Thursday, June 28, 2007


Howdy to everyone! Thank you so much for all the great notes! amazing. amazing people you all are. I wanted to give you a few things before I head to the hospital. Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow, so I probably won't be around lots and definitely havent had time to cut. I hope to be in full swing again next week. If I can get something else worked out to get files up I will.
Here are a few other things.
These are my sale files in July for those interested...

CD00091 - Super Summer Pack
CD00034 - Super Racing Pack
CD00087 - Sunset to Remember
CD00057 - Western Skies
CD00056 - Collection of Tags
CD00062 - Swim Team

Also, they are taking sign ups for a new bingo game over at the Paperthreads Forum. Click HERE to go to the forum. I am going to challenge the other designers over there to up the ante and add a bunch more files to the collection prize. So if you get a chance check it out. Enter your words and who knows how many files you could end up with... I know Lori is competitive over there and Shirley is already offering some files for the prize.. So let's see how many you can get, but you have to sign up by the deadline to play the game. I guess I have a little competition running through my blood to. But once they close the sign up you can't play and I think I have something up my sleeve... so check it out... (SERIOUSLY, not wearing sleeves, just remember it is 110 here. so tank tops all the way, but it is a figure of speach I like to use.) but I think I have a few things worth playing for... for those interested.

Okay.. MIL surgery tomorrow at 9 am. I plan to spend the day with my husband while we wait and our son gets to play with his Uncle and Aunt for the day. They happened to have the day off and he loves to go there and swim and run around like a maniac.

Thank you again for everyones thoughts!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

rough day

okay so no download today. my MIL went into the hospital and is now on the schedule for open heart surgery. not sure what the next few days will bring. if I get anything done I will upload it or maybe find a couple people to test cut it for me, so i can upload it. have to see how it goes.
thanks for stopping by. my apologies for not having anything.
Enjoy today for who knows what tomorrow will bring!
also from reading comments the word gsd and wpc at the bottom next to Label are not the download link. they are the sorting feature for posts. hope that clears up some of the download problems. the download links are usually in the body of the posts.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

the Sting of the Bat

This file comes in multiple layers. I supposed this could be used for softball or baseball. I really am not sure what is going on for those who can't download. I apologize. I didn't do anything differently. I am going to download firefox and see if it is the same problems. Please remember if you plan to download that these files are not for anyother use than yours personally and are not to be shared or altered and claimed as your own. This file is no longer available, but will be available at Paperthreads soon.

Getting ready for a lake trip! It is soooo hot here. My hubby laughed at me because I bought a rechargeable fan that also takes batteries. soooo. charged it up yesterday and ran it last night. it made 3 hours on a short charge. wooohooo. and with the added batteries to it I will get a little bit longer out of it. We normally take the RV, but this time are going to tent it for ease of driving. That RV sucks gas down like I do a margarita when eating tacos. yum yum.
And my son is waiting for me patiently to get this file uploaded. He is wearing his Pirate hat and watching a little afternoon tv. He saw bits and pieces of Pirates of the Carribean and next day while at wallyworld he saw a pirates outfit. so currently has has a dagger stuck in the side of his shorts and pirate hat on. Love it. love it! He and I are off to check the batteries in the air mattress.

Other than that. I am off to work on some other things.
Okay some diagnostic questions to help me figure out what is going on for someone who is having problems if you can let me know.
What browser are you using?
When did you start having problems with the files downloading?
was it just the fiesta file or all of the files or sometimes or none?
does it go to 4shared?
and give me the sequence of steps being taken and what is happening? I am not clear if the link is being clicked on correctly or the password is correct. Any info would be helpful. I'd like to get this figured out as I will be soon offering KNK files, GSD files and WPC files and it will be much more to keep organized. Yes I am purchasing a 15" KNK next month. woohoo!!
password grandpa

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Fiesta Card

UPDATE: I am getting emails that there is a problem with this link. Click on the words GSD or WPC. I have done it from two different computers and am not having a problem. As well as there have been 200 downloads of the file already in gsd and 30 of the WPC. I am not sure what the problem is for some. Just click on the words GSD and WPC. Other than that there isn't much I can do. I hope it works out! Enjoy! Chris

So this file is a cut out of the word Fiesta and also included is a 2 piece jalapeno. Currently not available for freebie download, but will be available at Paperthreads soon. These files are for personal use only. please do not share alter or claim as your own. password is grandpa. I believe. let me check it before a bunch of emails come through! Sometimes there are downloads within minutes of my uploading. give me two seconds!

