Friday, September 30, 2011

Down the WoodFairy's Path

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 I have an Aunt whose nickname is the Woodfairy. She spins these light and airy tales of magic and happiness. Reading them just makes me smile. It lightens my mood. I have even copied one or two in my "read it again folder" on my computer. Recently, she posted a where was she in life post. Was this what she had done in life comment. That self review type thing. I told her I thought she should capture these woodfairy posts and put them in a children's book, if only for her grandchidren and their future children.  Then a few days later she posted a picture and I played with it. and put my own spin on it. I do believe I could hear her happiness from her mountain to my home in Arizona. She loved the photo. I hope one day she captures her whimsy or lets someone capture it for her to save and collect and cherish. So that is the thought behind these two pictures. And if you are reading this Aunt Elise. I love you and your happy posts  .... my heart beam.
The WoodFairy's Niece.

 My Aunt's Photo of her way to the home on the mountain... ...

Now Close Your Eyes.... and scroll down with your finger

And Open... Don't you see it!

I love to see people smile. Have a wonderful day!

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Chalkboard Paint Wine Glasses

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Trying something new...

I have seen these glasses all around the net. They make me think of our family Thanksgiving and the never ending question. Is this your glass? Is this your glass? I am not sure where I left my glass? Is this it? My hubby is connossiuer of wine. One of his many wonderful traits. love it. I, myself, am not really a wine partaker. however, I have been to a few wine tastings it blows my mind when the food changes the flavor of the wine. But for the most part I am not a partaker.  So I grabbed some chalk board paint and had a box of extra wine glasses in the storage from a gift. So I grabbed them, taped them off and spray painted. I went and bought some chalk and done. So super easy and if I added a ribbon to each just in a bow they would be a great and easy addition to our Thanksgiving party. Just need chalk to get your name on your glass and not have to remember which Wine glass ring was yours or did you switch from red to white because someone mentioned how red your teeth/lips were. haha. 

Oh and do you like the Spider Goblets? my hubby got them for decoration. I used them as a prop. My friend Heidi is probably rolling her eyes about now. haha. But a white poster board pretend light box and I needed something to spice it up. (I am in Halloween and Fall mode working on some grab bage files. woohoo)
As usual I found this idea on the web and I started with where I found it and went from post to post to post bouncing and bouncing to find an original and couldn't so I was inspired and here is my take on them. Thank you out there to the inspirational people out there.

And I think I am addicted to Chalkboard Paint!!! I have been spraying surfaces oh sooooo fun!! So I am sure there will be more ideas to come.

Have a Wonderful and Happy Thursday!

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Welcome to Sam & Hailey Designs

Have you seen this lady above this morning? Her name is Jan and she is with Tim Holtz. How fun! Well Jan is also the creative force behind Sam & Hailey Designs. If you haven't seen this picture yet, then you have missed her very creative blog with color swatches, cut files, trends. The link is here.

Other place you can see here is..... wait for it.... wait for it.... At VDBC!!! Wooohoo! Jan has joined the "More" team. I have known Jan for some time and Jan is also a "neighbor" She lives a few miles away and I get to see her on some Saturday mornings super early over fruits and veggies! Yeah. I am so happy to have her join the site. I think her style of files is beautiful, creative and absolutely innovative. Her "Nerdy" background  helps her to build some really smooth and useful files. (she calls it "Nerdy" not me! I love it. )

Take a peak at her files in the store.... and also don't forget to add a few to your wishlist. I will see if we can talk her into a few wishlist give aways in the future!! I know some of her files are on my wishlist. You can visit her store HERE.

How wonderful!! I am so excited to see her files hitting the store. Also, look for a special newsletter challenge in the October 1st newsletter. Coming out shortly make sure to join on the front page of the store so you get your copy!!!  And Jan is here just in time to celebrate our Anniversary Party with us! How exciting is that. Well it is for me! I am surrounded by a phenomenal group of creators.

