Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Qmc Files and New gallery

These are added to the QMC at 4shared and the forum today. So stop by and pick them up.

The card I made with my Dad in mind. His birthday is in July so I am way ahead woohoo.

The cupcake wrappers I designed for Super Bowl. And well I am behind on that. So between the two I am ahead and behind?

Hmm anyone?


So have you visited the forum lately? We have challenges galore running. There is a grab bag for sale for this month and a challenge to go with. And we added an official gallery to the forum for you to peruse and search and see a bunch of wonderful creations and ideas! Our goal always is to help you use those files you have collected. I am sure over the summer when things aren’t so busy we will be using the Gallery to give away some cut files and gifts! Have fun seeing everyone’s work.


On to life…

I am tired. My knees aren’t working quite right. My head is pounding. It is rodeo weekend. What is my mental problem you ask? Ahh well.. It is sleeping on the short couch so the hacking 6 year old in my life can sleep stretched out on the big couch. We watched movies all night to try to clear our mind of the coughing and gagging going on. So today we take it easy and hopefully by tomorrow night he will be ready to roll to Nanna’s house for a sleepover. I had planned on crossing my fingers all day to help expediate this, but it is what it is. J Either way I will be with my lovely hubby, but dancing sounds like oh so much more fun!!


My studio has been a work in progress lately. I have been cleaning items up and moving things and donating and just trying to focus it on more useability then what it seems to become and that is storage. However, right now there is a large keyboard in the middle of it on one of my counters. My son has been pounding on it every day after school. He is loving it! Without a doubt. This makes me happy. I love music and all types of music. However, I do wish I could find the little converter plug for my big headphones. Only so much electronic piano play one can listen to. wew.


Well I am off to watch the wars of PS2 Star Wars with the kiddo. He proclaimed today as the day He could not do anything without his favorite pajamas. This is when I know he is sick. So I shall visit the library another day and see Pam next time she heads to Arizona (big bummer) and enjoy the little bit of time the kiddo can still snuggle on my lap.. even if there is a puke bucket next to me. “just in case Mom. I don’t want to puke on your shirt” “well thank you my love. Thank you!”


Have a great day!



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jzayler said...

Oh, I remember the day...They are so cuddly when they are sick...Sounds silly but enjoy the cuddle time...they grow up too soon (maybe not in their eyes but in Mom's)