreopsis. My husband took pictures of the kids with the last remaining flowers from my garden. The deer had eaten everything else except for the Gerber Daisys. I lost all of my hostas, phlox, roses and just about everything to the deer. My 4 year old daughter Katherine informed me that Ben and her were "saving" the flowers from the deer. She let me know that the "rotten deer" (my words repeated) would not be able to eat the rest of the flowers because Ben "saved" them for me. Would it be possible for you to create a Gerber Daisy file or other flowers? ........ Thank you Chris - your creations are always so beautiful. Heather

Okay so cute cute story. Anyways. Here is the download. Same terms as usual apply. For your personal use only. The flowers all come apart so you can make them any color you'd like and use the background piece or not. No sharing or altering or claiming as your own. This file is no longer available for download, but is available at Paperthreads HERE.


pw is laketrip. AND WE MADE TO THE LAKE> wooohoo! We went with some friends. Had a wonderful time and bounced around on the tube. My son isn't as burnt as the hubby and I thank goodness. I have come to the conclusion that the spray on sunblocks don't work as well for us as the lotions. they seem to just rub off. or maybe your supposed to wait for it to dry before you push someone in the lake. whoo knows.. I do know I look like a lobster. wew!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Blowing Bubbles

So here is the picture that inspired this File. This is one of my Uncles in Wisconsin on our last visit. Bubbles just bring out the kids in all of us. Hope as adults life isn't so fast and so stuffy that you don't have time to blow bubbles.. even if it's just in your soda!

This file is for personal use only! Please do not share or alter and claim as your own.
(I will upload the links in the morning. I had a chance so I thought I would post and then tomorrow add the links when I have a few more minutes. As for now I am feeling very sleepy.) (It is morning now and I got the links up!! WOohooo!!) This file is no longer available for free download, but may be purchased at Papertreads.. HERE.

To request a file you can post in the comments section of any of my blog. I moderate the posts so they hit my personal email box and then I can read them and add them to the list and add them to the blog. So if your comment doesn't post right away.. it's coming I just get to read it first.

KNK Files now in the Store.
Michelle has assured me that
almost all my files with the exception of Skate Party are
in KNK version. So I have a few files for sale in the store that are
for sale this month. So if you want to purchase some of the files
You now will get the KNK file included
All my files at Paperthreads will have the WPC, KNK, GSD and AI files
My current sale files at Paperthreads.
The verbage in the descriptions is slowing being changed over to include
KNK. But Michelle has assured me that most of my files are now inclusive
of the KNK file with the exception of Skate Party.

These file numbers
are the last to be uploaded. So if you purchase one of these before they
get updated for the KNK let me know.
CD00005, CD00017, CD00026
CD00034, CD00035
I will be gone tomorrow. So slow to respond to email this weekend,
but will get back to anyone
who has questions!
pw is laketrip

Symbols of Faith

Here is another request. Please do not share or alter and claim as your own. Downloading the file is an acceptance of these terms.
This file is no longer available as a freebie, but will be available at Paperthreads soon.
Okay and so here is the winning layout for Joni and the link to get to it!! Check it out. She used my Monkeyin Around file and won! Joni wrote: " We were all given exactly the same kit, 2 sheets of paper, 2 buttons, little piece of ribbon, 1 eyelet and 1 tag and had to make whatever theme we wanted. When I saw the stripes I thought of monkey's and remembered your title. "

Thanks Joni for sharing I love to see the layouts that are made with my files and even better when they win!! Congratulations.


Joni's Layout!

same pw as last post

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Words of Faith

Woooohooo! I am making it through my pile of requests. So hopefully others can use them as well. I have an excel file that I work my way through and I have 223 line items on it for requests.Wew! So if you email me a request. I will get it to it. I will try with all my might!
Someone requested the animals for visiting Wild Kingdom. I did those already and they are in the store at Paperthreads. I am fresh out of ideas for more of those.. so check them out HERE. And see if they are what you are looking for. Also, you can buy all the files in one pack or buy them all individually through paperthreads. Here is the image for the bunch of them. I am most impressed with this file because on the list of Bestsellers which includes all the designers at Paperthreads it was first most of last month! And currently it is still running second on the list of all the designers! Woohooo!! Thank you to everyone who purchased the whole set. It was probably one of my most fun collections to work on and everyone was so inspiring with their ideas! Thank you thank you.