Welcome Jan!
The QMC update. I hope to load the QMC in the store this weekend some time. I have been working on files to upload as well my files for the October Grab bag! So it is a coming. I will post here, in the newsletter and on my yahoo group! So you won't miss it. Have a wonderful day!
Thanks for joining me in another beautiful day!

PS for Facebook fans. I have orange glitter finally and have started on my project! Thanks for everyones help!

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Where did you find them?

Sharing Facebook… I thought some of you might find this humorous. So reposting here on my blog.
Okay so yesterday I was in the studio and I posted on facebook….
My hubby is riding horse. I am in the studio lost in daze as I watch him out the window. I am so blessed with a handsome hubby. On a side note my son is going through all my drawers in the craft room to find something to do this break. he has found my fireworks, glow sticks, paint, glitter, chalkboard paint. oh man the list goes on! Right now he is running around with rubber gloves on? I don't know? just because? Apparently I will need to replace them next time I glue. I have a feeling I won't be getting them back. I hate glue on my hands.

Here is my followup today…

I never got the gloves back. I asked where they were.. his reply with a serious are you kidding me look was... "Mom you have a whole box. you can't just share one pair". ahhh.. okay. my response... "Where did you find them". I have been using the same pair for forever!


Yep I have my kiddo home with me for fall break. So I have pulled out the Holiday ornaments for him to make that I purchased on clearance last year. These are mostly stick on sticker, but I think it is important for him to not just “get” for Christmas but also give. So that is one project to keep his little hands busy. While thinking about what I could do to keep him busy for 2 of the 3 weeks (He has horse camp the last week. ) We made a to-do list  and it was promptly put on the fridge. I will take a picture it and post it. As he was  making his list, I said… Add Clean my bookshelf. It’s on the list but I got an eye roll. So hopefully we will get lots of fun pictures as well during these two weeks and lots accomplished. So if I am slow to respond til mornings. You will know why.  Because we are working on the “to-do” list in the afternoons.

And Orange Glitter. I am trying to find orange glitter. I stopped at a few places this weekend and none to be found. Orange glitter in October? Really? Hard to find? What? So tomorrow I hope to pick some up in my errands.

If you are wondering, yes there will be another QMC by Chris. Thank you to Lori for jumping in for me. I am working on files for it as we speak. I am focusing on files for gifts and cards. So I hope you come back and jump in when I load it to the store.

Have a wonderful day!




Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gfree White Chocolate Cranberry Oatmeal cookies.

This weekend I decided to break down and make an oatmeal cookie. I have been thinking about an oatmeal cookie and craving one for a few weeks now. Finally it is time to try something. I had a bag of craisins from Ocean Spray and white chocolate chips so my plan was set.


Now time to find a recipe that I could make gfree. I used Pamela's baking and pancake mix. I usually can swap this for flour with a 1 to 1 ratio. And I had Bob's Red Mill gluten free oatmeal. So off I went. I followed this recipe HERE on the Ocean Spray website. Except with the switch out of a few gluten free replacements.


Mine didn't come out like that chunky picture on their site, but more spread out and flat as you can see in my picture. (where did I get that black hue in the picture. Must be from my phone.) To do differently I would have cut the salt in half. I try to avoid salt so they seemed salty to me. My guys said they were yum. In fact I had to hide some up in the cupboard so they would last a few days.


I also cooked them about 4 minutes longer then indicated, but I had two trays baking at once and I used parchment paper on the cookie sheet. Nothing worse thaan making a cookie after waiting to do so and having it stick to the pan.


I put them in a Ziploc bag, well most of them,  so they could stay moist and chewey.


Other than that it has filled my craving for oatmeal cookie. And was a hit with my guys. Yeah!  Always adventures in gfree cooking.


Now for canning. 25 lbs of tomato sit on my counter waiting for beautiful jars to hold them. So that is my next project to under take. Yeah.


If you have a moment for  a prayer today, Maire, my husband's cousin needs a prayer push over the threshold of surgery. We are praying her brain surgery comes off without a hitch and her medical staff is blessed with the knowledge to complete the surgery successfully. Her kids and hubby wait for her to come out of surgery and gain her life back. Thank you for sharing your moment of prayer with my family.


