Friday, October 26, 2012

It's our Annniversary!!

Tomorrow is the actual celebration day, but today I am giving away an Anniversary Freebie. We can just never seem to wait to start... I hope you like it and participate in the fun!! See Download info below.

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40% off
While you are in the store don't forget to cleanup your Wishlists and also I also have a 40% off sale this weekend. Stop by and see what you can use for holiday gifts. All my files are being converted to svg. If you get one without an SVG I can fix it for your next wednesday and send to you, but don't miss the sale through this Sunday.
Some of these files might interest you...

Monogram 6
MOnogram 6

Holiday Tag Package
Holiday Tags Package

Ribbbons 3
See details
Ribbbons 3
SKU: CD00520 

This is a great assortment of 10 types of ribbon or lace, perfect for borders, embelishments or edges for frames, scrapbook pages, cards--whatever you need a "special" look for! This is a wonderful assortment from daisy chains, flower chains, buble chains, dotted swiss, zippers--to name a few! Th... 

Ribbon Sided Box
See details
Ribbon Sided Box
SKU: CD00742 

Do you need a quick gift box? This easy to cut design comes in 2 designs, one with stars up and down the side, the other with circles. Use ribbons or fibers to put it together. Resize it for you needs, just remember to cut 2 pieces of the design, get out your ribbons and lace it together! Wouldn’... 

Animals - Silhouettes with Sparkle
See details
Animals - Silhouettes with Sparkle
SKU: CDcol00006 

What a bunch of animals! Yep, that's right, animals! We got bunnies and cats, horses and dogs, pigs and kangaroos and dolphins! Holy cow! Ain't no bull--yep, got them too! Many views, close ups to distant, all are silhouettes with “sparkle”. This group all cuts in one layer, use them all o... 


Things I need to say about freebies. 
You can DOWNLOAD here. 
When you enter the password it says I agree TOU. it means that you agree to my terms of use that this is a personal use. In order for me to keep creating freebies. Please send folks here to my blog. Another good place to find me is on my facebook page for quick updates. 

Answers to Questions..
Folks ask my why am I loading to the forum and why the password. Well my other option is a site perhaps like 4shared etc. So you would follow the same steps only instead you go to the forum on the VDBC site and download. I am trying to centralize my work and time on the net so I can create create create. (I am having success with this goal as I have been creating like crazy.) So once you have registered at the forum you can continue to download the freebies by using the passwords. They change once a month rather then every time. So sometimes the forum may not even ask you for a password if you already entered it that month. :-) And that is the blah blah blah of today's post. 

So now run on over and grab that file. And just remember.... 
if you are  a"current QMC member" I load all my downloads from my blog to the QMC perks section for your download at any time. 

To get quick fun updates of things going on, you can join my facebook page.

My files in the store can be located here. Thank you for stopping by!

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Kelly S said...

Thanks, Chris! Looking forward to lots of fun this weekend. :)