Friday, April 9, 2010

Birthday Sale... he is turning 6. Wow! Woohoo!!

It’s my kiddos birthday weekend. I am so excited for him to turn 6. He is super duper excited he tells me.


We plan to go roller skating for his birthday. I hope to get lots of great pics. But for you I have a sale…




This weekend I will be offering a sale 40% off $5.00 in your shopping cart.


You can get more information …


Just put $5.00 worth of digital cutter files in your cart and the store will take 40% off of it.

Cupcake Wrappers. Word Books. Collections… any digital cutter file of mine you can find in the store…


This DOES include any sale items in the specials category of mine that are digital cutter files,

 but does not include the Quarterly Membership Club or Rhinestone Patterns.




Also if you are a QMC Member I uploaded files to the membership to 4shared and at the forum.

We are on our way! There are 4 up and I hope to get the 5th up before the hubby gets home.





Off I go!




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