Friday, October 5, 2012

Smush Grab Bag Cards and QMC

Hello Weeekend!! I found some time today to put together a few Halloween Cards for my nieces and nephews. I used some files from the Smush Grab Bag. It only has a few more days to "grab" so take advantage of that this weekend.

I am a simple card maker. I like the very frilly and fun, but in all honesty these are going to my nieces and nephews. And the frill is nice, but really will be lost on them with the exception of some good fun Halloween stickers with added touches. My son picked these out when we were at Michael's last after some serious time in the store wandering with me. The Halloween items were just alot of fun to look at and laugh over. I love these times with my son. And I love that he can participate in our giving.

Here are some of our cards from the Smush Bag and below is a preview of the next qmc file to post next week.

This "buckle" above is from the smush grab bag
below the buckle and the conversation bubble. I used the cut out part with a pop do to give it some lift. 

This file below looked like little ticket stubs to me from Lori's portion of the smush bag.
The conversation bubble below (also I again popped dotted the cut away part to give it lift)
and the little plaques under each ghost. I am going to use for nameplates for my crooning nephews :)

This card below has a skeleton border for the QMC
If you have not joined the QMC you can still join, but I thought these guys were fun. 
I said to my son the other night.... 
Hey look at these guys don't they look happy? 
His response:
Well yeah I guess they look happy, but they're dead.. so thats kinda creapy. 
then I got a pat on the arm and a "Love you Mom" smile as he went back to playing with the MTC software which he wants to learn. So fun. 

I cut this file out of vinyl at 1.5 inches almost. Ithought I'd share. I love trying to get things to cut super small. I, also, love vinyl to do it. 

Well that's it for me... 
Don't forget the Smush Bag and the QMC if you are looking to add to your cutter file stash. 

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