This Words of Faith file is for your download use on your personal computer on your own personal projects! Please no sharing or altering and claiming as your own. Or just claiming as your own. Each of these words cut in one piece. I didn't include any mats, but left them simple and clean. I hope they are what was being looked for. This file has expired and will be available at Paperthreads soon.
I have tons and tons to do today this is why this download is early in the day. Well, I couldnt sleep last night either so I got a lot of files to the halfway mark before I offer them as freebies.
And wooooopsss Congrat to all of those who realized I missed taking the download down for Sting of the Bat file. It had a ton a ton of downloads! I forget sometimes. There is another one in my blog that I never took down either. You'd have to search through the posts to find it. But it has to do with my friend Lori. And have you checked out her blog at all. (HERE) She has great reviews on a few of her shopping finds! I consider her my personal scrapbook shopper. I just don't have time to peruse the stores or the internet for scrapbooking finds. I just let her do it for me. hahaaha. I am sure she lovessss that. Well visit and see what she has to say.
Otherwise as always....
pw is laketrip

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

3 Blind Mice

This was a request I got a while ago. I am running way behind on some of my requests. But I thought I would share it here in case anyone can use it. The Two mouses on the left actually are layered on top of eachother with the bottom of the number three in between this makes the tails look like they wrap around the number three. So these are for your personal use! Please do not download unless you plan to follow the terms. Downloading is an acceptance that these files are for your own personal use. not to be shared with others, altered or claimed as your own. This file has expired and will be available at Paperthreads soon.
So on to life. I took my son to open gymnastics for toddlers today there open gym hour. He loves it! Loves to run! Love to tumble! He gets to run across the trampoline, swing on the parallel bar, jump on the spring board and land on a big foam box. It is wonderful to watch him smile. I took some pics and when I get a chance I will throw a few up here. So for now I must run and do some laundry and get some things together for the slight possibility we will be hitting the lake this weekend for the day. Wooohoo! We'll see how it all plays out.
new pw is laketrip

Monday, July 16, 2007

Words of Life

I just call this words of life for lack of something better to call it. I get asked quite often to help people with just a word and merging it. So here is a pack of a few words. Terms of Use are for your personal use only! Please do not share or claim as your own. Downloading this file shows you are in acceptance of these terms! Available at Paperthreads for Sale! Soon!

Now for life... so today was my son's first swim lesson for this year. We have been to busy previously. He loved it and jumped right in the pool. He had the same teacher as last year and she remembered him. He was excited because he remembers her .... We have a yearly scrapbook and in the pictures of swim class she is right there forever mortalized as someone who made it into the Durnan life in 2006. So now she will be in 2007 also. haha.

So... Joni sent me a picture of the file Monkeyin' Around that she won a contest with.. Soon as she says it is okay I will post the link to her lss and her winning moment!! Woohoo!!

So I have been so intermitent over the last few weeks because I was changing all my files at Paperthreads. So now all of them will include the KNK and the WPC version of my files. So that is exciting to me! Alot of hard work, but glad that I only have a few files left to convert. As soon as Michelle, the owner of Paperthreads, gets a chance they will all be reloaded with the new zip files.

Also, a bunch of my more recent files will be uploaded to the store. I had a hard time coming up with verbage for them while we were spending time at the hospital just couldnt get my head clear enough to do it. So there will be lots of files coming to the store at Paperthreads in the next couple weeks.

Word Comparison chart.................Okay now for my terminology project... In Illustrator the term for linking letters together to cut as one piece is Merge and it can be found in the Pathfinder Window. What is the term in the other programs?? Please post the program and the term used for this function under the comments here. thank you to everyone participating.

So everyone have a wonderful evening! Sorry so late in the day, but I made it in just barely.



pw is grandpa

Saturday, July 14, 2007

... Word comparison chart.

I am off with the family today to hang out and watch some horses run around... Have a wonderful day! Enjoy!.

