Thursday, November 8, 2012

Gift Card ... Microbead Crazies...

Today is my post on the Card A day blog. My theme is gift card. I need a religious one. I am trying to work more with these pretty little microbeads that I have. They just befuddle me. Yes I used the word befuddle me. In trying to make them look nice and even. But it just doesn't work no matter what I do. If you have some tips and tricks, I will take them. I will keep trying to add to the card and make them look better.

Let me say tho…. I have a few very pretty jars of microbeads that add lovely color! Just so pretty.

Basically this is a card for a religious event. i.e. the cross and I love this stamp. It's just pretty.

Give me your microbead tips….

Thank you!!




Tina Campbell said...

Nice card. have you tried score tape for the beads?

Joana Morais said...

Try to use 3D clear gloss finish as glue or some kind of clear tacky glue.

Shelley Bordeleau said...

First off, thanks Chris for reminding me that I have some micro beads I bought at the dollar store a couple of years ago... going to have to incorporate them in my next card. I just tried sprinkling some on my 3m tape gun tape. They stick very nicely when "rubbed" on, but I would do another gloss finish on top to ensure they wouldn't fall off (like Joana said above).

Waseem said...

This is so simple and elegant card you have shared..i might use it when design Gift Card envelopes.

BobbisTreasure said...

Love the card, love the micro beads, too. When I apply them, I use Flower Soft Hi-Tack glue. The bottle has a very small tip. That helps me control the placement and amount a little better. I "draw" the area that I want the beads with the glue an inch or so at a time. Dust the glue with the beads, and then use my fingernails to smooth the edges. Really trial and error. If I have too much glue, the edges run. Too little, and the beads are sparse and uneven.

Karee Sue said...

Very pretty card, I use double sided tape, or tacky glue to attach my micro beads, I like going over them with clear nail polish so they don't stray, love using them as flower centers.