Tuesday, January 25, 2011


A quick kiddo story…


Our week has been filled with working on a school project for the districts expo day. This is a big portion of my 1st graders grade for Science and writing. It is about the Seasons. I read to my little boy all the grading curve for this project so I would know it isn’t Mom being a pain and worthy of an eye roll. So we went through it. I thought about the project and broke it down so he could work on it a little at a time and not get worn out because also we have our regular homework.


The seasons are broken down with two pages for each one and we are coloring pictures of the season. I gave him full run of my scrapping stickers to use on his project. He has been working steadily on it each day last week and on Sunday he had to work on some of it. Much to his chagrin because his “dad doesn’t even work on Sunday” but he did it and got it done with good humor.


Yesterday  I was told by my angel child that on the last page. (the one we weren’t sure what to put on) on the last page the teacher said they could do whatever they want. Do a picture, list their favorite season or leave it blank. So I smiled at my son and said. So what do you want to do. He says in his CEO take charge and Mom won’t argue with me Voice.  “ I am going to right THE END in all caps and I think in RED.” Haha.

I think he is WAY WAY  past done with the project. Haha


Love my life