Friday, July 22, 2011

Dirt Cheap Deal for whole set of Monogram Letters

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Monday, July 18, 2011


My friend, Heidi, came up with this idea over summer break for teachers. I had the cutter for the vinyl and she had the Hand Sanitizer . Perfect matchup. I know she found it on a blog. I have searched high and low for it today and have given up the search. So through many paths here is the finished piece. My son thought it was cute and cool to have the bugs on it. But  not the button really.. Even got an eye roll over the button. But the bugs… can we cut those and put them on the window in my room. AhHHHH nope. I am not sure the front window of the house is appropriate for Silhouettes of Bugs!  Today was first day of school and tomorrow I will post pics of it. Yeah!


Last day for Lori’s QMC early birds. So if you want to get those extra files today is the day to jump in to the membership.


And then tomorrow is a day you want to visit Michelle’s Blog… the other designer for July Grab Bag drawing… That is if you didn’t win Lori’s. and at VDBC we always cover for those who already supported us and bought. So enter enter. ;-)




Sunday, July 17, 2011

Monogram tile.. and friends who save the day!

This past weekend I worked on a gift for a friend who was celebrating his birthday and a housewarming party. I went to work on this and realized I didn't have wide enough vinyl. rrr. Luckily a good friend of mine had come over a week or so before and left some vinyl in my studio after we worked on another project. Yeah! Little did she know she saved the day! Thank you thank you. And also to my friend Lori who helped with my ton of questions as I made my first one of these. (You really want to visit Lori's blog today if you want to win cutter files Monday.hint hint)  and this is how the tile came out on my counter. (rrr hate those white counter tops. cannot wait to rip them out. )

And then at their house on the entertainment center in the stand my hubby found. Perfect! I think they liked it.

And this is good for a giggle.... The cake.. He ordered it for his own birthday. Apparently he earns some ribbing every birthday about his age. ahhhh Love it! haha.

Hope you had a great weekend!

Monday, July 11, 2011

So much to say...

I have been thinking about this post. I have taken some time off this past week to regroup my thoughts. And I am on a ramble roll here. So I am just gonna pour it all out…

Here is recent pic of us from a wedding. I just drool over my hubby even after almost 10 years of marriage. And this little guy in front keeps us on our toes and busy with life. Busy giggling and laughing.

Most know that I lost my 17 year old Puppy Nala about two weeks ago. After 17 years of taking care of her, I feel just a little bit scatterbrained when I go to take her out and realize she isn’t there. I definitely liken it to my brain crashing into my heart. I used to get up and check on her in the middle of the night. So I have done that a few times only to end up sitting on the floor wondering when I will not do this anymore. Or asking my kiddo to pickup his toys so she won’t slip on them when moving around (and boy do I get a weird look when I do this.) I still walk into the room glancing in all directions to look for her. I think habits of the Heart are just so hard to break. But luckily I live with two outstanding men. They went recently to Home Depot to get some supplies and came home with this little album below. They stopped at Michael’s and picked it out to make a memory book. Lots of smiles, hugs and tears. Without them I would be one lonely girl. I love them both so dearly.

The reason for the trip to home depot was this…

A gazebo for our Jacuzzi in an effort to keep some sun off of it and my hubby is sooo sweet he attracts all kinds of bugs. Oh and they just land in our cups (have to have water all times I am a freakazoid.) so this is perfect. But in the process our good deal required a new hammer drill. Hhahah. My hubby mentioned it a few times. And then mentioned getting a cheaper one, but I told him to get the one that was gonna make it through the rebuild on our hobby barn patio screen porch .. he smiled and pondered all at once. Haha. I think he was probably thinking “ hey that worked pretty good. Got myself a fancy new drill and then pondered… hey how did she do that?? Now I am definitely going to have to start on the screen porch.” Or maybe he just thought woohoo! I get to build stuff. My hubby just rocks around our house with all the added touches and things he does.

Speaking of this. I saw this Phoenix groupon for Journey and Foreigner in concert. Oh my hubby would be so happy. Haha. We have plans coming up so the idea will probably have to be tabled, but sounds like fun.

I, also, am taking a break from the QMC this quarter and most know my good friend Lori is jumping in for me to cover. I have seen most of the files she is working on and I know the members will not be disappointed.
And the QMC for April-June is completed. So if you were a member there you may want to get them downloaded.
I plan to take my few months and catch up on a lot of things. … spend this first week finishing up some summer things I didn’t do with the kiddo. He goes back to school next week. I know we wanted to do a few more things over the summer so gonna try and fit them in. yes to most it may seem early, but for me I think it is the best. I love year round school and we get three weeks off in beautiful weather of Sept/oct. yeah! And from there I need to work on my “where did time go?” list of things to do. One is a Pearl Harbor project. Also work on some scouting items. Did you know I got promoted to Den Leader wooho? Sounds like fun to me and it is something we all do as a family and participate in. so lots of things to catch up on and work on.

I know there was more I wanted to ramble about, but I seem to have run out of a little steam in my typing, but we always know I am good for another ramble here shortly.

Here is the link for the last newsletter with the grab bag for July of which I am a designer and here are my additions. You can see the rest in the store HERE. $7.00 for these ones and the rest of them as well. Yeah!

Have a wonderful day!



PS if you made it this far.. I think I am gonna draw someone from the gallery next week that use one of my files. It has to be in the Visual Designs by Chris category. I am going to search those and draw a winner. Sounds like fun to me. :-) In can be in multiple categories, but when I click this link it should show up there. Thanks fore reading my ramblings. Enjoy!

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