Friday, February 1, 2013

Feb 1st - SMART

It's February 1st. Time to mix up the motivation.

I saw this S.M.A.R.T. graphic at Simply Motivation on facebook. Wow awesome. Puts it in perspective for me. I need to re-evaluate every month and start fresh. A year is just to long to wait.

So no Freebie Friday today as I am working on lots for the VDBC heart hop. :-) So much better then the sock hop.  And I am taking over my blog for some goal setting and journaling.

So Some SMART goals for this month.

1) Join the Rhoads Fitness Plank Challenge. For those of you who do not have facebook. here is the direct link to the month countdown. Here is a plank image and the muscles worked.

2) Join the Simply Motivation Burpee Challenge. I have never done one of these. Had to look it up. So if you are interested in them, here is a wikipedia explanation. 

Also these two ladies, Rhoads to Fitness and Simply Motivation have great motivational Facebook pages. I have them in my newsfeed and always brings me back to remembering fitness.

1) Create some Print and Cut files to share. (now that I have done it an actual print and cut)
2) Etch some glass
Why do I have to list these things? because I get so busy and cannot remember what the heck it was I wanted to do when I have some down time.

H&H - House and Home
1) Clean out the Dining Room and Laundry Room cabinets. (ugh)
2) Get those seeds started for the garden
3) Paint the garden arbor and wrap it in chicken wire

So I think that is it for the Feb goals list. Amongst everything else we do in life it may seem small, but gotta fit it all in.

If you have a list and want to post it here, I welcome it in the comments or in the forum thread. It's gonna be a fantastic month.

Have a wonderful weekend!
I hope you have time to Create and.....

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Lisa said...

Wrap your arbor in chicken wire?! Now, why haven't I thought of that? Great idea!!