Saturday, March 31, 2012

Easter Bunny Poo

Hello to all of those visiting from the Card-A-Day Blog.
I am highlighting one of my Easter "cards" from last year.

Well.... it isn't a typical card, but it is what I used to give to my nieces last year. It made them giggle and laugh. It was super easy for me to do and the smiles were worth it. I am ALWAYS on the quest for New Green plastic Grass. wow gets in everything. 

Friday, March 30, 2012

Octopus Download & Sale

This is another of the pieces from my nephew-to-be's twins room. Hope you can enjoy it.

You can download the octopus in the forum HERE. and the password is iagreetou.

Thanks for stopping by! and tomorrow see my Card A Day Blog post. Busy Busy.

Don't forget to scroll down a few posts and look for the seahorse to compliment it.

Also I am offering my section of the store on sale today at 40% off. stop by for just a few days and pickup some files. Add items to your cart to see the discount. 


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My files in the store can be located here. Thank you for stopping by!

Things I need to say. 
When you enter the password it says I agree TOU. it means that you agree to my terms of use that this is a personal use. In order for me to keep creating freebies. Please send folks here to my blog. Another good place to find me is on my facebook page for quick updates. 

Answers to Questions..
Folks ask my why am I loading to the forum and why the password. Well my other option is a site perhaps like 4shared etc. So you would follow the same steps only instead you go to the forum on the VDBC site and download. I am trying to centralize my work and time on the net so I can create create create. (I am having success with this goal as I have been creating like crazy.) So once you have registered at the forum you can continue to download the freebies by using the passwords. They change once a month rather then every time. So sometimes the forum may not even ask you for a password if you already entered it that month. :-) And that is the blah blah blah of today's post. 

So now run on over and grab that file. And just remember.... 
For the QMC members this file as always is in the
Perks section for current members of the QMC. 

Files on sale that might interest you! but there are sooooo many more. Have fun.

Bracket Jumble with Whimsical DaisiesBracket Jumble with Whimsical Daisies
Brackets and flowers and flowers oh my! Need a mat for a spring filled page, trip to a garden or a Mom’s day card? This is a lovely design for flower lovers old and young, a versatile design for any project.

Common price: $2.89
Special price for you: $1.73 x 1 = $1.73 


Elegant Easter Egg Set 1Elegant Easter Egg Set 1
Lovely to look at yet calorie free! This lovely set of 5 elegant Easter eggs can be layered or displayed on the half shell. The perfect design for your Easter themed projects, be it a poster announcing the Easter breakfast, wall art or bulletin board, cards, layouts or how about hiding this egg instead of the “real” ones on your Easter egg hunt—perfect for warm climates! Just “hide” a coupon for a special treat on the back of each egg, then you can use them on your pages or cards as well. Happy Easter!

Common price: $2.69
Special price for you: $1.61 x 1 = $1.61 

Monogram 8Monogram 8
On Creative Deal Aug 2nd - 3rd, 2011 for $3.99
Bee-utiful! This set of lovely and feminine monograms are the perfect addition to any project. This awesome file includes the entire alphabet, all letters cut with the little bee welded to it, the background is welded and cuts in one easy piece with the exception of one floating flower. This floating flower can be removed if you want to add a name or any other creative idea. This set has so many options for creating one of a kind gift’s for family and friends. It would be so easy to create a set of bookplates, a fancy bookmark, a tile to display, stencils to use on fabric or for etching glassware. Let your imagination run wild and create a flower filled monogram project for someone you love.
Included is a-z monogram, one blank monogram setup without the letter (see pic above on right side), and one slightly less busy for a smaller tile/project without a letter (see pic above). (Smaller project cut does not include whole alphabet and is added with the intention of matching magnets, tiles, cards etc. )
 26 letters x 6 formats = 156 files
plus 1 Blank setup for additional use = 6 files
plus 1 smaller coaster style file = 6 files
Total of 168 files when all the conversions are included.
Project shown is a magnet board with vinyl on center. Magnet Board not included. This is an electronic digital cutter file.

Common price: $9.99
Special price for you: $5.99 x 1 = $5.99 

Bunches of Cupcake WrappersBunches of Cupcake Wrappers
What a crazy bunch of…cupcake holders! This set of 5 cupcake holders have designs for all occasions, from elegant weddings, kids Birthday, graduation, or dance events. All of the holders cut in one layer, you can easily resize to fit your “sweet” or make napkin rings or wraps for certificates. There is no excuse to NOT have fancy and fitting decorations for your next party or event with this conglomeration of cupcake holders.

Common price: $3.69
Special price for you: $2.21 x 1 = $2.21 

Animals - Silhouettes with SparkleAnimals - Silhouettes with Sparkle
What a bunch of animals! Yep, that's right, animals! We got bunnies and cats, horses and dogs, pigs and kangaroos and dolphins! Holy cow! Ain't no bull--yep, got them too! Many views, close ups to distant, all are silhouettes with “sparkle”. This group all cuts in one layer, use them all or separately, whenever and wherever you need a lil’ animal action!

Common price: $9.99
Special price for you: $5.99 x 1 = $5.99 

Challenge 2 - CollectionChallenge 2 - Collection
Here is the collection of files offered in Challenge 2. After many requests they have been added to the store together in a group for purchase.

Common price: $9.99
Special price for you: $5.99 x 1 = $5.99 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Thank you Cards

I needed a thank you card for our Soccer Coach. A lady who stepped up to volunteer coach when no one else at the table  would jump in. So I cut two files from the Grab Bag I am a part of.

I wanted to accent the strawberries on one and my son wanted to play with the glitter. So my son glittered the yellow flowers cards. He had fun using the stickles. he loves them. :-) little tubes of glitter fun!

and a I added a  "all kinds of Thanks" stamp I got from Michael's in the 1.00 bin. I love those little quick saying stamps in different styles. 

If you'd like to get the grab bag, it is still open for just a few more days.
You can find it with these  files included and 8 others for only $7.00
Grab Bag in the store.

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My files in the store can be located here. Thank you for stopping by!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

a little gross...

My son recently attended a birthday party which he asked me to stay at. So I did because he asked, but planned on it anyways. It was a "Fear Factor" birthday party. with a bunch of items they needed to do to accomplish on their "Fear Factor Pass". The grand finally was these cupcakes...

They were so not my style... first off... flour and gluten. eesh and ... well I am not into

Monday, March 26, 2012

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Seahorse Download

Hello to everyone!!!
Working away on a burst of creativity. I love it!!! My sweet little one has spring break for the last two weeks. He is loving every moment of it and so am I. I realized as he walks around here at the house and makes his day that he has his own soundtrack. It is

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Last Day for that super cute Bicycle Ride file

So if you want to get that extra file for the Grab Bag today is the last day to download it with your grab bag purchase.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Adding some bling

Went to the Rodeo in February. My hubby took me shopping a few days before. I know he woulda bought me the "bling" jeans but I couldn't wrap my head around the cost. So I got a pair of "non bling"  jeans

Friday, March 2, 2012