Friday, February 29, 2008

Sale today

Updated as of 9 a.m. Tucson time. See bottom.
Updated at 1144 a.m. See bottom

Penguin - Who Me? Link

Make a Wish Genie Lamp

I wear mine with a bow Link Head of the Bunch Link
Seashell Jumble

Flies Spiders and Grasshoppers

Can I Keep It Link A curious Mind Link

Be Our Guest Link
Magical Moments Link

I will post more later, but these files made it into the store for the sale. So I thought I would share and I already posted Be Our Guest to the QMC.

Have a fantabulous day!

More later.



Alright I am back...
So guess what.. Our TV died last night. My husband is beaming. He is so excited. I swear it is almost like that commercial and I have been searching the internet this morning for it to post it here... The guys wife says you can get whatever you want and You hear some song belting out "All that I want" in the background and he is calling the bank to check his availability as he sits in the chair and stairs at the LCD tvs. if you know the name of the company behind this ad. Please send it to me. I have been racking my brains big time! I wanted to send it to him today in email as well.
So Lori's blog is a little wider today. Thanks to my ability to talk her into letting me fiddle with it :-) However, I fiddled with mine yesterday and just couldnt get it together. I really want three column and have found multiple explanations about it, but I also want the columns a little wider then what I have come across. Oh well. I think I will make hubby sit with me tonight and try to figure it out. This is why if you visited my blog yesterday it had many many many faces. I think I changed it around about 7 times. and lost a bunch of widgets, but luckily had save them to another place. I have decided to not mess with it today and to work on files.
I am feeling chatty today. so I am sure I will add to this again later today! Have a wonderful Friday! Enjoy!
Okay I am back again. So the commercial is for Chase Bank and plays the "I want it all and I want it now". In searching for this ad so I could post it because I find it humorous. I realized how much controversy this ad has placed. There are so many people complaining about it and how it just pushes some over the edge into a pit of self indulgence. This makes me laugh. Yes Ads are marketing and used to influence people, but wow can we not make a decision for ourselves. If there was room in the budget and tv were the first priority in my life we'd get the nicest most fantastic tv and surround system. As for where it fits in in a tiny living room that is another matter. My sister and her hubby bought a huge tv knowing they were moving into a bigger house. She told me she had to watch the tv from a bedroom down the hall on some scenes because it was so large it made her naseous. Now it fits into their new home well, but they made a decision based on what they could afford, what they would need in their new place and where it fit in with their lifestyle. They are phenomenal movie buffs. Come on People. Lets give some of us a little credit. Okay well thats my rant and rave. I still find the commercial funny because my hubby has been researching tvs for soooooo long because his wife kept saying when this one dies we'll discuss it. So his happy day is here. And I have no doubt that in between work emails he is searching the web for the tv that will fulfill his desires right now. :-) I am excited because I think we will mount it on the wall and the extra few feet in the living room will be nice. I have a small house and it doesnt bother me. I can click off the reasons over and over. Less cleaning and togetherness. My Aunt told me one time that she felt like she had to big a house a few years ago. That every child could be in a different part of the house, one of the multiple living room/game rooms etc and they could never see eachother. It was just to big. My little house has a great room that includes the kitchen, dinning room and living room and I feel like we all get to hang out together. Plus it makes you think before purchase (yes think before a purchase imagine that!) because there isn't a ton of room. My craft room is in our hobby barn and I like it that way. I feel like I get away from the house when I go to do all my test cuts. I could sit in my craft room and just vedge sometimes surround by the pretty paper, but my hubby goes nutz in my craft room. He likes order our of chaos. I live comfortably in a little bit of chaos. You never know what you will find when you go looking for one thing and stumble across something better for a layout.
Okay I am definitely in a ramble ramble mood. I better run my little one is perusing the Birthday Express catalog for his desires on a birthday party theme. So far we are stuck on the pirates concept. woohoo! A Pirate Fort party should be fun. Now that the fort has a slide on it to.
Off I go again. Think I might try to make some bread today.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Here I am ...

I forgot to mention...
If you love Ribbon and are interested in yards and yards of multiple colors...
visit Heather's Blog.
Heather tries to put together a buy in to get things at a better price.
Right now the buy in is Ribbon.
And don't forget Lori's
Don't judge a book by it's cover
No cutter files needed.
I think she will take any form of scrapbooking.
to get the details
Back to my originally scheduled Post

A few shares and then I am off to hold my bambino in an upright position while he sleeps. It seems the flu and the cold and everything else is definitely running through the preschool again...

