Monday, April 5, 2010

Wow there's a porcupine in here....

Welcome to Monday! It is gonna be a great week! I can feel it. I have been working on all kinds of files for the QMC. I am in that anxious have a ton going on and can't create or test cut or get them going fast enough. Wew! So this week the first of the files for the QMC will be up. Two ladies asked me to wait to take the QMC early bird files down from the store until late today. They didn't have access to their computer over the Easter weekend, but wanted that bunny butt file for rhintestones. So you have a few more minutes to grab the Apr-June membership with those files.... If you want to see the rhinestone pics.. visit here.

On to life...
And on to some pictures. I have a ton of pics from this weekend, but I thought I would share these first. These are from one of my favorite past times. Being out here  brushing our horses, hanging out with my guys, and watching my hubby ride (which I could do 24/7, but we do have to work some) So here are a few pics and I'll upload more later in the week.
This is Tulips my son's horse. We were working on a few other things so she had to wait for us in the round pen. It seems no matter where my son is she has to be leaning on the fence looking at him. He walked away and she pushed her head on the fence. and then he walked around the arena a ways to look at something and she pushed on the fence some more. at first I just thought it was the gate. But she does it on all sides of her stall too. She is cute. She will challenge him as he rides and means he will have to ride correctly, but really good for him.

I am not sure what this conversation was about? Maybe like...
See this stick horse... You can be replaced if you don't listen.
or See this stick horse.. this is what happened to the last horse that didn't listen.
hahaha. Okay just teasing. I asked him what he was doing. He said
"DESENTIZING. You know mom where she won't be afraid of anything &
needs more experiences. She hasn't seen my rodeo stick horse"
 "Oh yep. you're right" was my come back before I got..
you guessed it... the eye roll... for interrupting his training. haha.

So some people ask me if I am afraid for my son to ride etc. Yeah at times it makes me nervous, but I am also not willing to live in a box nor make my son live in a box. My son is around animals all the time and takes precautions and knows where to walk and stay away from them and pay attention to the subtle signs. We do our best. I know many who have children who ride bikes right on the street in front of their house and dash off the road every time a car comes. Kinda the same thing. Can't live in a box of protection. Have to test the waters and have fun.  Just have to Enjoy life.

Here is my handsom hubby. This first picture was actually my last one. As My hubby came over to grin for me. He gives me this grin to make me week in the knees. The camera will never catch it, but well... yeah... weak in the knees... Back to the pics.  I like to get pictures of him moving on the horse. I love to watch his concentration and energy. And I love to watch the horse and the form. Some think I am nutz, but I could watch horses all day.

And this is my "Ruby Girl" she patiently waited for me to stop paying attention to the boys and then got her picture taken and an ear rub.

Comments from my son this weekend that just made my Handsome Hubby and I just giggle.

" Wow there's a porcupine in here"
explanation: My son was trying to get the strawberries out from behind a pineapple in the fridge and kept getting poked. But he yelled it like there really was a porcupine. just made us giggle and try to keep straight faces.

Setup: Watching a John Wayne movie and my son is cramming some toys down on the floor and lays his head on them... "What ya doing?" my kiddos response "Well I am pretending this is a saddle as you can't take a pillow out on the range or you'd be called some Fluffy Cowboy" This time I was in the kitchen and heard this and my eyes were watering I was trying so hard not to giggle. My HHubby response was "You're right" and on they went to watch the rest of the show.

Things to make my hubby just beam...
"Hey Dad Wanna Watch a John Wayne movie"
This left Rays of sunlight coming out of the room from my hubbies big grin.
I, myself, started to clean house. I have seen them all. so I was good. haha.

"Hey Dad. We should go on a roundup and take the horses and go. Wouldn't that be fun"
Again my husbands beaming grin light the sky more then the sun.

And for my beaming moment....
Setup: I was making shishkebobs with pineapple and chicken out of that porcupine in the fridge. I was carrying some wooden skewers into the kitchen and I get this.. Hey Mom Hey Mom Hey Mom. And he's reaching for the skewers... mom Mom mom. . I stop and wait... " are you gonna use all of those?" Nope is my response. " can I please have some?" Sure. he runs back to the table where he has been cutting foam into a hundred pieces all day since he got his "craft cutter" from the easter bunny (which is really just a mini scroll saw. And he loves, but I find very irritating that doesnt work right. I'll review it later in the week.). And he takes the skewers and adds them to the craft project. Ahhhhh... yes you guessed.. My son being creative and crafting and using the things around him to create.. biggest beaming grin to light the sky ever from Mom.

And if you made it this far in my ramblings!

Have a wonderful week. Enjoy every moment of it! It will be the weekend soon. Yikes. This weekend is my son's birthday party. Turning 6 is pretty major. I better go. Lots to do and I am out of time to ramble.

Have a great week!!!!

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