So I have a few minutes downtime today and thought... I will load tomorrow's file today. For those like me who are hanging out and surfing. It is about 111 outside here and my hubby is out under the shade of our boat working on it. This way we can head to the Lake next weekend for two days. Soooo looking forward to it. We have a double tube and a couple single tubes and skis. The guys love to ski. I just like to hang out in the water, on the boat, on the tube. Just relax I guess is the key. I usually am the planner planner planner, but this time we are just gonna go.. take a tent (leave my little rv at home) and leave early Saturday morning and spend the night and come back Sunday. just enough time to start to get totally exhausted from the sun. Friends of our are going with us. So it should be fun. My Dad called today from Wisconsin said it was gonna be 88 there and everyone was freaking out. That he is gonna buy a small cot to put in the basement and sleep because it will be so hot and humid. I told him I agree and he laughed when I said it was 111. He said he was gonna tell everyone at work to stop their griping that it was 111 where his daughter lived. haha.

My Nan made it through the minor surgery and is undergoing chemo. So we are saying lots of prayers that her health stays good.

Soon I hope to be the proud owner of a KNK 15". My plan is to purchase at the beginning of next month. So then I can welcome a new set of users to my blog because I will be offering 3 different sets of downloads! Fantastic. So excited.

Also, the fern leaf card Currently not available for freebie download, but will be available at Paperthreads soon. file is up to be downloaded. I forgot that I had missed this file type. It is up in the store already for those who miss this link to the download also, but it is there.

Well I better fold some laundry... watch Nascar.. wash my dog.. check on the hubby in the heat or tickle my child.. but get off this computer. Have a wonderful day!!!



Friday, June 22, 2007

Pitching Princess

Okay I got a chance to cut some files. So here is one of the long requested softball ones. I have another one in the store that reads.. "Silly Boys, Bats are for Girls" That was one of my recommendations for a file. So here is Pitching Princess. I thought I might add Pitching "a fit" Princess for those who aren't looking for a softball file. I will probably add that later.

This file is for personal use only! Please review my terms of use if you are not sure what this means. Thanks much for reading and agreeing to these terms. Your downloading of the file is an agreement of these terms. This file is no longer available for free download, but will be available at Paperthreads soon.

Okay on to life... As you can see in the left column of my blog. I have a few more samples sent to me of my word book files. I love them all. I posted one by Wendy O and by Shae. super cute!

My little boy seems to be doing better today. No Benadryl yet. thank goodness. last of the antibiotic. Hopefully the hives won't show much today or will lessen over the next week because I am hoping with my fingers crossed that we will be making it to the lake next weekend. I am ready to hit the boat and float on the inner tube behind it. I have to ride the inner tube backwards cause I wear contacts and the water in my eyes kills me. This year I might try wearing goggles and see if I can pull it off that way. For Christmas we got a double tube, so two people can go at once. Should be lots and lots of fun. I look forward to it.

I am gonna email my friend and see if she can send me just a few of those party pictures by email so I can post them here. Otherwise I will stop by her work next week and get them. I do plan t post just havent been able to get them yet.

thank you to everyone again for their great emails and positive thoughts. I have to say I think my downloaders are the best! I would be lost with nothing to do without you. I try to get to all of the emails. so if you didn't get a response, my apologies, or there may still be one on the way!



pw same as last post

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Well I don't think there will be a download for today for those wondering through to check. My son has hives again. We were outside playing for a bit and now he has them all over. I am thinking it might be the antibiotic and the interaction with the sun. We shall see. hoping they go away soon. He is not a happy camper. They will be all gone and then come back again. So he and I have been busy trying to find other things to do so he doesnt scratch.

So rather then nothing I thought I would share some samples of my file. I got some really great ones. I would upload them shortly. My son is calling me to play for a minute.
So I will add later.

Okay here is one of the Father's Day Mini Album from Kelly over at the Wishblading Well. She had some great comments and I really appreciate her email. Thank you!

Here is her book. If you want to see it more closely hit view all images.

Also, here is the sunflower card cut right away again by Cara. Very cute. I like the bright colors.


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sunflower Card

So folks another card. I have a few cards I am gonna need coming up so I am making them and sharing them. I hope you enjoy.