So here are a few

Angie used my Snowflake Jumble here. Love the colors.

Joni created this Sea World page with my Dolphin Phan file. And she won a challenge with it! Wooohooooo!!! Congrats Joni.

Wendy created this with the Valentine Doily file.

These are beautiful and awesome and thank you to everyone for sharing them with me so I can share them all with you.


Monday, February 25, 2008

Wow... is it already night time??

Well here I am 8:30 pm here and realizing I have lost all sense of time. Luckily my Admin will be in tomorrow so I can get some other things done. Wooohooo!! And in the mean time let me tell you about my awesome awesome weekend!!!

First off Saturday a.m.... We had a soccer game and my son made his first goal. He kicked it in. Jumped up and down and said YES! Arm up in a victory salute and all. Just pleased as punch. We cheered him all on and said woohoo!! Right with him and only silently whispered to each other.. wooops wrong goal... shhhhh. Oh well. At least now we know he has the concept down because the first few games it was not so clear. After that as coachs assistant and the coach himself reminded the players which goal was theirs. But other then that a fantastic goal! And great start to the morning.

Second, we went to the Tucson Rodeo. La Fiesta de los Vaqueros. So much fun. My son and hubby went off to find the stick horse sign up sheet and my little one proudly got to be in the grand entry in a line of other stick horse riders and got to keep the stick horse. He was loving it.

Third, we went to a friends house after the rodeo. Hung out chatted and enjoyed there little ones birthday. It was super nice and relaxing. And a great end to a family day.

Then on SUNDAY>>>>>> I went to the local Rubber Stamping Expo. ALLLLLLL BYYYYY MYSELFFFFF. oh joy relief and quiet. I didn't talk to myself the whole time so it was a calm and quiet little trip, but I was glad to come home and spend the rest of the afternoon watching Nascar with the hubby and son. They were napping during the race. Something about circles and circles it makes great hypnotic sleep. :-)

Fantastic weekend.... I hope yours was just as awesome. And lets hope this week I get to be a bit more productive...

Have a wonderful Tuesday!
Pictures to come tomorrow. I can't find my camera cord. Doesn't that drive you nutz!

Friday, February 22, 2008

dummie dee dum dee dum

Okay I am backkkkkk... I was flippin through pictures and these I thought I'd share. This is from last weekend. After a canceled soccer game we drove to the mountain south of us and had a little snowball fight and a little snowman building.

The second snowman .. this one was a bit better size than the first one.

Woooohooo Dad got a hold of the camera so Mom was in one of these pictures.

A snow angel..... one of the first things he did. It was cute and he kept doing it 'til he realized his pants were soaked.
The one where my little one is giggling and running... He is running away from Greg because he is getting ready to throw another snowball at him or it coulda been the time he was crashing Dad's snowman. I like that they are both in motion in the picture.

First Post from today is below...
Here I am at the office. I need to call about ten people about billing. One of our office employees is out and I am trying to cover. This is where I have been this week. Being the best employee I can be. Answering the phones the best I can and not driving the other employees nutz with my. COuld you do this one more extra teeny tiny thingamabob? hahaha.

So I thought real quick I would post. It is Friday!! I am positive my friends Lori's blog will so much better reading then mine today.

I got an email with this today. It was fun. My sons name doesn't even come up. And there is only one person with my full name! woohoo. Tis kinda cool. How about you?
LogoThere is
person with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

I better run back to it. Don't forget that this weekend is the dirt cheap sale for the Sea Adventures Bundle. And the code and details for it are HERE.

Phones ringing... I gotta run..

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Snow at a 110 degrees hmmm.. How about Rodeo week?

