Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cub Scout Plaques

I am a volunteer with Cub Scouts. I am a den leader for the Bears this year. Yeah!! So proud of last years 13 boys and hope they come back again this year.

I have made plaques for our leaders and this last week two exiting leaders of the troop received my plaques as a thank you for their service. I just wanted to share because I thought they came out pretty nice.

If you like to cut paper, vinyl etc and have a local cub scout group or any parent volunteer ogranization near you. I am sure they would take any help volunteering for signs, plaques etc. Cub Scouts at the Scout level is all volunteer run by their parents and is a lot of work!! But so gratifying.  Just a note for volunteerism which I believe keeps our community going. The connections we make today may be the connections that hold us together under duress or during glory.

Don’t you think they came out nice? I love them. I hope the recipients did to!

Chris Durnan

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Science is a good thing to know.

My son has started school . He has had lots of first day of school papers . One was to tell the teacher about yourself . It started out with  "I would like the teacher to know ...  " and his response was "science" .So I said don't you think  it was supposed to be about you?  
He said the paper says "I would like the teacher to know "...  And  I would like her to know science . And he gave me that "dont ya get it smile" And walked away.

Sometimes my son is very literal . I love him . Luckily there was a huge smiley face drawn on the paper with an arrow pointing from the teacher.  Maybe she'll get him and he will make her smile. He always brings us lots of smiles.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Father's Day Gift to keep out the bugs

My husband loves his wine. He hates the little bugs that fly in when we sit on the porch watching the sunset.  So we saw some of these "redneck wine glasses" at a rodeo a while ago. I decided I could make them with some e6000 glue from walmart, candlestick holders from the dollar store and fresh mason jars which I hadn't canned in yet.  It was fun and easy. My hubby loves the two I did and the lid is perfect for those wine drinking pesky bugs during bbq time. Just a project I did this summer. Hope you Enjoy! Chris

Monday, July 23, 2012

Things that make my hubby cringe...

Well I just wanted to see if the memory would work in my laptop and keep that beautiful little hard drive for backup. I am a hard drive clepto. I haven't saved to a hard drive that I didn't want to keep. :)


Friday, July 20, 2012

Pausing to reflect.

The post I had planned for today has been delayed. Waking up the Colorado news this morning just made me think... It might be better to reflect a little on those around me and those who are important. Also, my friend Heidi posted about the "helpers" who you see after such a stunning tragedy. I think I will say some prayers for those helpers. I have family who lived in Aurora not to long ago. And still have lots of family in Colorado.  I am not sure midnight batman would have made their list of things to do. But such a simple decision to attend may have changed their lives, my life and my families lives forever. I am blessed to have such wonderful family and friends. And to know that they are safe. If only for this moment right now. My prayers and thoughts reach out to those brushed by this incident whether they were involved, survived or are mourning their families. May the first responders and medical staff also be lifted up with all those positive thoughts we can send them.


Please have a safe weekend. Take that moment to cherish your family and friends. Everything can change in an instant.-Chris

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Crashing laptop... Yikes

My son got back to school this week. I was all prepared  to work and play and create and just yeahhhh!!!
My laptop decided it was done. I have been working diligently to try and get everything saved and moved over. So hopefully ::fingers crossed:: I will be finally moved over the end of today. Some of the the programs aren't opening. so hopefully by tomorrow I will be fully up on the new one. Thank you to my hubby who had a laptop waiting in the wings. He knows I have been toeing the line of longevity with my old laptop. A record years of use for me. Wew. I will be happy when I can turn it off and say. DONE. because it probably won't turn back on again. yikes.

Hope your electronics are happy and your day is wonderful!!

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Just an update on life ....

So here is my very mad at me 7 month old border collie. He is tired.of me messing with his rattlesnake bite. He doesn't want me to heat compress it anymore. And the limited exercise is driving him up the wall.  Sheesh. We are ready for this phase to be over.

And on top of that my 8 year old son is done hanging out with Mom and wants to go back to school. I myself cannot wait. I will be happy to be back in my studio again next week. I will miss him, but it will be good.

We are preparing for school with a lunch setup so my son can make his own lunch this year. The smell of bread kills me in the morning. I think he is old enough to pull something from each lunch drawer and make a sandwich.

Also I put a shoe hanger on the back of his door. It has a bunch pf shoes and his scouts belt and hat in their own cubby. Not in the room in the mess. Yeah!

Cleaning off the library shelf and preparing to go shop for supplies.

I will miss our goofy tickle fights during the day.

I better run. I still need to heat compress that border collie. Where did he go? Have a wonderful rest of your day.

