Sunday, November 3, 2013

#1 - Faith

I am catching up on the photo challenge. Here is number 1.


This is my bible. I earned it at religious education classes when I was in 5th grade I believe. The leader said he would purchase anyone who memorized the books of the bible their very own bible. And they had to be in order. He brought it to me the next week and it also had my name on it. I was very proud and pleased to have my own.

The green tags and the white slips of paper marking verses are in my now husbands hand. At the time written, we were searching for wording for our wedding. I just can't take them out. I leave them in to mark our love from the beginning.

There a few prayer cards tucked inside for loved ones that have passed.

This bible was read to me by my son last week as he is working on his religious emblem for Scouts. We did alot of reading and talking. Since that chat I have seen him pick it up all week and flip through it.

So Faith. This is a typical symbol of Faith. I do believe in a greater Faith outside of the printed word.  Faith in others. Faith in tomorrow by planning on tomorrow. Faith in loved ones that you give them your heart to care for. Faith in life that you will travel your course and make the best choices. Faith. It guides me in a relgious manner, but more so in the every day of life and faith and belief in the good of others.

I am interested to see others Faith photos.
If you have them and want to share, please post in the comments here or on facebook.


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