Thursday, August 1, 2013

Growth and Change... VDBC announcement

Growth and Change...

It has come time  for me to let the VDBC store go. I have been hanging on to it mostly out of nostalgia and the phenomenal people that I have met through out the years. It is time to grow and change.

I will be closing the VDBC store down August 31st. Between now and then the many designers at VDBC will be having sales and offerings and letting you know where they are going and some are choosing to take their own path in life and not re-offer their files in a new place for the forseeable future. ( I never say never.) So if you want those designs better to snap them up quick.

I, myself, will be continuing this blog as my journal and from time to time offering a "flash file sale."

Some of my files can be found at the KNKUSA store, but I will admit all of those in the VDBC store will not be moving to KNKUSA. So if you find something you like or want or have a wishlist in the store full.
Now is the time to grab what you can. Watch for sales coming out over the next month.

If you are a QMC Member of have been in the past, please email me for a special discount coupon to add to any of my sale prices. :) I offer this to those who have helped me support my family as I have traveled on this adventure.

I can't help but reminisce. When I started designing cutter files, I had a teeny tiny baby at home with me. I was going to be a stay at home Mom and just be awesome. I found myself chatting about machines that cut paper into little teeny things. My first machine was a craft robo. I still have it. I was excited that I cut teeny tiny purses and paper projects.  I found that editing those files and offering them on my blog every day just made me soooo happy. So I kept at it and ended up selling at Paperthreads. Then I decided after a few years it was time to go out on my own. and so I did. I sold on my own in the store at VDBC for quite some time. And then a few joined me. It was nice to have some co-designers. And it sure has brought me some awesome friendships.

If you want to be updated every once in a while when I have something new and astonishing, well mostly astonishing to my rambling self,  or a file created, please make sure you are registered at my yahoo group or on this mailchimp list. Who knows where this crazy life will lead me.

Thank you again to everyone who has helped me support my family and just been an awesome group of people to socialize and chat with. It has been wonderful. I love my life.

As always... Enjoy!

UPDATE** Thank you for the outpouring of personal emails I have been getting. Yes if I can get a forum up and it is manageable when all the rest of the store and forum are slimmed down I would gladly keep a forum at the VDBC domain for our caring and wonderful members. So keep up on the news and up to date. Join my Yahoo group and/or the mailchimp. {{{hugs to everyone}}} thank you.

To get quick fun updates of things going on, you can join my facebook page.

My files in the store can be located here. Thank you for stopping by!


Lori McDonald said...

So sad.....


Caroline said...

I almost made it :( Sad news indeed!

Shirley Clark said...

I agree! So sad. . .

Anna said...

This makes my heart hurt. :( :( :(

Jill M said...

So sad...will miss your beautiful files.

Lynn C. ( said...

I am deeply sorry you have to close down, Chris. I loved your site, forum, newsletters, and files. You will all be missed. I hope the others find places to go so all of your wonderful files can still be purchased. For those of us who like to purchase rather than make the files, you all were a Godsend.
Good luck to you, Chris. Hope to hear from you as you transition into something else. Take care.