********** The Word Comparison Project *********

Okay.... so lets start with a simple one for my "word" comparison chart for the different programs. Please post to the comments here and what the word is and maybe the location of it in the program... lets start with an easy one...

I am looking for the word for a dashed line sometimes used for cutting little cuts in a project for a fold. ... so in the following programs it is ..

Adobe Illustrator.... Dashed Line (found in the Stroke Pallette)
KNK Studio ... Pounce (found?)
Create & Cute
Robo Master
Win PC
Any others anyone wants to add? that they use??

Thanks for everyones help in getting this organized.

Friday, July 13, 2007


Well I think I have run out of time during the day to get a freebie out. My apologies! I have some files that I have been working on, but thought I would get the chance to cut and haven't made it to the craft room yet. Sunday I will have some time to get things organized and get back on track. Thanks for hanging in there with me. So for now I am going to Say... HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEKEND!! and of course...Enjoy! Chris


For those looking.. I am trying to get a freebie out later today! but for now.. here are my ramblings...
So I was flipping through some pictures on the camera getting ready to upload some to the Ceiva at my Dad's house in Wisconsin. Love that thing! Keeps us feeling a little closer when we can add pictures to it right away. My Dad is not a computer user. Has one sitting at his house. But not in use at all. So we got him a Ceiva picture frame last year for christmas. Me and my siblings and we split the costs and we each have our own set number of images we can trade out and keep up on it. I use it probably once a week if not more. Then my Dad calls and talks to my son about what is happening in the pictures. It is wonderful!
Okay so while looking through pics I pulled these off the camera. I took them other night when we were rushing to get the waterers full because the well was working for a short amount of time. These are our horses. Hope you like.

The first one is our youngest two and the troublemakers of the bunch. The one on the left is licking her lips. The water was coming from the buttom of the pump so these two were getting cold water. So they were sinking there noses in the water and swishing it around and then pulling there heads out and blowing water out their noses. I couldn't get them in action, but I did get the Bay sticking her tongue out. Little trivia tip. Did you know that horses can't breathe out of their mouths like we would if our noses were plugged. The paint horse on the right got bit by a rattlesnake right in the middle of the nose a few summers ago and we had to cram cut up garden hose up his nose so he could breathe 'til the vet got here and could reduce some of the swelling. Vet said we were quick to act or he wouldn't have made it because his whole head swelled. Pretty stressful situation, but after many shots he made it. And is definitely our biggest troublemaker.

The second picture is our resident ex-race horse. Zapatro. I affectionately call Zip. My son loves to hang out with the horses and Zip loves to be rubbed on the face. He has a stifle problem so he was pulled off the track and converted to a riding horse. He is our friends horse, but while they live here they are part of our family and our son tells everyone that he is his. This is a long way down for this horse to reach for a pet. he is tall. I can't see over his back without getting up on my toes.

I'll share some more later. My son is ready to take on the day this morning so I better get to it. Friends of ours stopped by last night and I opened my mouth and invited everyone over for a poker game. This would be great lots of fun. Except I am the only one who doesn't know how to play poker. And I told them we weren't playing for money just M&Ms. So we'll see how many I lose or eat whatever the moment may call for. So now I have to think .. what makes good poker food? Just quick munchies not dinner style. Anyone have any input let me know. I have to run to the store later today to get something.


PS in working with the new knk software I have talked to quite a few people. I think there needs to be an excel file of words and what they mean in all the functioning programs. I am wondering if I can work on it through my blog. Through out a word a day in one program and see what we can come up with as the same word in other programs.. For instance... Pounce in KNK is a dashed line in Illustrator is a "kiss cut"(I think) in wpc and I can't remember off the top of my head what it is in Craft Robo and have no idea what it is in the C&C software or inkscape. this being the case I am thinking about accumulating these words and offering an excel file to anyone who wants it for help in traipsing back and forth between programs. These are just thoughts...