Howdy Everyone!
This week is rodeo week. The K-8 grades have off school for Rodeo. So what am I doing right now?? washing my sons clothes for the second time this week because he wore all his "Cowboy" i.e. Wrangler shirts this weekend and NEEDS them for tomorrow ( So I have been told) . So I am washing away so my little one will have the right attire. To help support Rodeo week, we took a saddle to school, straw bale for it to sit on, and a horse blanket. We, also, took All About Cowboys video for kids. The teacher was thrilled. She said my son decided to do a 15 minute dissertation to the class on a saddle and what it is. How you sit in it etc. Apparently, he also decided to pretend hold the lead rope for the imaginary horse so the kids could get on. This is what his Dad does when cousins come to visit and ride the horses. So he is excited every day to go to school. He takes his black hat and has to put it in the cubby until he is told he can wear it, but he is pleased as punch. Friday we will be picking it up and bringing it all home, but for now he is enjoying himself.

He, also, must be going through growth spurt. It's like I can't keep him fed. My husband was shocked when he spent an afternoon with him and my son ate every hour. Granted it was small things like a teeny box of raisins, a slice of cheese, a tomato (yeah grabbed that one whole from the fridge and munched it) and so on. But he is a muchin munchin away.

This weekend is soccer game and then rodeo and then bday party for a close friends daughter. Then Sunday... Me, Myself and I. wooohooo are headed to the rubber stamping expo to check it out. Love my hubby. He offered to go if I absolutely did not want to go by myself, but also suggested he would be willing to stay home with the Bambino. So off I will go on Sunday for a bit to wonder through the convention center and see what is out there. I don't understand the whole rubber stamping thing. Heather has been trying to help me (She probably cringes when she sees an email from me) and inspires me with the cards she sends me. But I honestly just don't know where to begin. I'd like to do just a little, but no idea where to begin. So we shall see if I am inspired more when I go to the convention.

Well I rambled enough. so I better run. Tomorrow and the rest of the week I am covering the office so I have given up on trying to get any spectacular files done this week. Instead I have some spectacular images from my Creative Team to share. So you will see those tomorrow.

Also, did you know Lori has an announcement on Friday. So if you get a chance don't miss that. Funnn stuff all around. I know what it is. But I am sworn to secrecy. And so that means I have a few days to think about if I can join in. hmmm...

And I hope to upload some playin in the snow pictures from last weekend. It was fun. Only now my son thinks we can drive to the mountain and see snow at any given time. Not gonna happen when it is 110 degrees here. :-)



Monday, February 18, 2008

More later, but right now Introducing Sussann

Good Monday Morning everyone!!

Thanks for everyone who voted on the poll for the QMC file. It was a close race, but I will upload the file to the forum by tomorrow morning.

This week is rodeo week here in town. So my little one wants to wear his cowboy hat and boots to preschool. So why not. He looks cute and is ready to go. More weekend stories on him this afternoon or tomorrow.

For now I wanted to announce Sussann Lovett as a Creative Team Member. I am working on her creative page for the main website, but for now here are a few awesome pieces sent to me from her and when I get her page up I will post the link and you can read all about this talented lady.

Here are a few of her pieces!

Love them! Welcome to the team Sussann...

I better run. We are taking the big truck to town and my little one is "READDDYYY To go MOM!"


Friday, February 15, 2008

A Poll for the QMC and it is on to the weekend

So folks here is the promised poll for the next QMC file.. It will be one from my Sea Adventure Bundle. So let me know which one the majority would like. If you want them all they will be on sale next weekend. This weekend a Dirt Cheap Sale is being run for the Kids Fun Bundle.


Also, if you are part of the yahoo group you already have received the Coupon Codes for this coming weekends sale and the next weekends. The entire Sea Adventure Bundle and the Kids Fun Bundle will be running on a Dirt Cheap Sale. If you missed the email it is in the yahoo group under the message, sometimes those yahoo messages hit the spam folders, but there is a back up in the group. If you need to sign up, the login is on the left of my blog. Membership and Group are two different things. Membership is paid for and you can download files at the Paperthreads Forum. Group is where I publish codes, sales, and passwords for downloads.
If I get a chance I will post the dates in my salesflyer on my main website


And on to a few things else... Working on some files. I have been asked for a few recently and have been trying to catch up on those some. Also, doing laundry and baking bread right now. Woohoo! I am so excited to have a sandwhich. Weird I know, but I the world takes all types.
So here are a few previews...

Buggy Jumble to go with my Boys and Bugs files

And a request for the curly frames but without a word. They should be up to the store soon.


