Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The pursuit of life, liberty and happiness..

Art by Anita Palmer

At a recent rodeo, my husband and I listened to a watching cowboy talk and chat with those around him. We stood there for over an hour as he told some stories that might have had a little whiskey embellishment weaved into them. Showed off a few military type tattoos and yeahawwed with the best of the cowboys at the rodeo. Even cheered on a few bulls, as he stated, "no one ever cheers for the Bull. They got rights." But the tone of his voice changed as he mentioned his time in the military and in the Vietnam War and his return home. He talked to my son about "Doing what's right" "standing up for those around you" "believing in the rights of those back home as you stand in the middle of the sounds of war". My son soaked it all up. The aging Cowboy mentioned that on his return he could feel  the disdain  around him from others who knew he was a war vet. That there was no cheering but more jeering then anything else.  That he still carries with him the loss of so many he knew on a daily basis. But he quietly said, at the end of his stories with a reminiscent tone,... "I would do it all over again." And he stood back and we all breathed in the air around us. Our own moment of silence for those who have come before us.

Live every day with passion and freedom. Remember those who went before you. Work hard to keep your liberties in the pursuit of happiness. Support those who protect your rights. Enjoy every moment, every day, and every smile.

Hang your flag outside your home today and every day you enjoy the right of being an American. It is a symbol, but in my world it is one worth being proud of. My husband and I try to teach that to our son as often as we can in many ways. Love my Life.


Disclaimer: I am not related to Anita Palmer or have any interests in her business as an artist. However, I saw this image on a facebook page called the Rancher's Headquarters. And it is beautiful. it has inspired me to check out more of her artwork and see if I can find one to hang on my wall of our home. Just beautiful. I hope it inspires you also to support an American artist. 

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