This card is a sunflower. I wouldn't cut it to small because the "petal" portion of the sunflower is close cut. But it all cuts in one piece. Okey Doke. This download is no longer available, but the file may be purchased at Here at Paperthreads. You could get rid of the perf and ad a picture to it as a kind of frame. I placed a yellow piece behind the sunflower part. Most cards in the stores like this have the cut outs and then in the inside they have a piece of paper with the verbage on it folded on the inside. Simple to do. I add a couple leafs in the file. Just in case you want to add some "depth" with another layer. I am not sure "depth" is the right word, but I can't think of any other to describe it!

Okay on to other things...

I already have a sample of the fern card cut from Cara W. I was shocked to see a sample so soon. Here it is. I love the simplicity of it.

Also sent by Cara W. were some pictures of two of my previous downloads. These ones are now for sale at Paperthreads.

And also Cara W sent me this one of my Sunset File. Love it. Love it.

Thanks for sharing. I have a few others to share that other's have sent me, but those I will save for tomorrow.

Ok so have you been over to Paperthreads store lately? Michelle has added a bunch of features to it. I love it! One of the features is .. You can roll over the file picture to see bigger images. Rather then having to go to the details of the item. I think it is a great feature and will help with shopping in the store. If you wanna check it out. Here is my section. As always thanks for looking!


pw wisconsin

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fern Leaf Card

Yeah I finally made it. I have a splitting headache today. So I only have a gsd download for today. Tomorrow I can add the .wpc file, but for right this second this is what I have. Please remember these downloads are for your personal use. Please do not delete my name out of the file, flip the image and put your name on it to claim as your own. Thanks mucho appreciated!

This is a card. Proportionally can be increased to a 4x6 or 5x7 when folded. or larger if you have a large machine. The brown cuts in one piece. I also included a mat for behind it to give more depth. And I included the leafs as stand alone images to cut. Just in case you want to use some flair and put a leaf on the inside corner of your notecard too. I really like this style of notecard. So I thought I would take a stab at it.

I have a few more samples of files that people have sent to me! I will share them over the next few days. They are fantastic as usual!

I am off to lay my head down on a pillow.



This download is no longer available, but may be purchased HERE

Monday, June 18, 2007

It is Monday and I am stillll picking up!

Okay I am embarrassed to say... I don't have a file today. I usually create some over the weekend and put the finishing touches on it during the week, cut them and offer them up as freebies. Well we all know what I was doing this past weekend.. .preparing for a party.. then partying... and then cleaning up after a party! And taking care of my son who came down with hives the day of the party. Poor kid, but he partied like a champ after the benadryl. He ran up and down that slip n slide cause he couldn't quite run and jump into it. He was soaked and had a great time.

So as for the party!! Phenomenal. love my friends and love that they put up with me and my craziness. Slightly subdued party from last year, but I actually got a chance to talk with everyone because of it. So that was nice. LOTS AND LOTS of compliments of my beautiful adirondack chairs on the porch. So impressed my hubby bought two different colors. He is definitely a equa distant perfectly lined up person. So a red and aqua chair. I love it and he handled the color diversity well. When you live in the desert you gotta add your own color.
As for the party... lots of water.. lots of water fights. Then our close friends ended up staying and chatting & sitting around by the light of the candle and chatting. Was wonderful! Also, talked to them about teaching me to play poker. So I think we are gonna start up a poker night and play for M&Ms. I think I am gonna show up with this Mega M&Ms. Worth more the loss. No idea how to play, but looking forward to learning and hanging out with friends.

As for pictures.. my friend carried the camera all night and said she would be giving me a disk with them on it. When I get the disk I will post the pictures.

Okay so here is my Buried in the Sand file... sent to me by... "No E" Debbi. (I like that.. my mom always told people it is Lynda with a y.. and I am always telling people it is Christine with an E not an A. that would make a great trivia question for the Paperthreads games... What is Chris' full name... have to send that over there to them. So if you are reading that and playing along in the forums. file that for your mental rolodex)... Okay so I ramble.. here is the fabulous card by Debbi

I got a comment recently about wanting samples of the files cut! I would love them and would love for you to email them to me.. always notate how you would like credit for the creation. But please send them to me! I beg of you, but remember if you do. I may post them on forums how to use my files or on my blog, but will always list your name as the person who created it.
Okay so My apologies again for no file. I am working on some, but I don't feel they are complete yet. Thank you to those have recently posted in the groups for me when people have questions about my files! Always apprecaite the help.
AND THANK YOU to everyone who took part in my sale at Paperthreads! My downloaders are making me look awesome over there!