On to life...
So Thursday was the kiddos Valentine's Day party at school. I went in and helped out. It was so much fun. It was only and hour or so and when I walked out the teacher gave me a big old hug and thanked me for my help. My little boy and I walked out hand in hand up to the car and he tells me.... "My friends like you Mom that makes my heart feel good" TOTAL Mush Moment. WOW. So happy to be a Mom. So happy to have the opportunity to spend time with my little one. Thank the lord above for my hubby and giving me the opportunity to be there. Scoop him up, give him a hug, and say thanks buddy and squeeze tight, the sun even seems to be shining bright........ and moment broken with...... MOM I can Walk! and a slight eye roll included. And off we go to head home and get some household chores done. But the moment was there. So I am sharing it with you. He is three, his friends like me, awesome... I think for now I will live in the moment because lord knows what 15 will bring. Maybe I will scrap it. If I scrap it I can say look look look and he can roll his eyes at me and say MOM, I was three. hahahah.

Don't forget to vote in the poll. Thanks to those at the QMC who helped me pick these.

And don't forget the sale file this weekend Limited amount of coupons so get it quick!



Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day proposals

End of the day and I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day. I am sitting here typing away while my hubby sleeps on the couch. A few more days of this sick and I will make him hit the docs office. So Vday for me is filled with memories. My hubby proposed to me on Valentine's Day. I had no idea it was coming and was staring at him so much he had to stop me after I said yes and say.... Are you gonna look at the ring? Oh oh oh yeah. okay was my response. Our favorite restaurant while we were dating, a local steak house. Pretty phenomenal if you ask me. I was so glad he asked me. I cried and the lady at the table next to me, I began to realize, was holding her breath and then said CONGRATULATIONS!!! and I heard they just got engaged whispered across the room. she said yes. For me, it was like no one else was there. and then I snapped back into reality. It was phenomenal.

((((( So seriously, My hubby must have fallen asleep because the show Lipstick Jungle is not really his taste and it is on.. heheheheh..))))))

Anyways back down memory lane. My mom saw the ring he gave me and looked at it carefully and said. Oh yeah! You couldn't break that if you tried. Apparently, I have a track record of being a Tom Boy. The diamond on my engagement ring is set into the ring not high up on prongs. I will have to take a picture one day. I love it because it is unique and kinda ol fashion. And even tho' I like to be up on the latest cutter styles. When it comes to love I might be a little 'ol fashion. I go. I need to finish a few things up, but wanted to stop in and say Happy Valentine's Day!

PS.. Does anyone know what file type the new Cricuits are running? The ones using the design program? just curious. Wondering if I should add that to my software junky addiction.

Those who have joined my yahoo group recently. Please look through the past messages for the Dirt Cheap Sale Codes for the next two weekends and they are posted in the QMC area also.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cheese Monsters, Bugs & Boys & Snakes. Ick!

My cheese monster. So I took this picture at a restaurant as my little one ate his sundae. I take lots of repetitive pictures and in the rest he had turned his head another way so I couldn't get the shot. Why do I take lots of pictures to annoy the men in my life... Just to get that shot that makes me smile!! Smile!! Smile!! I guess I am a cheese monster too.

So the file I am working on right now is Boys & Bugs. This is how it has come out so far. (below). I like it. It isn't in the store yet just finalizing a few pieces of it. I wanted to create this file because a my hubby and I worked in the garden the other day (and we are seriously renovating) my little one decided that he wanted to befriend this little grub. So we moved him out to a rock for him to look at and my little one put little pieces of leaf on the rock for him to eat. I didn't have my camera out and I was on a roll so I let the picture go and mentally remembered to create a file for the moment. There are lots of little bugs in the garden so hopefully I will catch that picture... and snakes. Rattle Snakes and Coachwhips. Well I haven't seen a rattlesnake in the garden yet, but outside of it yes. My little one and I are out in the garden quite often. So I am on radar all the time for movement. So I don't want that possibility to be there that he grabs a stick and it is a snake. So I do what I can to keep them away. We have had a horse bitten in the nose one time and had to stuff garden hose up his nose so he didn't die from lack of air due to swelling (and I won't share the pics, yes I had my camera on me) . I back fill the packrat holes and don't feed rabbits or quail. If they don't have something to eat they go look elsewhere. I was in the garden two summers ago and reached down to pick up a rake and thought wow... what did Greg do to the handle and realized as my hand was inches away that I was almost grabbing the end of a snake. It was a coachwhip. They bite from what I understand, but they go after rattlesnakes too. So I will keep them around. Well what a great post. I am rambling as my hubby lays on the couch passed out from Nyquil. He can't sleep flat because of his cold. So he has decided to crash in a half sitting position. Poor guy. He works so hard and to be sick during the week kills him. So I am comforting him as I sit out here and work on creative files. Well he might not think it is comforting him because he is passed out and I am on a creative wave so I would use any excuse to create. I hope I don't get this cold! I don't have patience for another. Well I think I am off to find a multi-vitamin. and some more vitamin C. Have a wonderful Wednesday. And thanks for making it all the way through this post. It is quite the rambling roll. I hope some of you can use the file. And I chose to put the scorpion off the mat so for those who would rather not use it they can leave it off and there won't be an empty spot.



