Saturday, November 24, 2012

My best friend.. my husband.. us

I have this man in my life and I would be lost without him. His smile just makes my heart flutter. I am blessed to be so in love. He is a fantastic father. He never takes a second thought to sweeping me off my feet into a dance. He just is wonderful. He is my best friend. We are going on Anniversary number 11 and we both said. Wow? Does it seem that long? Maybe 3 or 4 years but 11 Wow? I would love to have 1111 more years with him. From sitting by a fire, to watching our son ride horse, to dancing, to chatting, to going through life together. What would I do without him? I would go crazy. He is definitely my happy and calm place. His arms are the warmest and the tightest and the most honest I have ever felt. So Happy Anniversary to us. We make a point to take alot of time for just us. And I think it works. So this photo was from a gala we went to. They had a  photo booth and lots of props. As you can tell in the first picture, my face reads... YOU WANNA WHAT? hahaha. but he said it to make me laugh and we couldn't stop. We danced and dined with friends it was wonderful. What will we do this anniversary? Who knows. I am not a girl in need of Pomp and Circumstance. My husband shows me everyday how much I, we mean to him. I am a let's figure it out as we go and not miss out. So in not planning and just flowing for the most part. We have the opportunity to go ride horse and push cows on Saturday morning. And then I think we will hit a local restaurant in the evening with our son for some margaritas. Just be together. That makes me the happiest. Just enjoy each others company. Laugh and Enjoy. I say it often on this blog and although life is not picture perfect all the time (like when I slept through the alarm this morning and couldn't make a complete sentence and my hubby was giggling as he listened to me.) It may not be picture perfect at times. But it is pretty darn awesome. I do love my life.

Happy Anniversary to my hubby. I cannot wait to live and love through the many more to come.

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Kelly S said...

Happy Anniversary, Chris! May you have many more.