Thank you

Saturday, June 16, 2007


May I say real quick to everyone...
Thank you so much for all you do in supporting me
and this adventure I have started on.
It has been wonderful to see such great comments
and feedback on something I absolutely love to do.
And thank you for all the great
Happy Birthday wishes
I am gettting.
Everyone I get makes me smile
in pure appreciation.
I wish you all a most wonderful day!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Wooohooo One more day til the party! and check these out...

POSTED UPDATED AT 5:15 pm Tucson, Arizona time.

I think I am running for the longest post today and will just keep adding!

Okay soooooo. Tomorrow is the party! I have so much to do. Including going to get a few more squirtguns especially for those who show up mistakenly without their own. So I have a file if I get time to cut it that will be up later today, but in case not I wanted to share a wonderful wonderful Father's Day Book from my Father's Day Mini Album. Available Here at Paperthreads for those who missed it.

This one is created by Mary in HK! Thanks Mary for letting me post a picture. How super cute is this. There is another from Rosalie, but I am waiting for her Okay to post the picture then I will add it to this post. Same file, but an entirely different concept when put together. Thank you ladies!



Check the bottom of this post later to see if I got the download up. I will put it at the bottom if I get a chance. Don't miss it!

Okay this is Rosalie's picture.

Okay so I got another sample of the Father's Day card from Angie and thought I would add it.

I like it! I love that each file is totally different from eachother.

And in case you could possibly forget tomorrow is my birthday sale! So if you missed any file you want. Tomorrow is the day! And here is a link to my section of the store at Paperthreads.

And a quick thank you to all the Happy Birthday Emails and Cards. I would list everyone, but holy smokes I would forget someone's name and feeeeeel soooo baddd!!

More later... Enjoy!

Would you download without knowing what it is? I will post the picture in a bit. PW is wisconsin. Yes, I was born in Tucson, but grew up in Wisconsin and moved back here. I spent my last vacation in Wisconsin enjoying the green and the beauty! My Dad is there. Love to go back and see him every year.

This file is no longer available, but can be purchased at Paperthreads.

This is the download file for today. It is another frame. I grouped two of them together in the store. 46 people downloaded gsds without even knowing what the file was. WOW! that is some serious faith in my files.

Okay so I was asked what is on my birthday wish list....... A KNK 15" of course. hahah. Actually I am pretty happy and life is good. So I couldnt really pindown what I wanted. However, My husband jsut called and said I get to have my bday gift tonight because it fills his entire backseat. hmmmm... I have no idea what it is. No idea what so ever. We shall see and I will let you know tomorrow. I am off to mop the floors. and Beg my son to take a nap.

5:15 pm - Okay I think this is the last update for the day... I got my bday gift. 2 adirondack chairs for the front porch one red and one aqua. They will look soooo nice. Now I gotta get them together. Woohooo. Love my husband. Something I would have wanted, but probably not have purchased right away and they will look so nice for the party tomorrow. Well I am back to it! Have a wonderful weekend and don't forget the sale tomorrow!

Hugs to all!!



Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Palm Frame

Another frame. 2 pieces. This is a pretty intricate cut with the leaves. So I wouldn't recommend making it really small. These files are for personal use only. I gotta get stuff done. So off I go! PW is wisconsin. No longer available for download, but for sale at Paperthreads with an additional frame in one set.



Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sunset to Remember Frame

Here is today's download it is a frame currently, but can be used in many different ways. the Sunset on the "water" has three different sets of "ripples" to give it a unique affect. Also, at the words "Sunset to Remember" with a Mat. each of those cut in one piece. And a frame for behind to use or not use. I hope someone has some beautiful sunsets on the water to use for this. Password is still vacation.

Okay on to other things! My sale... will be the 16th of June. It will be all day long and is to celebrate my birthday. I hope someone has the opportunity to take advantage of it and get some of my files they may have missed. Thank you, as always, to those who always let me know they have purchased some of my files. I love to hear that they are being used and purchased. Thank you Thank you Thank you

Okay I have gotten lots of emails about the squirtgun party and how do I pull this off with a bunch of adults and a bunch of children. Well I gotta say, we have some friends who don't come because it is a "squirtgun" party. Alot of people like to come because it is over 100 degrees here in June and what better way to celebrate and get together for anything then with water.