Thursday, July 12, 2007


So here is todays download. I was asked for a pack of keys. So here are some for everyone. I thought if someone needed them then maybe more then one did. My Terms of Use. If you download these files they are for your personal use only! This file is no longer available for freebie download, but will be available at Paperthreads for sale.
Okay so the well is fixed. wooohooo. This makes me super happy. Very stressful to not have water running.
Okay so I am in a creative slump. I need some ideas of what things people are looking for. I think it might be the heat or just that so many things have happened recently. I need some new creative juices and I am hoping those out there have some to offer. If you have some ideas. post some comments here so I can get back into the swing of things. And let me say in advance thank you for any help you might give.
pw is grandpa


I am here. just running way behind. our well went out and so I had to worry about horses all day. 6 of them. not having enough water in the heat. which made me sick from being out in the record heat getting them water. If anyone has been to Arizona during monsoon season. You seriously feel like you can't move because it is over 100 and there is humidity also until that storm breaks. The storm breaks and you just want to stand out in the rain, but for fear of lightening. I just stood under my tin roof patio and listened to it rain and try to chug water and get my equilibrium back.

So for today I will try my darndest to get a new file uploaded! Thank you to everone for their support.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Updated 2:26 pm Tucson TimeOkay so I was flipping through a magazine for scrapbooking with my sister and she commented that she wanted to buy this punch and I thought hmmm. I could make those on my cutter. So this will be the download for today. I have to run to the airport real quick, but when I get back I will upload the download links. Just wanted to pop up with the file that is coming. I will probably make a few more for my sister, but these were my first attempt. So I thought I would share with you.

More later...

Here it is later.. pw is grandpa . And how exciting here is my first KNK freebie file download!! Wooohooo I am excited... Now for my moment to Rant a little. I hate to do this because I like this to be a happy blog.. so let me say my apologies first to those who this doesn't apply to.
These files are for your personal use. They are not for sharing.. some people don't get this... In fact I had someone email me my file saying someone else had sent it to them and they wanted to ask me a question about it. .. hmm that would be sharing. If you missed a file, please consider purchasing it. I offer every single one of my files that I sell for free for a limited time. I think it is fair that if you missed one and really want it. Consider purchasing it from me at Paperthreads. Am I whining?? I might be?? because I recently found one of my files posted on a board with my information deleted from the file. I won't go into who what when where and why, but please realize that if you download a file. It means your are in acceptance of my terms and that is to not share or claim as your own and/or alter and claim as your own. It is for your own individual personal use. This file is no longer available, but will be available for purchase at Paperthreads. that's it for me. hope everyone enjoys the file and on to great great great times with the new KNK downloaders hopefully coming on board to visit my blog.

On to happier thoughts.... thank you for the many happy comments regarding my squirtgun party pics. we rented the super slide. it was not as much fun as the previous years Slide. But it was fun and the kids seemed to enjoy it. Yes that is my hubby. Love him love him love him. The little boy running down the slide is my little one and the other kids are a friend of mines. My son had hives during the day, but nothing could hold him down. And as for the water trough with water. We have more kids and adults in that thing during the party. I think it is a novelty and they all love it. I am hearing great protest that there wont be a squirtgun party next year!

Well I am super excited about the new KNK files and am half way through all my files at Paperthreads and adding the KNK version to the file download. 'tis a ton of work. So I will be glad when I get it under control. Also, in doing the cleanup I am also going to add .wpc files to any of the downloads that don't have them for those .wpc downloaders. My numbers don't show there are many of them, but as long as their are .wpc downloads I will offer them.

Well my son wants to play Cars again. Okay so a little unknown fact about me...I could recite the movie cars because I think I have heard it/seen it about 72 times and that isn't an exaggeration. "Crazy Hotrodders"

Okay so I wanna know how many of my downloaders are winning over at the bingo game at Paperthreads. I am just curious. I think the winning pot is huge for one game. So I am hoping someone that visits here regularly wins it.

Okay I better run.


Sunday, July 8, 2007

Good News and Bad News

Okay so bad news first. I spent most of the weekend working on KNK files and trying to see how it works. Took me two hours to set up the cutter itself. Finally it is up. Thank goodness. So I havent had a lot of time to create new files. So there probably won't be one on Monday. But the good news is my friends stopped by with some of the pics from the squirtgun party and thought you might enjoy! Thank you also to all those who helped me with the cutting of the KNK files. I sooo appreciate it. It made my day and the offers for help were unbelieveable. So here are the pictures and everyone have a wonderful Monday!