Have wonderful day!







Friday, September 16, 2011

A bowl of beauty...

Recently, I attended an estate sale and this little bowl just called out to me. It says it's hand painted and has a signature.  I just think it is beautiful. Looking at it makes me smile. In my world, a whole set of mismatched plates that are beautiful would make me happy.  I know this also would spin untold chaos into my Handsome Hubby's world. So I tend to hold back. He likes his matching balanced sets. I am always moving things here or there. Repurposing containers etc.  My hubby has to live with enough chaos with me that I do my best to keep it contained.   And he manages with it awesome. He even bought me this little bowl when he saw me oggling it.

I have been hitting the thrift stores in search of a set of candle stick holders. The ones that hold a single candle maybe at the dining room table. I haven't found them yet, but I do have the other pieces for my project. So soon I will find them. Recently, I mentioned the project to a person at a party and the idea of just going to walmart was thrown out there. I had to giggle. I am on the hunt for them now and when I find them and I finish the project it will be like the finishing of that hand painted bowl. I can just imagine finishing so much detail and then turning it over and giving it a final look. The bowl sits on my counter in need of a purpose of which I will find one. It is so pretty for now I will just stare it and soak it up.

A few things... I am ready to come back from a hiatus on the qmc and have some files gettin prepped. So if you want to still grab Lori's fantastic files, it is down to the wire. So zip over to the store and join. She really packed some great files in for only $10. Wowser.

Next the newsletter went out. You can find the link on my facebook page and there is a file offering from Ileana. Woohoo. and then she has a challenge to get another file in the forum. Woohoo.

And now I am off to get my kiddo and give him lots of hugs. Have a wonderful weekend! Be safe and Enjoy!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Next to you Freebie File

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I have added this freebie today. You can download it here. The password is iagreetou723. If you downloaded our previous freebie this month, you probably won't get asked for a password.  The legal mumbo jumbo is that by typing in the password you show agreement that the terms of use for this file are personal and you are not to pass it on or around the web. 

This file comes in a high resolution JPG and PNG which you can use for digistamping. And it comes in black not the orange shown here. It also comes in a cut file in AI GSD KNK WPC SVG & DXF. This file would be great cut in vinyl and I plan to cut it in vinyl for the front of a card for my hubby and our anniversary. shhh. He doesn't read my blog. So no worries. haha.

You could use this file to participate in Sue's fall challenge. She has some great file donations for the winner. You can get more information here. and it is wide open a fall challenge. Awesome.

I saw this quote posted yesterday.. it made me just smile. I love these books. I hope it makes you smile to.

There is a voice inside of you

That whispers all day long,

I feel this is right for me,

I know that this is wrong.’

No teacher, preacher, parent, friend

... Or wise man can decide

What’s right for you–just listen to

The voice that speaks inside.

~Shel Silverstein

On to Life.... So my little big kid gave me his 6 line paragraph story for the newspaper yesterday afternoon. It was typed out and he had sources listed. Teachers he had talked to at school about bullying and students etc. He even listed one from his Religious Education class to "get the full story" . And he was proud that he spelled source correctly because it is a spelling word this week. So then we spent twenty minutes talking about the difference between source and resource. Love my life!

Have a wonderful day!


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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

We have a new designer... Welcome....

I want to say welcome!!!


Welcome to Ileana of I Scrap Designs. I was thrilled to hear from Ileana that she wanted to join the “More” team. I have known Ileana for some time and I think she has phenomenal style and her files cut just beautifully. Just the perfect candidate I would hope for for the VDBC “More” Team.   This makes her a perfect addition to our store. Ileana is jumping right in and we are so happy to have her join us.


Some of things she is jumping in to right away. Ileana is preparing to offer a freebie file, a challenge, signed up for grab bags and more. Lots going on here. She has lots of files already loaded to the store!


First, here is her Blog address. … I know many have it bookmarked, but if you don’t it is a great one to add to your file bookmarks.

