Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I am wary... .. journal moment.

I am wary of food.

One of my goals this year was health. Not exercise, fat, food, diet, all those trendy things. but Health.

I have devoted myself by joining rss feeds and news sites about all of those things. Exercise, food, diet and more... And through this I have become wary. I used to be a coupon shopper. Now I don't find I need them. I am avoiding the box. We are running out of cereal in my house and my son is questioning why I am not replacing it. I have had him sit with me and read labels. We look the items up we don't know what they are and usually we are like What? Yuck? or it just seems like a rabbit hole of information.

So it seems in this journey for health I have started some real change and revamp in our home. There are not coupons out there for a basket full of veggie items. I wonder is anyone else out there getting scared like me when I think of food? I could just eat it anyways which seems to be the general consensus, but to what end? To my end. and/or to my learning lessons for my son's end. I am not perfect. I eat some of those boxed items because they are easier to grab, but slowly the thought of it is making me cringe more with every grab.

Little things that are starting to make me cringe.

BTH? In most of our preserved food, but illegal throughout the world other then the U.S. Why? is it the lobbiest are just that good at pushing harmfuls through the "powers that be".

Corn.. the kind that makes bugs stomachs explode so that it can  be grown without the pest problem. But reportedly won't do that to humans or cause any issues. I don't understand the difference between when the bug will eat it or I eat it. Is the Corn Smart? Does it know what's eating and not to blow up my tummy, my husbands or my sons?

Milk? Did I really read that they can put aspartame and sugar in your milk and not label it as such.

Diet foods with out any nutrition make you feel "not full" which means you eat more. So why not just eat the most non engineered food available and enjoy a smaller amount?

Did I read Carrots are washed in Chlorine? like the pool?

And this article about Junk Food and the heads of major corporations.. I don't even know how to wrap this article up in a paragraph. I have gone back to it 4 times to read it in it's entirety and really grasp it. I still can't come up with a "short of it"

And then I have to ponder...
Why are there not nutrition classes in the schools? If this is such an epidemic of obesity going on, why are we not starting from the bottom. Why are there not nutritionist explaining it to our children? To help us from the start make habits from the get go instead of trying to understand it at the age of 40. I think kids would understand it. My son will be 9 next month and he often can tell me when he had to many sugary items. When he feels he needs water. When I ask him what is on his plate for food at a gathering with a buffet, he can tell me protein, carb, dairy instead of burger, bun, corn, etc. so I think they would get it. He knows there is a reason I am asking him what his vegetable is.  I think the reward of even just a few getting it and passing it on would be so helpful. I have to ponder if this is something I could suggest to my son's school. Is there a healthy school award? Then it would be worth it. They like their awards. Again I ponder for sure.

This is just my thoughts for today. I am sure I will have more.
All things I have to think about more or research more.
But this is where my journey for "health" has lead me.

How about you?


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