Thursday, January 16, 2014

Conversations with a 9 year old... cutting a man in half

This morning the question that gave me pause:
Can I cut a man in half?

Ahhh... my mind says just wait. But I am thinking it through. He was digging in his room. Lots of digging. We were talking pinewood derby for Scouts. Competition is steep, but not that steep.... hmm. I'll just pause...

Now I just give the pause outloud. "Ahhhh. If you are a doctor.... potentially"

You never know in this house. My husband and I do alot of crafting, building, fixing. They also watch Dr. Who which in itself makes a Mom think twice. And my son is no different. He will pull things apart adjust them make them different. Sooo... there is a good definition for "man" I know there is. My child however has not thrown it out for me to grasp onto.

And out of the room he comes staring intently and carefully and very focused. Holding a little plastic green army man...

"Or we could burn the bottom off" he says this with a considering tilt of the head.

My response.. "Yes. I think you can cut a man in half! Let's not burn it. Maybe something you can do with Dad." As I smile and he lines it up on the counter and looks at the angles of the little green man. Soon to be half a man, but for a good cause.

Looking forward to this years derby car. Has alot of thought going into it. I bought 4 different colors of paint and new paint brushes per D's request. Also, there is conversation about dremmeling door lines out. And now green army men. And lots of planning. :)

I love the creativity of it!

Love my life.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Disney countdown & printable

One our gifts for D was tickets to Disney. Here is a countdown calendar I made for his box. He had a map of Disney compliments of Aunt Becci, $25 Disney Card, and a Mickey Mouse t-shirt. Recently the comment was made that we may never go again and he went when he was 4. sheesh. So now we go when he is 10. Should be fun!!

The countdown calendar is printed on white card stock and I printed out three sets of them for the three sets of numbers. I also printed out a few for the very bottom that said! Excited for Disney etc. 
Here is a download link for it. The password is iagreetou which means you agree to download for personal use.

I didn't get any great photos in the making. However, it is a piece of chipboard cut in half. And 3 pieces of black ribbon bridging over the top of the two pieces of chipboard. Then I put red cardstock over the two sides covering the black ribbon. (you can kinda see it in thie bottom picture a little) and used my crop-a-dile to punch holes in the little cards and add the binder rings. It was a quick last minute project to add. Luckily I found some Disney stickers in my things to add to the front and a black and white ribbon.


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Camo Reading Pillows for the nieces and nephews

In an effort to have a homemade Christmas, I searched and searched pinterest. I came across a few pillows for gifts. All had different elements. Here is mine.

The Traveling Reading Pillow with a flashlight. 

I purchased the pillow forms on sale at Joann's woohooo! The 12x12 was 2.00 a piece. so happy I walked in. I bought 8 of them. Made a test run for my son D and then 5 more for my nieces and nephews and all in varying colors of camo. Then I made 2 more for my other nieces (pictures to come). 

I took the opportunity to purchase books from Scholastics for my son's teacher. I purchased in November. I put a remind in my calendar for October of next year to purchase more books. You can't beat the price and it always helps the teachers stash of books in the classroom. Win Win.

My pillow actually has a flap folded up underneath on the bottom into the back. So my Sister and Sister-in-law can take them off and wash them. The camo pillows all went to ages 6 and under. So I knew traveling in the car or camping would end up with some dirty pillows. 

They all have handles and I went to the dollar store for lights and found carabiner flashlights attached to the handle on top.  The lady at the dollar store looked at me like I was crazy when I wiped out all 9 flashlights they had. I didn't want to end up with a broken one and they were the perfect size! So I grabbed them all. 

When they were opened almost all of my nieces and nephews sat down and started reading right away. Hopefully this will be a useful gift and homemade. yeah! 

And recently I was told another Digi Camo Pillow was needed for my BIL. Perfect for camping evenings. Love it!


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Income expenses from the eyes of a 9 year old

D is working on a badge for Scouts (webelos) that asks him to write down his income and monthly expenses. Well the puzzler is he is 9. The latest nerf gun was paid for by Uncle Bryan.

I like Scouts to be learning and impactful a bunch of empty columns or nerf gun purchases mean nothing.
Instead we discussed when he wants to move out for college and what he wants to have. Dreams and dreams. So we started expensing it.

And then the income column was harder as we figured how many hours he could work with school.
By the time we were done, my child has decided to finish out our guest room, live there and hitch a ride with Dad to the U of A since our office is right down the road. And he smiled and said... "Just so you know... I am never growing up."  

I thought to myself.... Ahh my love. There in lies the puzzle as I watch you grow up every day and try to hold on to every moment in my heart.

 Love my Life!

The photos are from the  Artist Badge for Webelos Scouts. Also, something he is working on this holiday break.

This requires some clay modeling, make an art construction out of anything you can use for constrution.( which of course would be Legos for my son), make a mobile and college that expresses you. We are working on this just after the holidays so that means Legos Legos Legos and happy smiles. 


Tips from a past Scout leader... I am no a longer leader, but still get emails from folks asking what I think for fun ideas on working with a project. So ideas are... 

Artist badge is fun for a crafting Mom! and a Lego addicted child. :-) 

#2 is to make a scrapbook of the projects. 
A quick artist scrapbook is two pieces of 12x12 scrapbook paper cut down to 6x6s. A cropadile or hole punch is awesome for a hole in the corner and then a binder ring. Also, I would get some precut letters and ask them to glue the word Artist on the front. A busy opening project for when they walk in the door. 

For the Collage about self. #10
I would bring magazines and scissors and give them one of the 6x6 from the scrapbook above to cover with images that express themselves. this way it is right in the scrapbook. And we used a Lego Magazine that came in the mail. Are you getting the theme here? 

For the primary color which I think is number 4. 
I would give them another one of the 6x6s and have them make color combinations with the three primary colors right on the 6x6. If the scrapbook paper is colored. I would give them a piece of what paper to color on. Lots of fun. 

Those are my thoughts on the Artist badge. Thanks for always asking. 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Chicken Lesson of the day!

My hubby is working away on a brick entrance to the tack room. So the water stops building up and mudding there. It's right outside my studio window. He used brick glue to get the edging to hold before he concreted.. Serious stuff and my ridiculous chicken decide to eat it. So I grabbed her and stuck my finger in her beak. Doesn't hurt really, but she was nottt happy.  Then proceeded to have Greg dig the rest out from between with a stick. Meanwhile with all the excitement she peed down my leg. Yeah exciting around here. Wew. Lesson of the day. Never stick your finger in a chickens beak while holding it. It will get back at you. yick!

Love my life... even with the crazy chickens.

The Chickens for Sale sign was posted a few months ago. I took the photo and sent it to the hubby. I love crazy chickens. :) they come in all sizes and colors. Fun!