Friday, February 18, 2011

Scouts, Legos, School Day, yeah!!! oh & tooth fairy

For me.. the picture couldn’t get better then that!


What a week it has been and it isn’t over yet. So this should show some of what we are doing. Yesterday was Blue and Gold banquet for Scouts, my kiddo lost his tooth, today is Lego Robotics, tomorrow is School Pride Day. Grandma and Papa are coming. Aunt Nannees and Uncle JB with cousins came to the B&G. My kiddo feels like a rock star. And the Tooth Fairy dropped off 4 shiny quarters! Next week, I’ll have some pics fo the banner I have been working on for the Lego Robotics Club. All in all it is good. But my hands are itching to create. So tonight when Dad and Son head to town to get hair cuts. I am going to creating node by node. I love to look at nodes. It is definitely a sickness I have.


Luckily, we aren’t sick anymore. We went to see a friend’s son play his last high school basketball game. My kiddo loved it. My hubby and I were grinning as we watched him bounce up and down and yell defense. He loved it. “So much drama” he told me with a big-ol-grin. It was fun. After we went to leave, and he got into a fit of coughs (He had been really sick and was at the end of it. ) and he is coughing and he is bending and I thought uh-oh. Yep he threw up. He coughed to hard. He did it a few times and he whispered. “sorry mr. janitor”. I so love my kid. We are finally on our way out and he says. “Damn, the ballet made me puke and now basketball. Oops bad word. Sorry Mom.” He smiled sheepishly. I had to explain to him it wasn’t basketball it was his cough. And it wasn’t ballet. The whole family got the flu. He said. “well maybe basketball didn’t make me sick, but Ballet definitely made me puke.” Haha. I had to laugh. My hubby took us to dinner that night. It was just so nice to hang out together and do stuff together. It really is a highlight of my life.


Well I must run and finish a few things so I can create create this afternoon!!!1


Have a wonderful weekend! If you have nothing to do there is so much to do at VDBC….


BINGO – always fun to watch and get ready for next time

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Read the newsletter that went out from VDBC on the 15th.  Cute Freebies.

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Wow you definitely can find something to do! And thank you to everyone participating in the forum!!


So as always….




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