Saturday, July 7, 2007

a little birdie...

So I am usually hanging out with the family on the weekends and don't offer a download. However, a little birdie told me that Lori is offering one on her blog today. So if you get a chance scoot on over there and get it. Here is her blog. She is blaiming me for her putting up a blog. HA! I laugh. I know she wanted to do it and I am not responsible for anything she does. Unless of course I like it. Then it was alllll my idea!!

MY KNK is here. Sitting on the dining room table. I am converting files over so all of my files at the store at Paperthreads will have the KNK file included. Through this conversion process I was wondering if I could get two people who could open up a couple of my converted files and cut them some time over the weekend and make sure they are working right. It just seems so easy to convert I have to be missing something! So I will take the first two I can get who own a KNK and can open up the file in the KNK software and cut it. Send me an email with KNK in the heading and when I am back online later or tomorrow a.m. I will send you some KNK files to cut. I am looking for the steps that have to be taken after you get them to get them to cut. I just want to do whatever I can to make my files easy to cut for the new and current KNK owners. The files can be cut out of scrap junk paper. I just want to know there aren't any major problems with the files from other users. If I can get this handled by Sunday evening and feel confident about the files then next week I should be able to offer freebie KNK files. (I can't hook up my machine yet. I made a deal with myself to convert half my files over before I play with the machine. Once I hook it up I will want to just play play play instead of work work work.) Criteria: You have to have the KNK studio software and a KNK to cut the files. And after your done I'd like the general steps you used to get it cut. (It doesnt have to be manual or text book language, just commands) Thanking everyone in advance for any time they put into this to help me out. Also, I am not opposed to letting you pick out the files you'd like to test cut from my collection. If that helps. Email me please not comments. Some experience with your KNK is probably a good thing as I am looking for help.


My previous download is still up. Just wanted to post this morning. My MIL is supposed to be home today. We are gonna have a party at her house. Swim etc. while she sleeps in bed. Love that family feeling! love it.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Flower Frames

Thank you first .. to those who threw out ideas for the dentist slogans.

Second here is the download today. Two frames. the light purple one comes apart in three pieces, the frame, the flower bottom and top. These files are for your personal use only! For purchase at Paperthreads soon. Please do not share or claim as your own.

My MIL should be headed home hopefully tomorrow. would be awesome.

I just checked fedex they are saying that my KNK is enroute for today Woohoo!
My friend Lori has a new blog up and running. So try to get over there to check it out. She has some great files and she posted my blog on her blog sidebar woohoo!. I think I need to come up with a blinkie that is animated, but have no idea how to do that. I will have to look into it. Here is the link to her blog.

I have a few files for sale at the store. So if you get a chance check those out. I like sales so I like to have them.



pw is grandpa

Dentist titles

Okay so I have some files for the dentist, but I need to come up with some titles to go with them. Any thoughts out there. Thanks!

More later..

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Dentist Tools

Okay Here I am. So after an angiogram with stints, open heart surgery, another angio to fix those that didn't work and now a pace maker. We are hopeful that the MIL will soon be on her way to going home. My MIL snuck a cell phone into the ICU because they wouldnt let anyone stay with her. So she was calling all people last night apparently. Luckily our number wasn't programmed in, so we got a little sleep, but I heard she was calling people early in the a.m. Love my MIL. She has some spunk. And before anyone gets upset if cell phones make the instruments in ICU not work and some pacemakers quit etc... why do the nurses use them in ICU? They set that rule to stop the annoying talkers of the world from getting in the way and interrupting. My poor MIL had the roughest night the night before and in order to keep her spirits high, it was all we could think to do and she made it through the night with a smile and not feeling so lonely. thank goodness. I don't want to start a debate. I just wanted to say I love the woman. I have been blessed with her in my life and she has some spunk.
Okay so todays download. I have been working on a set of dentist items for someone who asked me to here is the first of the pieces. These are the tools of torture...rrrrr...oops. dentistry. haha.
The download is for free because it is for your personal use. Please do not share or alter and claim as your own. This file is no longer available for free download, but may be purchased at Paperthreads at the end of July . PW is the same as the last download.

