Monday, July 18, 2011


My friend, Heidi, came up with this idea over summer break for teachers. I had the cutter for the vinyl and she had the Hand Sanitizer . Perfect matchup. I know she found it on a blog. I have searched high and low for it today and have given up the search. So through many paths here is the finished piece. My son thought it was cute and cool to have the bugs on it. But  not the button really.. Even got an eye roll over the button. But the bugs… can we cut those and put them on the window in my room. AhHHHH nope. I am not sure the front window of the house is appropriate for Silhouettes of Bugs!  Today was first day of school and tomorrow I will post pics of it. Yeah!


Last day for Lori’s QMC early birds. So if you want to get those extra files today is the day to jump in to the membership.


And then tomorrow is a day you want to visit Michelle’s Blog… the other designer for July Grab Bag drawing… That is if you didn’t win Lori’s. and at VDBC we always cover for those who already supported us and bought. So enter enter. ;-)




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