Monday, January 17, 2011

My bb menu and ramblings.

Bountiful Baskets this week...

My menu for the week. This week I got a mexipack and a regular basket through Bountiful baskets. 

So my thoughts on using it up.

Saturday night we had friends over so we bbq'd.
So dinner was roasted butternut squash, hamburgers, chicken sausages and fruit salad.

(Cooking extra butternut squash for a second dinner)

The Butternut squash

3 from the basket, peeled, seeded, chopped in chunks tossed in olive oil a pinch of sea salt, thyme and half a pinch of nutmeg. Wrapped in tin and thrown on the grill too cook.

Gottaeatallthefruit Fruit Salad with a dollop of coolwhip on top.

BB fruit -

1 package of blueberries,

3 peeled, cored and chopped apples,

2 ripes pears, peeled, cored and chunked,

3 kiwis, peeled and chopped

tossed with a can of crushed pineapple (so the apples wouldn't brown and the pears wouldn't. The picture is actually from the next afternoon. The little bit that was left in my kiddos green bowl. and the fruit didn't brown yeah!)  served with a dollop of cool whip for those who wanted it.  ( The whip cream is not included in the pic because the kiddo wanted to do another picture with whip cream and a blueberry on his tongue. NERD! and he giggled and he giggled after his suggestion because he made me roll my eyes. double nerd!)

Also we grilled the green chiles for on the burgers.

Sunday - leftovers (fruit salad is gone and waiting for the asian pears
to ripen for lunches for the kiddo for this week.) sO in honor
leftovers I will just let us go at it as we must.
After Sunday I just need 4 meals because Wednesday is a leftover day.

So Here are 4 meals that I can make depending on the time and energy I have left that day...
I will bake the chicken one night and bake extra so i can use it for the second night. so depending on the order of meals the first time I cook chicken I will double bake it.

Meal 1 - asparagus roasted and baked chicken (asparagus cleaned up and
tossed in olive oil and sea salt and cooked in the oven on a cookie
sheet) Chicken recipe: just going to bake as simple as possible so we
can have canned cranberry chutney with it and serve the leftover
butternut squash. I could grill but the oven will be hot. and if the
oven is hot. Gluten free pineapple upside down cake

Meal 2 ... chicken (from baked extras cut into chunks) and added to
noodles tossed with olive oil, fresh tomato or tomatillos, parmesan
cheese and maybe grilled onions.. kind of a mix what veggies will work
with noodles and chicken night
Meal 3 ... wilted spinach and fish grilled in tin or baked in
parchment paper with some green onions fro mexipack and fresh garlic
from mexi packwith lemon from mexipack

Meal 4 ...Cheesy Sausage Zucchini Casserole (swapping in grey squash
for the zucchini and will probably use real cheese not processed depending
on what is on hand)
Or I might do stuffed zucchini. modifying this recipe to use what I
have on hand. and also to make it gluten free. I have a few slices of old udi bread I will throw on the counter chopped up in the a.m. and let it dry out to use later in the day. and possibly instead of spaghetti sauce use some canned tomatoes I canned last summer and blend it smooth and add oregano and spices.

Canning plans...

I love to can. And there is a bag of pears. So I am thinking I should
look for a recipe for these. I find pears very easy to work with
canning. I also have some cranberries left in the freezer that maybe if
I can I could use those up as well. I made cranberry apple relish and
my guys totally loved it. so to make two small batches would be good.

kiddo love... This is the week we are back to the marble jar. Giving
the kiddo the chance to earn extra items and pick up his items. If I
pick them up, I get his marble. if he does, he gets one of mine. So
need to be a bit more dilligent in this. Monday we have off for MLK
day. (My sons comment after learning about Martin Luther King Day and
the reasons and the history... His comment .. " Well I am glad that is
all figured out because I really like **." a girl from his class he
thinks is really cool. Me too. I am glad it is figured out to and there were
strong enough folks to stand up for what they believe.

Crafting plans...
I have a few files that are in conversion state and ready for the qmc.
also, I am working on files for the sketch challenge, I cut a possibly
valentines day card for my hubby which needs finished. and I have an
idea for one for my kiddo. so hopefully finish those up.

Home Happiness.... Fly Lady.. I am not an intense fly lady follower.
However I like how the house is broken down. I have taken to telling my
hubby the zones for the week. and I find I work on them a little of the
time. And he does to. Which is just awesome. So this week is the main
bathroom and holiday leftovers. We started on the main bathroom already
on friday. But need to fix a few things and restack the towels for the
kiddo as they end up in ours. as for holiday leftovers. hmm... we are
mostly down. so I have to think through this item. I have been trying
to work on our bedroom a bit each weekend. It seems to get so much
thrown into it. So will continue on with that. Also, the habit for
January is Shine Your Sink. My hubby has been pitching in with that
alot also so I find myself jumping right in with him. if the dishwasher
is full and clean I want it empty so he can help with the shining. This
is working great. We recently repainted our kitchen so we are also
working on putting the trim backup around the windows. I am considering
cutting the vinyl that says. This Kitchen is Seasoned with Love. But
havent sold myself on it. I thought it might add a touch of me to the

Quote I saw that I really liked.. ‎"Most people never run far enough on
their first wind to find out if they've got a second. Give your dreams
all you've got and you'll be amazed at the energy that comes out of
you." - William James

Well for now that is my ramblings. Talk to you soon. Have a fantastic
Monday! and a mahvelous rest of the week!



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