Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Garden Kitchen of Tucson.

Last month I attended a class at the Garden Kitchen here in Tucson. It was a private class and so much fun! Thank you to Peggy for the invite. I loved every minute of it and the presenters had such energy for healthy food and eating choices. Which is something Greg and I have been re-inventing in our lives. Eating from the earth and not from a box.  Here are some photos from the adventure. If you have a Saturday morning free see what they have available for demonstration and stop by and see what they have to offer.

This is an excerpt from their website about what they are trying to accomplish:
The Garden Kitchen offers seed-to-table, gardening and cooking education. We empower families with the skills and knowledge to make wholesome nutritious meals on any budget. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced cook, our goal is to inspire people to make healthy food choices that have a lasting, positive impact.Healthy individuals and families build healthy communities! 

Here are some of my photos. some clearer then others.

Here were some shots of the grounds in the back. A desert garden is no small feat.

as we walked through the mysterious "garden fairy" was mentioned alot. 
Kinda cool!

This was after a cutting class on how to use a knife. Yeah I might have to attempt that technique again. 
here is the cooking demonstration. I got to watch because my food was cooked up by the presenter. They were a little short, but I was uber happy to stand back and watch all the interaction and chat with everyone. 
Peggy my friend who invited me is soaking up the yummy smells. This picture made me smile. 

Our Yummy dinner. 

Here is me at the front. 

And our table setting flowers. 

Mixed with olive oil this vinegar below was yum on the salad. I took a picture so I wouldn't forget. 
And flip the head here and stretch the neck a little while you sit at the computer. 

These two lovely ladies would answer anything you asked and talk about food and more. 
just wonderful. yeah a little blurry. My apologies. 

All in all a wonderful afternoon and I highly recommend attending any function they have. 


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