 Ileana’s files sell here . And don’t forget to add her to your facebook read list. I have a feeling this lady is going to keep us busy and here is a good indicator of this below. (and we always want to friend those facebook pages just before the October Anniversary Party! Woohoo)


Here is the info for her Challenge which starts on the 16th. (The day the newsletter goes out a file will be included. ) And yes I am leaking some info here I am sure, but I just am so excited I wanted to get it out there. So don’t forget to grab the freebie and participate and then you …. Sorry just read below. Yeah! The more participants the more we want to jump in and keep offerings challenges and freebies. Our goal at VDBC is always to get your cutting and not just collecting.


Newsletter Make and Take Challenge by IScrapDesigns

(9/16/2011 – 9/30/2011)

In the September 16, 2011 VDBC Newsletter, there will be a Big Frilly Corner freebie.

Your challenge is to make something with the Big Frilly Corner and post a picture of your project in the gallery.  Then come back to this thread and post a link to your picture.

Once you have done that, I’ll update this thread to mark your project as completed and then I’ll send you a private message with a link to the Big Leafy Corner.

This challenge ends on September 30, 2011.  At that point, all the participants will be entered into a random drawing for another free file of the winner’s choice from the I Scrap Designs store here at VDBC.


Yeah and Welcome Ileana!!!



On to life…

Do we all know yet that I have an amazing son? I am more and more aware of this every day. And Yes I am bragging. We all know this and I am biased. Yesterday when I picked him up from school he said. I need to speak with the Principal. I thought okay. (My hubby had warned me) He promptly walked into the office and said “May I please see Mr. G?” the lady said. “Well honey he isn’t here is there anything I can do”. My son went on with how we need to have a student run newspaper and he wants to be hired and he just needs to get a camera and he can write very well and his Mom will check the spelling. As she reads all the time. and when can he start. The lady at the front was just a little flustered because she was trying not to giggle.  Everyone in the office was smiling. This was not my kiddos first walk into the office with his latest ramble. He gets this from Mom I am sure. Anyways. She explained that there is a newspaper club and for 3rd grade he can join. So next year. I said great. He said thank you very much. We walked out…. And he said “that is just ridiculous. Everything is 3rd grade. I am ready now. I will be over it by 3rd grade. Ridiculous.”  And so he has decided to just write for the paper his Dad writes a column for. haha. Love my kid. He enlightens me and regularly reminds me to do stuff now and not wait for some day! Someday, you never know, you might be over it.


And here is a big hint for you… Make sure you are registered at the form (brown button at top)… I am working on a freebie and Ileana has one coming out in the newsletter. These two  freebies will be  downloaded from the special spot in the forum! Yeah. Enjoy!


Have a wonderful day!



PS thank you to those who continue to pray for my family members. My Cousin’s son, Adam, who is in Second Grade and dealing with Bacterial Meningitis the week before he was supposed to end Chemo for Brain Cancer. And also my husband’s cousin, Maire, who is having Brain Surgery on this coming Tuesday. She has two beautiful children and family who need our prayers.  I believe in the power of prayer and I thank all of you who do as well for adding them to your prayer list.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bring on the Cheesehead!

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Dusting off some old files and adding them to the store.
I love to watch football and since the season is in. I am offering this file at $1.69. for Tuesday 9.13.2011. Normally this collection is $3.29. A great Wisconsin Proud file! Love the Green whether it be John Deere or the Pack.

Included in this set of files are a G jumble, a letter G, the outline of Wisconsin with three layers, "on the 8th day God created ...", and a circle listing Cheesehead, Wisconsinite and Packers Fan. Enjoy!

Enjoy! - Chris
PS. The Anniversary Party is coming... the Facebook and blog follower challenge will be on again this year. Make sure you are listed on both. Just another helpful tip before October 15th when we plan to party in the Forum! Enjoy!

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Wet Monday Morning! Yeah!