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Friday, July 6, 2012

Back to School: Digi-Papers

Howdy to all....
It has been a crazy week with the holiday right in the middle and just getting back from Vacation. I am working away on catching up. I think I have about 200 emails still to reply to. If I missed you, please just email again. I apologize. Hoping I got most of them replied to. Our 4th was adventurous with a Vet visit at 6 a.m. for our puppy Border Collie who got bit by a rattlesnake. because he is young he is in good spirits already and hopefully will bounce back with little repercussion. Of course now we are on the hunt to find the rattlesnake because of the other dogs and horses and our own toes. So annoying to have to put on real shoes at dusk instead of slip on my flip flops when running out to the studio. But a snake bit alternative is just NOT worth it. Did you know horses cannot breathe through their mouth? And usually get tagged on the nose causing the nose to swell from a rattlesnake bit to the point of closure and then they die from asphyxiation.. of course you know how I know. We had a horse tagged years ago on the nose and we had to put those heavy duty drinking straws that whistle up his nose so he could breathe somewhat. We would have done hose, but the swelling was already to bad by the time we found him. And his every breathe was a whistle. He made it. Thank goodness, but the shots of penicillin we had to give were unbelieveably huge. I digress. Our puppy is home and now we just hope his leg nerves etc don't suffer any damage. He is not happy about "limited exercise" from the vet. not happy about it at all! but he'll get over it as he is treated like a king.

Back to the day at hand....

We are on countdown to school. And this year I wanted to start creating digiscrap kits for digital scrapbooking. So it's July... wow I am almost there. haha. Actually I have a freebie for you today that is the paper for a set I am working on. I call it "back to school".  These are large zip files. so please download them with patience. Please download the zip and save to your computer. I will leave this file up til I have the next part of the kit to offer.

When you download you are acknowledging that you plan to use for your Personal use only or to participate in the Quick Page Club for this kit if you so desire to participate. (more info below).

This file can be downloaded in two parts because they are huge zips together. I bundled it in two. Download one and two. If this link does not work then it has been taken down. This set will not be loaded to the "Perks" section for the QMC which is mostly for dig-cutter files. It will be loaded to the store after the parts have been offered for free download. 

Quick Page Club Kit. Want to join?

I am thinking about running a Quick Page Club for this kit. That means you download the kit as I offer it. (or purchase from the store after it is loaded) When the last section is done you send in a Quick Page including only the items in the kit. A quick page is something folks can insert their photos into easily and be done "Quick" with a layout. I will take all of those QPs created and bundle them up in a zip and send out to the participants. The layout needs to be a 12x12 and if you wish to do a 4x6 I will send any of matching sizes to those who participated.

I like 4x6 QPs because I can make little gifts for my nieces out of them with their friends photos and bind them with my bind-it-all. Easy Peasy. So if you are interested in the Quick Page Club kit please comment on my blog post or in the forum. So I have an idea of how many might want to participate. You will know when I have posted new pieces of the kit by following my blog, visiting the forum or it posts to my facebook page.

When I have all the bundles done and sent out I will load to the store and sell in order to donate part of the proceeds as a donation to some of the organizations I participate in. (Most know this is Scouts, Lego, School, Equine related, etc etc)   So if you send me a Quick Page you are acknowledging that I will be reselling them in a bundle. And that your work will also be sent out to anyone who is participating in the QP club for that kit. Hope that all makes sense.

When I post the last part of the kit, I will list the deadline for the QPClub and ask for them to be sent in. At 300 dpi at 12x12 or 4x6 inches. Using only the items offered in the kit. File format to be a flattened jpg or png. If it is not flattened I will do so in Photoshop when I get it. Your name/email will be added to the list of folks receiving the bundle back in whole when I get your entry. 

So here was go on a new adventure as I hope to create digi-scrap kits right along side my digi-cut files. What a great combination. So many are already using my digi-cut files for the scrapping end.

Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy!

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Just for Men: Chess Card

Sandra from the Forum Created this Chess card for a Manly Card Challenge. I think it fits the bill. Thank you so much to Sandra for loading it in the gallery.  And here is a negative of the cuts from the above card used for a Happy Birthday card. Perfect! Love it Sandra!
If you are interested in my chess piece file. You can find it here.  Great for many uses!

Although I have been known to play a chess game or two myself I do tend to think of it as a manly strategy game. My in-laws play a game called "nerts" it is a group solitaire game. We love it. It goes on vacation everywhere with us and since everyone needs his own deck of cards, I pick them up when on vacations. A great way to get a souvenir. My son's favorite deck is the one from the uss midway. However, he tends to get a little caught up in the deck as each card is a different photo and battelships etc. Very manly! We love it. Well that is enough of my rambles. Hope you enjoy!

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Monday, July 2, 2012

I'm back and turtle update.

Hello to everyone. I am back from a week at the beach with family. A well needed rejuvenation and time with my guys. I have pictures to post, but am catching up on emails. Thought I would post the current photo status of my turtle project. Until tomorrow. Enjoy! - chris

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