Friday, August 23, 2013

Ahhh... okay... bookstore adventures

My son and I spend alot time in book stores and libraries. We are book hounds. Along with my hubby. We love to read and love books, magazines etc. I have a tablet. I read on my tablet to with the kindle app. But love paper and books. For my son, I feel like the printed book is a good way to read. He plays videos, he has screen time, he texts.... at night before bed no screen involved... he reads. Yep I might be an old school Mom, but he reads and imagines and learns and flips a page old school style.
Recently, we were at Barnes and Nobles with the hubby. Before we went in for a gift for my hubby's god-daughter. I said to him " be aware, we could be  broke by the time we leave" he laughed. Well yeah... I was right.
It seems when my son and I are in bookstores and libraries we find the books that make us pause in puzzlement. This book was one my son came running up to me. And he is beaming with a mischievous sparkle in his eye. He looks at me and "says take a picture!" Then he reads the cover to me and starts making hacking gagging noise like we have heard our cat outside doing. And then giggling so hard his eyes were watering. I did and I was like what? Really? I love to craft, but this is not on my to do list.
So then we went off to find Dad and they both got lost to the sci-fi section and dr. Who bookmarks.
But I need to know.... has anyone who reads this post made cat hair crafts? I just can't wrap my mind around it.
#bizarrecrafts #vdbc

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Sandra from N said...

oh my word! I know I've wondered what i could do with all the hair i brush off my dog - lol. But i'm thinking more along the line of stuffing pillows with it. alas, i haven't tried. i leave for the birds to use in their nests:)