Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It is an honor....

Today is the day you are given the honor of voting. I know so many who find it a hassle or a bother to go out of their routine to do so. I have been known to get choked up as I walk away from the polls after my vote. What an honor to have my choice cast among the many. I often believe we do not have to have the same opinion to be friends or countrymen. I think if everyone agreed…we would just find something else to argue about. It is just human nature to have your own thoughts whether you are passionate, opinionated or just keep them to yourself.


One thing we do do every voting day. We get our child to the polling place. We would like him to have that natural response to voting day. To put it in your day and plan for it as the right and privilege it is. Not leave it to the last minute. Not grumble because the line is long. That line is long because others are taking the time to vote. We come together on such a day in a place to let our opinion be registered. What a phenomenal process. This morning our son was ready to go with Dad to the polling place. This made my heart beam. I told a friend about it and she said we are raising “good citizens”. She was waiting for her kids to wake up to take them. Something that may seem so small as a parent to do may be the step that persuades our children in the future to volunteer, step up and run or be a part of this process.


I feel voting is granted to us by those who came before us and fought for that right. Especially being female. 1920 does not seem so long ago that women were first allowed to vote. So because we come before my son and his grandchildren, I will vote and vote regularly and continuously to do my part in helping them ensure that right in the future. I hope you do to.


Enjoy your day!




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