Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!
Here is to hoping your Halloween is awesome today and filled with fun.

Here are a few pictures from our pumpkin patch adventure. We went with some near and dear friends. We spent time in the corn maze. When my son came out he layed on the ground and thanked the Lord above for getting him out. haha. My husband thought he fell til he realized he was saying thank you thank you thank you!!! haha.

Also we play in the corn tubs. Not sure why these are fun, but they are filled with kids and are just the happiest thing. My son can't wait to get into them every year. I keep thinking. Horse Feed, Pigs Feed, Cow Feed when I look at the dried corn, but hey who am I to judge. Everyone finds their good time and enjoyment and if it's animal feed and jumping in without your shoes on. So be it! Good Times Commence.

Have a wonderful and safe Happy Halloween.

My hubby's choice... I know he is up to something. or Maybe he didn't want to haul pumpkins. He is my man. love him.

Looking for the perfect one!

Two sweetie Cuties

Ms. Pretty

Hay Ride and Mom's with Camera!

Caught the Corn Thief!

My cild might be exhausted or is blocking the way from Ms. Pretty jumping in again. He didn't understand why she couldn't jump in the empty tank. haha. This is training for later in life.

He is super happy grins here. Yes his hat is CSI stolen from Mom. His John Deere hats, Carhart and Caterpillar hats are beat to a pulp. Time to buy some new ones.

She is getting ready to jump in! So fun!

Here is happy baby! You've seen him in a previous post somewhere I am sure.

He's really getting into it. Happy Baby this is...

And the perfect picture. Are you ready.. So my hubby took this on his phone. I loved it look at that corn throw. Happy baby is again so happy as he does what he isn't supposed to. "throw corn" hahah. Anyways. Then I got to looking and it looks like we caught Ms. Pretty in the act bewitching with her beautiful smile all the while putting up the dreaded bunny fingers. hahah. again training for later in life for my kiddo. haha.

Thank you to our friends for letting us tag along! It was a fantastic day!

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Santa Card by Kelly S.

Today is my day to be on the Card a Day Blog. So I am posting a holiday card for you to enjoy. I recently put out a call for any one who wanted to help me with a special project and that was Holiday Cards. I was not disappointed at all. I was very excited as all the Holiday Cards kept coming in and the requests to join the SPCT. Thank you to everyone who applied!

I chose this holiday card as they were made for me by Kelly. Kelly is going through a rough lot in life as she has just recently lost her husband. She has a young son. and the two of them are on their way in life surrounded by family and friends and all of us on the VDBC forum as we cheer her on whenever she can craft or come by the forum to "see us". Such a quick loss and at a young age is so devastating and I know we are all saying prayers for her. (If you have any kind words to send her, I am quite sure she could use them. I know we crafters are a supportive bunch!)
Kelly whipped up this card and many more for me when I put out the Special Projects CT request. and here they are. Just beautiful!!! Thank you Kelly!!!!!! I post them with honor and gratitude! Also, I am in awe of Kelly's strength and courage to tackle life and continue forward. We are thinking of you every day! May love and memories surround her and keep her warm.

I have lots of holiday cards to share. So come back and see the inspiration over the next two months! Just beautiful.

Here are Kelly's notes on her card she created.

Santa Claus Card

This card features 2 files from Chris, Milk & Cookies Santa (CD00381) and Better Watch Out (CDStamp001). For the background I used a piece of printed vellum I found at my local dollar store on top of a piece of green cardstock. The 2 layers are attached using snowflake and tree brads. I added Glossy Accents to Santa's boots and Sparkly Fluff to the hat and mitten cuffs. I added pen stitching around Santa's body and drew in a belt for him. I used 2 blue gems for him eyes. The digital stamp was printed out on plain white paper and then I added 2 layers of glittery clear embossing powder. It didn't photograph as well as I hoped, but it looks really cool in person.

The files in the store.... I am running a special if you buy the Milk  & Cookies Santa below. you will also get the digistamp below that for free. Load them both into the cart in the store and login to the store it will show you in the cart that the stamp is free. Thank you!
This file is offered in SVG, KNK, GSD, AI, WPC, DXF

The digital file.

Don't forget you have to load them both in the cart together! to get the offer! Enjoy!

Offer Good through Nov 4th, 2011

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Win an October Grab Bag

October Grab Bag Giveaway!!!
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The October Grab Bag includes the files below. Our Grab Bags include 3 designers who supply files for the theme. It is sold as a group for one month only and then is dispersed to the store for resale individually. If you want this group of files, October is the only month you can get it. It's packed full of fun!  $7.00 for all these files is quite a deal!

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2 ways to win this grab bag or next months...

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This blog giveaway ends late in the day on October 29th.
Timezones are a pain to figure out.

(PS You can also join in the October Grab Bag Challenge
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Yes you can link up from the VDBC gallery!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Man Craft - Red Baron

So a few weekends ago I came out to the living room after a leisurely wake up. My son and hubby were on the couch and heard this  below...

and then I got to listen to this song quiet a bit (the next day to)


And then we got to watch the real red baron version. Maybe not hisotrically correct but the version without the dog and the cartoon effects.
So it was over and they went about their day in their plans for building and working on things around the house which we love to do on the weekends.

Then I saw a smiling kid walk through with pvc pipe and then I heard spray paint can outside the window. I started mentally ticking off things that were on the list of to do's for the day. I couldn't remember what needed spray painted hmmm... on I went to do the dishes.