Also, for anyone with a KNK email me your receipt from Paperthreads with purchased files from this month and I will convert those files first starting the 12th of this month by the end of this month I should have almost all converted over, but for anyone wanting their file wishes first. I will do in the order I receive them. I think once I start on the 12th it should take me just a couple days. The receipt has to be from July.



Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Everything and then some...

Updated 10:36 am Tucson time.

Okay so still working on file, but wanted to stop in real quick in case I have to run to the hospital and drop a note.

First, MIL is having lots of complications and is going in again for an angiogram. Short story is parts of the heart are not moving, the blood pressure is hard to control and she is having racing of the heart. So with that said, I may or may not get a file in today for download. I am on call to get family members here and there and everywhere. And also get up to the hospital myself.

So here are some visual goodies that might make the stop to my blog worth while. Also, check out the note for conversion to KNK files...

Shae sent this to me of yesterdays file. It is simple and I love it. I think that I love the creativeness of scrapbooking and sometimes simplicity makes such a statement. Great job Shae thank you for sharing. I may post this over at the forum on paperthreads when I upload the birthday card to the store. Thank you thank you.


Okay so the challenge is on at Paperthreads. Alot of the designers jumped on board with me to up the ante for the winners and some of the designers even offered files to every person who signed up for the game. So check it out by clicking HERE. and sign up. Today is the last day you can do so. Always nice to have friendly competition especially when it benefits the crafters in the world. So I donated a few files to the prize and I, also, offered a 10 gift certificate to the store at Paperthreads for anyones files. So good luck to those who sign up. I wish I could there are some fantabulous files up for grabs there.

OKAY I got a quick list of the prizes for the BINGO game from Shirley at Paperthreads.

Wow! I guess I got the ball rolling! Hope everyone can sign up today.
The first name is the designers name donating the item to the prize
and free for all means everyone who signs up will get it.

Carrie - Flourishes and Christmas Ornaments
Michelle - Burning Candle, free to all
Jen - Christmas Light Border
Jenette - Santa with presents
Jules - Christmas Star Print and Cut - free to all
Luanne - Two Print and cut Files - Ho Ho Holidays CUTS and Santa CUTS
Barb - Merry Christmas Title and candy cane
Lori - No pic yet
Chris - Fiesta Card and $10 gift certificate
Shirley - Christmas Fun Collection


The good news is... my KNK is on it's way!! The bad news is.... It isn't here yet. This being the case. If you are a KNK owner and purchase any of my files in the month of July I will convert them for free and send them to you in KNK format. All you have to do is send me your confirmation of purchase from KNK showing the file numbers you purchased. I will convert those first and email you the KNK files to go with your download from Paperthreads. I am hoping I will also have all of my files converted by the end of July and they will be up in the store by the first of August hopefully. It may take me a few days to get them together and converted, but once my KNK is here and I have it loaded I will start converting after the 12th. I will convert the first files sent to me in the order they come through with receipts from Paperthreads. On that note I have a few for sale on Paperthreads this month. Here are three of them.

July Sale files..

Okay I have gotten lots of emails about why my July sale files are not up in the store. They are up now. I listed them previously.. but here they are...

Western Skies

Super Summer Pack

Super Race Pack

If I can get a file up, I will update the post time at the top and put it at the bottom here.

Thanks or stopping by and have a wonderful day!


Monday, July 2, 2007

Happy Birthday Card

Okay here is a long ways Happy Birthday Card for download. This Download is no longer available, but may be purchased at Paperthreads soon . Please remember these are for your personal use only! Please do not share or alter and claim as your own. pw is grandpa.

So sorry for missing a few days. I gotta lots of files created at the hospital while sitting there, but didnt think they would take to me to kindly setting up shop and testing cutting these files in their waiting room.

Well I have to run off to catch up on things at the office and other things.

My MIL is stable right now but there are some complications. So we are saying our prayers and counting every blessing. My internet is going up and down. so I am going to shorten this note and give more later.