Monday, December 23, 2013

PL - Santa Claus is Coming to Town ....

Project Life Freebie - 3x4, Gray & Red

I have decided to try and create a Project Life Scrapbook this coming year. That means I will need some pieces for my own use. I thought I would share those here. They are in a printable pdf file. The file is for personal use only. The link can be found here. and the password is "iagreetou" . This means you agree to the personal use of the pdf file. When you type that password in, it is your digital agreement. If you have anyone who would be interested in this item, please send them over to my website and not share it directly. If download numbers continue, I will keep creating.

If you would like this freebie in a different size, please let me know and as I have time I will try to accommodate these requests.


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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Warriors T-Shirt

My son has been begging me for  a "Warriors" t-shirt". For my son, A good book is like a good rock band. You read it, you heard it. Where is the t-shirt?

He loves the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. And my son cannot get enough of it. He reads them and loves the characters. This is why one of our kittens is called GrayStripe.

So this was the final product after a merge of many online images and book covers. I made sure to have GrayStripe one of the main characters on the cover. The colors are pretty crisp and the transfer I used worked awesome.

I had some Dark Fabric Transfer by Avery in my stash. I must say it was pretty cool to use. Easy to print on and you don't have to reverse it. Then you peel the back off the material and it is like a thin plastic. After it is peeled you place it on the shirt and then put the tissue paper over the top provided and iron it. It isn't really tissue paper, but seems like it and doesn't stick to the printed material. I created the edging to look worn.

Overall, I can recommend the book series. The Avery Dark Fabric Transfer material and the shirt is from Michael's on sale.

So my Rock Star son can have his Rock Star Book T-shirt. We could be book nerds in this family. Actually we are. I'll admit it. Love my Life.


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Friday, December 13, 2013

So Proud - Webelos Mom

Had to share. My son earned his Webelos patch this last week. Just awesome. He is working really hard on badges and wants to earn as many as possible before arrow of light. He saw a chart of who had earned what displayed at a pack meeting. He stood there and counted what he needed to earn next. Wears me out, but I will do whatever I can to give him the supplies and support to complete his goals.

In order to earn his Webelos Badge, he did a project for the community.
his choice was to collect shoes for a local organization that hands them out during Thanksgiving dinner for the homeless and low income. His goal was 20 shoes and with the help of friends, family and his Cub Scout Pack he collected 170 to give.  Just proud.

Below is a picture of him with all his shoes.

They had an arrow of light crossover ceremony also at our meeting. He watched the presentation with enthrallment. He has seen before and it always grabs his attention. I really believe he will ask to be a part of the presenters when he moves onto Boy Scouts if there is an opening.

Love my Life. Here are some additional photos below.

D on the left. and Arrow of Light ceremony. 
All the shoes below. 

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

You're the Best Card

Putting together some cards. I had some random printed but mostly blank cardstock and decided to add some embellishments to it. So I added some balloons  and a saying. A little stickles. And my son... well my son's input was the pink flower with the pom pom from the embellishment drawer. Love his help. Make the studio more fun to share in the creative. I lay out the card on the counter and invariably I find something altered or added to my idea. I find it cute and endearing.

Love my Life.


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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A wreath to bring in some holiday cheer.

I created this for my Nan today with supplies in my craft room. Wow. I need to clean out some supplies. I just kept looking and finding things. I did some close up shots to play with my cameras settings. So you will see little glue wispys. Those wispys will be pulled off by my kiddo on the way to Nan's house.

She is in some need Holiday Cheer in her new place. So we are going to head out and decorate for her. My Sister and her children, My Mom and her children, and I and D. Hoping it will be alot of fun and puts a smile on her face.

If not, we shall chat about how it is just as easy to smile as it is to frown. We had this discussion a few times before, my Nan and I. She gave me the chat when I was little and visiting and now I return the favor.

I never was good at  a bow. I really envisioned a big gold bow. Wonder if my Mom could put one together. I need some kinda bow maker doohickey. And I am definitely not a wreath artist like my friend Sarina. She will knock some wreaths out. In fact she has some of my wreaths from my craft room because I needed space. They sat for years and she gave them some life. Love it!!!

Here's to happy smiles and some closeup pics. You can see me in some of the reflections. ha!


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