Friday, January 14, 2011

Soooo tired...

It has been one of the weeks where I feel like I am wading in water. Trying to get everything done, but it all takes to long or there is so much more to go through. Wew.


This weekend we have minimal plans so I hope to ride horse, craft some, sit in the Jacuzzi, hang out with the handsome hubby and cutey patootey kiddo, and send out the newsletter for the store. Oh we do have a bowling birthday party. So that should be fun! But if I could get a little sleep in there. That would be nice… soooo nice…


Okay and you? Any plans? Sorry so slow on my blog. As happens it gets set aside while I work on other things. I have been jotting down little kiddo stories to post. Soon I hope.


Well for the most part I wanted to say. Have a fantastic weekend. Squeeze someone you love in a hug. Ponder nature and how it all continues on in such a beautiful way. And I hope you share lots of smiles and happy moments with a loved one.




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