Saturday, February 12, 2011

Oh Valentine

I am one of those practical annoying Valentine’s. My favorite Valentine day we spent at a horse auction just hanging out together and being. I love that. This year I got my guys these cups. My sister got me one for Christmas. I am always with water. My throat tends to catch lots so I have to constantly drink water. I love this cup. I have tried many. It doesn’t taste like plastic. It is a good amount of water and ice and I have been taking it everywhere with me. Between this copco cup and the tervis tumbler (which holds ice forever!) my hubby gave me, I am set. I love them. Oh and they don’t spill in the truck when I drive down the bumpy road. Woohoo! Nothing like a lid.


Well I digress. I bought my guys each a cup and they were a gonga deal compared to what I found online and filled them with Peanut M&Ms for him and regular m&ms for the little one. And kisses/hugs mixture on top. Also, for my kiddo I got him a small Lego set. Thank you to those who participated in the tag swap last year at the forum. I used two tags. One by Heidi and the other by Pam. I took off the sales tag  which was on a nice elastic cord and replaced it with ones I had and wrote my love notes on the back. Just wonderful. A perfect small gift for the affection of my two favorite guys in the world.


Practical gift that we can use all summer long when it is 110 outside.


And yes for those members of the forum. Somewhere in my studio the original Valentine card I made the hubby is lurking. I cannot find it and I have given up hope. I even told my hubby it had disappeared in my studio. He laughed and he laughed loud. There is a reason I have St. Jude on the wall in my studio. The patron saint of Lost Causes. And the studio I craft and work in.. is always a lost cause. Haha. There is always something on a counter.


Off I go… And if my hubby reads this early. You sneak! I love you! Every Valentine I remember how you asked me to marry you on Valentine’s Day and it still makes my heart pitter patter!


Hope you have a great Valentine’s!


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