The rules for the party always read... no water or guns in the house, no water or guns near the horses or dogs because they do not have thumbs in order to be able to get you back, no water in the dry zone. Every year we have a dry zone. It is a tiny patch in the shade next to the house that there are a bunch of chairs and those not interested in partaking in the water fights can sit and watch, chat and be a part of it, but there are no loaded squirtguns allowed in it. Or you will be escorted out by squirtgun. and of course NO WATER BALLOONS. I learned my lesson the hard way the first time. Tiny Tiny pieces to pick up. It was a nightmare.

We also rent a water slide. This year we rented a Super Slip N Slide. Remember those long yellow pieces of plastic that laid on the ground. Well out here in the desert there isn't any grass to lay it on. So the rental is all aired up on all sides and is 30 ft long and 10 ft wide for everyone to use. My husband is wondering if it will be wide enought to have races... This should be interesting!

We have had new people attend and most of those who partake in the water play return the following year. Some decide it just isn't for them. No hard feelings for me. I would rather people not complain in life and just do what they need to. Those who show up with the 99 cent squirtguns the first year definitely return with the 40 dollar super soakers the next year. So we can sometimes have about 60 people here and the water games are crazy!!! But it is fun. I usually come out of the house at the end of the night and pull the drinking water coolers down. These are full of ice. Well I have a gun that just pulls water out. I think it is called the cannon. I take this "cannon" and draw the water from the cooler. So those who think they can get me in the beginning of the evening and get away with it. Really are freezing by the time the evening is over. When it hits them they are like... ehh?.. it's water I am all ready wet. Until of course they realize it is freezing cold. But hey that is my little secret weapon.

It started out as a birthday party for me and in honor of my Grandma. (She would show up to every party with a batch of ice she made, no ice maker here either. She would come out with it smiling and the water duel was on. You would have ice in your shirt, down your shorts and soaked.) So I am carrying her tradition on. I love birthday parties where you do stuff. Like we flew kites for my son's bday this year. But anyways. Now that it has become a tradition. It is more about the party and less about my birthday which I can appreciate more and more with every year. Some who attend don't even know it is my birthday and I don't advertise it that way. However, I thought it was a good reason for a sale. Any reason for a sale! (ask my friend Lori)

Any case. that is more details on the party which I am preparing for.

Have a wonderful day and most of all

Download no longer available, but may be purchased here.

I am here ... just running behind.

I lost track of time yesterday and didn't get a chance to cut my file before I uploaded! So there will be one today. I have not dropped off the face of the earth and will try to get the freebie posted later today.

If you see the new header it is for this week only, my birthday week which most people know I celebrate with a squirtgun party, but I am also celebrating with a sale of all my files at Paperthreads on my actual birthday.

See you all later!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Father's Day Mini Album

Here is a Mini Album for those working on it this weekend. It is a mini album that i fyou need to mail it when increased in size evenly it can be stretched to a 6 inches wide by 8 tall. Fitting into 6x9 envelope. Or you could add an easel to the back and give Dad his own flip album for the office desk. Cuts in 4 pieces. Great for adding pictures or thoughts. There are holes at the top, but if you plan to bind it a different way you can ungroup and not cut the holes.

Lots to do. Everyone enjoy your weeekend!



This file is no longer available, but can be purchased here.

PW is vacation and same rules apply. Personal Use Only! No sharing, altering, or claiming as your own.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Life in General.. love it..

Hello to everyone! Today was my foundation meeting so I won't be able to provide a freebie today as I have been at it all day trying to get things prepared for it.

A note about the the Celiac/Gluten Free files.
They are up in the store at Paperthreads. For those interested.
Wheat Free for Me
No Grain No Pain and Proud to be Gluten Free
Gluten Free Alpha and No Gluten Free Symbol

You can see the pictures a few posts back.

Also, my friend Lori at Paperthreads made these cute files to sell at Paperthreads and I just had to share. She is the one I did the set of Lorisms a few months ago. In fact I left that file up for free download if you search through my previous posts. She accused me the other day of having spyware on her computer and doing the files she was working on. I had to laugh. This would mean she is as "warped" as I am. Okay and so if she is reading this... Right now she is sputtering diet coke out here nose. ahhhhhh! Love that. Okay so anyways. I just wanted to share a couple of her cute files that are summer related since we are on a summer binge right now. I am considering getting the tie one so I can make a father's day card for the men in my life. But it also reminds me of a local food place we have here called Pinnacle Peak the whole ceiling of the place is filled with neckties they have cut off of people who have shown up with them on. It is a nice steak place. Well here they are.