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Pretty proud of my son this past week. We talked about a birthday party he wanted to attend. We know this little girl loves horses and her favorite color is pink. We didn't know what kind of toys she has already. So my son said he would really like to make her a magnet board. (Yeah. My addiction lately. So Saturday Morning we hit Wally World for this white square magnet/wipe board.) and on Sunday morning we cut the letters and the horses out and put everything together. My son glued all the letters and I put the vinyl on the board. He attached the magnets to the back of the letters. Which was some magi-card blanks that I picked up somewhere along the way in life.  The red tag we used on the package when wrapped and my son signed the back of it. He had a great time at the party and was glad he went. Reilly is one of the little girls that came to his birthday. So he thought it was important to attend hers. He was really happy she liked it. And his crafting Mom was super happy that he wanted to make something to give. All in all lots of fun!

Well It's a Monday and what a great way to start the week! With Rain!! Most would think I am crazy, but living in the desert I love rain. I pray for it and when it happens you might see me out running around in it just to get wet and laugh. It is even better when my son is with me and the hubby is looking on at us and smiling. If there is no lightening, Dancing in the rain is the best!!! Of course by mid afternoon it will probably be over 100 and hot and muggy. I am hoping for cloudiness all day, but I can already see where the sun is trying to poke through and heat it all up. Warmed up wet horse stalls. Oh yucko. but for now I will just enjoy the pitter patter and a very wet border collie who wants me to come out and play in the rain. haha. So off I go. Have a wonderful day!
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Friday, September 9, 2011

Roadway Monogram magnet Board

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Labor Day Weekend was super busy for us. We have lots of birthdays in my family and my Handsome Hubbies. I made this gift for my 4 year old Nephew. It is a magnet wipe board that I added vinyl to. The cars were little party favors that I added magnets to that my hubby had in his tool room (Thanks Hubby).

I used gorilla glue to adhere the magnets to the cars. I saw a picture frame with cars on a letter similar to this, but I knew there was no way my nephew would look at a picture frame of a car. And because I am enjoying decorating magnet wipe boards .. well the idea was born. My brother was thrilled that his 4 year old son has a wipe board for his goals. haha. I had to laugh. My goals as mother of a 7 year old is teeth brushed, clothes on straight and right side out, and a happy smile as the kiddo walks out the door. As my Brother mentioned goals his son R pulled out the pen and traced the R. hehe. Here he is playing with it while Mom waits with another gift for him to open. Was fun.

Here is the little party favor car with the magnet on the bottom. These were some heavy duty magnets. I am gonna be on the lookout for more. and they were the perfect height so the tires didn't scrape.

And here is Mom and son after the party started to wind down. Waterslide fun! We had so much fun hanging with family and visiting. It was a good time.

I am working on the rest of this Alpha for other Roadway Monogram Magnet Boards. I already have a few little ones  I can create the same style for. and I have a few more cars I could magnetize. My mind is swirling with ideas for the holidays.

And my review of Gorilla Glue! I love it. I found it super easy to use and quick to adhere. Perfect because my son was paitently anxiously waiting for it to dry so he could test the cars out. fun fun.


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Friday, September 2, 2011

Newsletter out and a new freebie

Our September newsletter went out today. You can visit it here. The biggest thing with this newsletter is we have moved our freebies to download from the forum. In an effort to make it easier on our members of the forum. You can visit the forum with the password posted in the newsletter and download. You have to login and get the download in our files section. There is no cost. Just a visit.


Hope you enjoy the freebie as I am working on a set of these files.  The next one will soon to post.


It’s Labor Day Weekend!! You know what happens in my family on Labor Day Weekend. Birthdays Birthdays. Of my Mom’s 5 grandchildren, 3 of them have birthdays this weekend! And my twin cousins also have a birthday this weekend. So it will be lots of fun and family time. Also, this evening I hope to get out and kick up my boots and do a little dancing. We have been busy busy and so this will be a nice little quiet time with my hubby. I am so looking forward to it.


It’s Friday and I am busy putting out all the little fires that could come up over the weekend. I am on my way to get those done and find a cute outfit to wear.


Have a wonderful day!  And safe and enjoyable Labor Day Weekend!




PS If you don’t want to miss any of this set, I will also be posting updates on my facebook fan page. HERE