Monday, March 11, 2013

What's going on....

This is more a journal post for me. I print my book out so I have it to look back on in the future. I realized I haven't journaled in a while. And I know my Dad in Wisconsin reads my blog. (Hi Dad) to see what's up. Here is a little bit of an update.

Here is some of the items I have been having fun doing lately in life.

First the sunsets here just get better and better. My hubby took this one and it just was beautiful. I am ready for the warmer weather and longer evenings. Get so much more done in the evenings. 

 I made jalapeno jam from a recipe I found online. My hubby thought it was delish! He ate it on crackers and  washed it down with wine. I found it super spicy, but in the teeny little bit I tasted it was sweet and then heat came on. yum. but not to much for me. I love to can. So I have 5 in the cupboard and will make some more to get us through the year.
Out latest two projects. Feed Lot and Grocery store meat scare me lately. Reading and watching all the health food and other items has made me really look at what we are eating. These two will be hanging with us until it's time and enjoying the good life of good food and no pressures of the feed lot. I also started a garden again. more on that later. 

This is black berry lemonade concentrate. My son thinks it is absolutely YUMMY! so he wanted to drink them all right away. We are trying to pace ourselves. I wanted to try  it but I don't think I will be adding this to our yearly canning list. not alot of return for the time invested I guess to make it. it was a fluke and I tried it. However when it is 110 here. I might change my mind and want some over ice. 
The two canning recipes are on my pinterest canning board.

And this photo my hubby took has reiterated to me I MUST by a new point and shoot camera. my phone one is frustrating and my previous one has quit working. So it is on my list. Currently I am looking at a Sony. But this was my son's first basketball game! Woohoo! He was so excited. Their uniforms were reversible and so/he changed about 5 times because he didn't know what color that needed to be. Love him. He was thrilled to win, but more thrilled to play. His Grandma and Papa came and his Tia Michele and our god daughters. We all cheered him on. Great time! great game!

This past weekend was our first Saturday's of Upward Basketball. I cannot say enough about how positive everyone has been. Also, we went to a Scouting event and Dalen earned his archery belt loop and I got to go horseback riding Sunday and catch up on things. 

Really a glorious weekend. Hope yours was to. 

Have a wonderful day!

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