Other than that. I am swamped with the rest of the things I have to do. So I am gonna run! Just wanted to drop a note that there won't be a file today. My apologies.


PS Big News on the 16th. Some of you may know what it is, but don't spill 'til then. Actually the 16th is my big squirtgun party. So I will probably post it on the 15th.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Buried in the Sand

Well here it is super late in the day. Keepin busy preparing for the upcoming party. Hubby is working right now on finishing the deck on the front of the house. Thank goodness, the other one was an accident risk waiting to happen. I looked at the calendar today for June July and August. What the heck happened to my summer? Great to have plans but wew! super busy.

So on to the file.... This file is in a few pieces. I hope someone likes it and it makes you giggle. I started working with a blob shape and this is what I came up with. I just may be warped. This file no longer available for free download, but can be purchased HERE. Same password as last post. File comes apart with the sand, the arms and legs, the one piece words and the mat.

Thank you to everyone on the great emails regarding my last post and "gluten free" files. Makes my day! I have also had some files purchased in the last few days. Thank you to those who have helped out the "support Chris' freebies fund" . {just teasing}. But I do appreciate it!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Gluten Free Alphabet/Celiac

Okay so I had a request for these so I made a few. I know they won't be a hugely popular file. So I have created three, but I am only going to offer one as a freebie here. If you know of anyone who may be interested in this file, please send them to my blog to download it.

Yes, I do not eat gluten. My hubby was a gem when I found him. When I told him I couldn't eat pizza and most beers, he said .. okay, more for me. Most men I met said. hmmm.. what are we gonna eat? So off he and I went. Enjoying different things. It is always a treat at my birthday time because he comes up with very creative ideas for non-gluten birthday cakes. And the man loves to shop and he can read a label almost as fast as I can.

So I hope someone can use the file and enjoy! The "No Gluten Free Symbol" is one a piece cut, and the alphabet cuts all in one piece and the G F are seperate cuts for on top of the GF image. Password is vacation. These File will be available on Paperthreads soon!

Below are the other two files uploaded at Paperthreads. They should be in the store in the next few days.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Keeping Cool

Okay so it is warmmmmm here already. And so this file seemed appropriate to work on.

Keeping Cool comes in a few pieces. The Words and the "Streams of air" and the base of the fan. Also included are the blades of the fan so you can give the fan more depth. If anyone has a project for this, I would love to see it. My first thought was a picture I have of my dog in my son's little kid pool. Standing on the side of the pool is my son looking a little perturbed that this dog decided to lay in his pool. Okey Doke. If you don't know already these files are for your personal use. Please do not share or alter them and claim as your own! Here is the link This link is no longer available as a freebie, but will be available on Paperthreads soon.

Thank you to everyone for the great comments on my blog change. I was so frustrated trying to change the background green color of the old one that I decided to change the whole thing. Bright and sunny for the summer! Password is vacation.

Well I have a few files to work on. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! And has a great start of the week!


My featured file at Paperthreads this month. I thought I would share.
If you are interested in this file it can be purchased HERE. Come with a few pieces, but most people have sent me comments that the ball is perfect for what they were working on. So you never have to use all of my file, just some of it works for me! I try to create a file that is complete with many pieces and can be used in many ways.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Leavin' On a Jet Plane

So here are three pieces. One is a solid cloud. The next is the verbage in a cloud and the letters have been stenciled to make one cut. And then the plane. Hope someone can use it! This file is no longer available for download.

Thank you so much for all the great ideas for softball. Honestly, I should have asked for help sooner cause I have been wondering about it for a while now. Wooohooo! I really appreciate the thoughts.

This weekend my hubby and brother are building a front patio for us. I am looking forward to it. Only two weekends til our annual squirtgun party! I think this is our 7th. I am nervous cause I haven't had many rsvps, but it will be fun no matter how many people come. We usually average about 60-70 people. Lots of water guns and I rent an adult size slide. This year it is a "Slip - n - Slide" on Steroids. Should be lots of fun and a good break to the heat. Password for Freebie Files is still vacation.



Help with Ideas :Baseball and Softball

You guys are always sooooo awesome on ideas.

I get lots of requests for Baseball and Girl's Softball.

I have pondered these two things because I would like to do a set of files for it, but I just cannot come up with titles.

Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated!


PS There will be a download later today. I just didn't get to trial cut it yesterday! And I still have some summer files. Just trying to look ahead.