Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Walking Walking

Well my son and I went for a walk yesterday it was quite entertaining. I need to walk every day. He can come with me and provide entertainment. So here is how it goes…


As I walk with my son by my side Sometimes holding my hand. Sometimes not. And his Freckles chasing along behind us. I wish my hubby had had a camera to watch us go. We just walked the drive around our arena, but still it was interesting…


Kiddo: Are you Ready?

Me: yep, ready…. As I tie my shoes.


Kiddo: Okay lets go ten laps.

Me: Okay yeah. I was thinking 4 today and I will work up to more each day.

Kiddo: look of disappointment… hmmm. Okay


So we walk.. we make it around the lap with the border collie dragging her ball. She is dragging it and bouncing it all over the place because it is actually a horse ball tied to a rope. She runs behind us once and almost wraps it around our legs. But we made it without toppling over. Wew.


Kiddo: Okay I am thinking one is good.
Me: What? What about ten.

Kiddo: Sheesh. You said only 4. Hold on.

Me: standing and waiting. Hm. Hm. Hm.


Kiddo: Okay I got my soccer ball. I’ll kick that.

Me: Okay good.


Kiddo: Did you see the tulips over there?

Me: Nope but you can show me.

Ends up the tulips were a cactus flowering brilliantly in a shade of purple that outdoes the sunset. Beautiful

Kiddo:  It’s beautiful huh?

Me: Yep sure is. Pretty impressive.


We continue walking as he kicks the ball and the Freckles monster grabs it and runs and grabs it and runs. And the kiddo runs after her.. giggling and screaming at her to stop. Stop. Stop. Every giggle every scream seems to make her bounce up and gear up in delight even more.


We come around the bend of lap two.


Kiddo: Wew. Well I think that was like a mile. I am done. How about you?

Me: Yep. Almost a mile. I have a few more laps to do.

Kiddo: okay I’ll wait for you.


So as I walk around the laps of the arena my kiddo yells across.

HOW YA DOING MOM? Are you COMING MOM? Did you See the Tulips again MOM?

How many laps is that mom?


To cute.

Well at least I had a walking partner for the first few laps and then a coach for the last two.

On to another day of walking today.


Hope you are having an awesome day!








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