A smiling little boy and his Dad came in the house to show me. Yes the "Red Baron" gun fashioned in case of need and attached to the fort. Upcycled into a Man Craft from pvc pipe, plastic little kid gulf clubs, black spray paint and some bolts and glue. Love my husband Love my kid. Love my life. (Pictures below)

Happy Boy!

Adjustments needed made
And accurate alignment will bring them down. haha
Hope you enjoyed!

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lego Pinata Guy

As many may know now that you have seen the Team KNK post a week or so ago. I am a Lego Robotics Mom. and this year I am a Lego Robotics Assistant Coach. We work on alot of fundraising efforts because those little Lego motors can be expensive and other costs build. Our Lego-ers spend alot of time building with Legos and talking about Simple Machines. and figuring out how to make them function. just awesome to see them grow with it. And prepare for competitions. My son is in the younger version of it after 3rd grade if he sticks with it. He will move into a more technical version.

This is my latest cutter endeavor for a commitment my sweet smiling child got me into. haha.

We have this Lego Pinata guy from a rainy birthday Party last year. So now he has become part of the Lego Club scene. He showcases us well in his stiff armed weird smile manner. Thank you to Tio Ramon for bringing this for the birthday party. Who knew it would morph into such an awesome use when it rained and we were upset we couldn't smack the candy out of him. And wow that would have been a Ton Ton of Candy. In retrospect I am kinda glad it rained because Lego Guy has become a mascot for the Lego Club of sorts.  He definitely stands out in a crowd. He doesn't travel well in the car. He stands about 4 ft tall and does not bend.

Do you know what an eegee is? Here in the desert it is a local business that sells ice drinks that are like slushies but not. They don't have air pumped into them or weird syrupy flavors. They don't get twisted and turned all day in a tumbler of slushy. But are packed into freezers and scooped into your drink. Those from Tucson would know what I am talking about. Those who don't will think I am crazy. Those who have left town will start craving one. There are many branches around town and they are yum. The standard flavors are pina colada, strawberry, lemon and flavor of the month. just yum!

Well wanted to share the Lego guy and wish you all a wonderful Tuesday!

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Friday, October 21, 2011

New 2U Challenge

If you have been in the forum at all this month, and I really hope you have. There is a challenge called New 2U. You can visit it here.


What does this mean? Try something new. Well my new this weekend was to go to the Copic Marker Retreat by Jen. Some of you may know her as “Jen the hacker”. However, I know her as “Jen who sat next to me at the KNK Retreat”. Phenomenal artist and super fun person to talk with and chat with. I bought a bunch of markers to go to this retreat. It just didn’t work out for me, but I still have the markers. So I printed an image form a copic marker challenge posted not to long ago. And sat down to play. First time to color with the Copics. Very nice markers for sure. My son sat next to me. We were on school break. He watched me color the first one. And then the second one. And he took an extra copy and started coloring with Sharpies. He was very upset the colors didn’t match the cap when he actually colored with his Sharpies and Bic Mark-Its. However, I told him to just go with it and enjoy it. So he did. He enjoyed it so much that when he was done. He went and got the pink gluearts gun (which he says is embarrassing with an eye roll because it’s pink but he uses it all the time. haha) and glued it to the pink piece of paper you see in the picture. He had a great time and as did I. Not bad for the first try I thought.  Could definitely have been worse. I love my sons and I love the time sitting in my studio at the desk just coloring. The best. Love my Life.


It is Friday and I must run lots to accomplish as this weekend and almost everyone through January are jam packed. It is definitely that time of year. So I am off to get a moving on. Don’t forget to try something new and post in the New 2U challenge. So much fun to try something new.


Have a wonderful day and fantastic weekend!




Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fantastic Celebration! new QMC file

Wow what a fantastic weekend. I am still trying to cleanup and get through everything after our awesome party and so much fun. I want to say thank you to everyone for supporting us throughout the year and also participating in the Celebration with us. We had so much fun and the pace in the forum was quick and fun. Lots of fun.


Starting Visual Designs by Chris was a huge decision and has been a joy to work on every day. Thank You for supporting me. It helps me to support my family. And for that I could not give you enough words of appreciation.  All the friendships I have made throughout the years of have brightened my days.


Thank you soo  much!


QMC members… If you are a QMC Member I have loaded another file to the QMC today. It is a blessing book. I hope you enjoy it and can put it to good use. I have a few friends I plan to make these for. Even tho’ life is crazy and has a lot of bumps in it, every day has a few blessings in it and it is good to remind ourselves about it daily. So I am making a few of these as gifts for the holidays.  I hope you can find a use for it.


Have a wonderful day!

Thank you so much!!!





Sunday, October 16, 2011

Grand Prize thread is open

Please submit your entries for the grandprize. That awesome Glue Arts pack donated by Beloved Keepsakes. Please jump in at the forum and list all the events you participated in for the anniversary celebration!




Forum Link

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Posting a few of the prizes...

Prizes Prizes .. .This is just a few of the prizes that are posted in the forum challenges.
And many of the designers have freebies… wow…  So much fun!

Visit us here to see what you can win and celebrate our Anniversary!

Also visit  I Love Knk to comment on Sandy McCauley’s post to win a $25.00 gift certificate and QMC! This is one for Saturday only. so skip on over there.

Happy Anniversary Celebration!