Sunday, February 10, 2008

Some pictures from our weekend of our horses

Family members came out and rode some horses. My Father-in-Law got some awesome pictures. So I thought I would share them here with everyone.

This is Rosie. Her registered name is Keyhole Hep-N-Jose. We love her she is young and has come around quite a bit. I could watch her run for hours. I was forcing her to run around here a bit for the camera. So she was mad at me, but then she came over and snuggled with me. She truly has the personality that she wants attention always. And she gets "miffed" if you ignore her. Love her.

This is my little one getting his pony "Missy" out to ride. Missy has some leg problems, but her personality is perfect for my little one. She takes care of him when he rides and only goes as fast as he should. The picture below rider and horse are getting tired.This is my bumpkin and his counsin outside thee fort. Dad asked him what kinda windows he wanted. He said Triangle, Circle and Rectangle. So that is what he got. The rectangle is on the other side. This week I think we will be getting the slide and building the climbing pole. Also, putting up the rails along the edge. Should be a great fort for his birthday party in April.

And this is Dad & Son enjoying a ride on our paint horse. Fleet. Fleet has got the biggest horse shoes on. His feet are huge. One of the reasons we got him. But his two colored eyes make you feel like your are dealing with the horse version of Jekyl and Hide. And some days! this is true.

Hope you enjoyed my picture posts today. Have a wonderful week and I will see ya around!



Friday, February 8, 2008

where did the time go?

I cannot believe it is already Friday evening. wow! I got a few things created today and uploaded a file to the QMC. So for now I am just saying a quick Hi! and then heading out to get the soccer clothes washed for the little ones game tomorrow and my nieces are coming to spend the day tomorrow. So excited about that. Also, working out the plans to visit Wisconsin in May. That should be fun!! I miss my Dad. I better run.

Add to the store
Shamrock Jumble

Added to the QMC

Thursday, February 7, 2008

New files and new ideas... and a quick kiddo story

Every try to work on things and you just can't do it fast enough. That is my problem right now... Can't create fast enough to keep up with the ideas. I have 7 different files I am working on right now and I keep bouncing back and forth. I may be crazy. But I love it. So a few new files that are up in the store.... and a poll tomorrow to select the next QMC file.

I Sea You

Manatee Zone

Hammerhead Shark

Sea Adventure

Okay and this is from Karen of the Creative Team using the

Autumn Beauty file

and the Leaf Jumble

What an awesome Scrapbook page!

And now for a quick story...So I took my son to preschool the other day and on the walk down to his classroom he slid and fell on his knee. We were pretty close to the door of the classroom. So my son walks in with tears rolling down his face and yells the teachers name. I NEED A BANDAID. instant silence. Everyone in the class stops and looks at my son. I am thinking wow this could be anti-climatic, his jeans aren't even ripped. so now I have ten little heads bobbing around me because I have plopped down on the floor to roll up the pant leg. DRUM ROLLLL Please. wahhh laaah. One tiny little blood spot where the skin rubbed off. and all the little heads around me did a collective intake of air and my son says... I NEED A BANDAID. so over comes the teacher smiling. Hands me a bandaid and and on it goes. now the collective sigh and the classroom goes back into gear. Kids disperse and my son struggles to take his jacket off. and looks at me and smiles.. I needed a bandaid he half whispers & smiles. he walks away and looks at me, runs back, smiles at me and gives me a big hug and says see ya later alligator. in a while my crocodile and he giggles and walks away. Oh the days when a bandaid can fix everything in the world. Made me smile. So I had to share with you.



Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Creative Team Welcome to Wendy. and beautiful projects..

Here I am... I have some new files in the store and a bunch more being worked on. Soooo in the meantime. Please help me in Welcoming another Creative Team Member...

Wendy. Wendy is a unique member of the creative team because she is also the only authorized pre-cut die-cut retailer of my designs. I know some of you have stumbled on her website and then emailed me to see what was going on. And I think you for watching out for me. Wendy's has a creative page HERE for more information about her and links to her online store.

Welcome Wendy!!!

Next are a few things that have been sent to me recently by the Creative Team. I think they are awesome... I love to look at others creative style hope you Enjoy!

A file from Rosalie

Buried in the Sand. Love the colors. Looks like fun and I want to join in!

Joy Artist Trading Card by Vicki.

Vicki must have some serious patience to cut this file this tiny, but it looks awesome. This file is intended for a larger cut, but it came out beautifully here.

And also using a frame from Vicki. The curly matte frame "Heroes Among Us"

This is a phenomenal layout.

Then from Karen these two are super cute and I love the way she flipped the You should see the other guy file around and of course the cutey girraffes..

Did I show you some of these already? Maybe.. Probably because I think they are so cute!! Okay I better run



Links for this threads

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Better when I am not chatty ..

So folks I have a bunch of files I am working on. I am trying to ride the creative flow. This is why I haven't been super super chatty. I will try to get pics of my son up later today and his first soccer game. I think this weekend we might go in search of snow... It is so cold here and we ran out of propane on friday night. So no heater and no hot water. yowser. Heat dishes and I think I will call a friend to see if I can shower at their house tonight. I have hit a few relatives so far, but it is hard to show up with a towel and say.. can I use your shower? okay now I have to shower and run because I thought of three more files to design. wooohooo!!

And don't forget to vote in the forum at the challenge I co-hosted!

Takes a few minutes and supports the members of our cutter community and their venture into entering all the awesome challenges we designers try to coordinate.

okay gotta run!!!!!!
Have a mahvelous day!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Next file for QMC

This is a file I have for the QMC (Jan-March) which will be loaded next week.

For now I am off for a Super Bowl Party. I am more looking forward to the friends then the game. Should be lots of fun! Have a wonderful rest of your Sunday!



Friday, February 1, 2008

Soccer cleats and other items...

Thank you to everyone who joined my first quarterly membership. The Jan-March is now closed. Woohooo! What awesome members I have. I should have the stretch and bend file ready for the qmc this afternoon and already have a few more for next week. So I hope you think that the more than 20 files are well worth the $10.00. I have had great feedback so far. Thanks to everyone!

Next... I am offering any entrant of the ATC Challenge that I am cohosting at Paperthreads a file of their choice from the Paperthreads store. (details.. One of my files and less then 3.99 and you have to have an entry in the challenge.) For those kinda thinking about it. Here is the possible nudge you might need. The details can be found at THIS thread.

So my son and I are home today together. Lots of little things to do. Like Laundry. does laundry ever go away? probably not. wew. I really need to take some time to go through my closet and get rid of some clothing. However, I have a wide range of clothes. Wide range in sizes and styles that is. I have my more professional clothing and my western clothing and my doing laundry clothing and my exercise clothing. So my closet side is busting at the seams a little. I am losing about 1 lb a week so hopefully I will start going past all the sizes and getting to a mainstay. I am just going to keep as I am going. Eating less. Eating better. and trying to get moving.

So my sons first soccer game is on Saturday. I bought him a pair of cleats and soccer socks yesterday. We got home and he hasn't taken them off yet except to sleep. I bought him a pair of soccer shorts but they are huge.. my hubby thinks they are cute being so big. I want him to be able to run. So I might have to go in search this evening for something slightly smaller. It might be chilly tho'. So maybe I will look for some black sweats. We'll have to see. In a bit here, I will call the grandparents and give them the time of the game. My son woke up this morning asking if it was Saturday yet. He is super excited!

Well I better get to work on some files and get moving to the feed the horses. They are starting to "Bang A Drum" out there. Those feeders make the best drums.


My most favorite version of "Bang A Drum" is Chris Ledoux. Love it!